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GoDai's note: Despite the overwhelming coolness that the name Zahard exudes, I will stick to Jahad on this page due to SIU having written Jahad in English once. But Zahard definitely sounds far more badass.

So on this page I will be talking about (arguably) the primary political and military power in the Tower: Zahard and his allies.

Jahad Family


The Jahad family is a family/organization that is centered around "King Jahad", who entered and climbed the Tower with the 10 house heads. Composed of many affiliated groups as well as servants and soldiers, it forms a very powerful force within the Tower.

Although not directly connected by blood, there are the Jahad Princesses who have received his power through unknown means. Most of them are selected from the 10 Great Families, and are selected periodically every several hundred years. When selected they receive his power through unknown means and become part of the "most powerful kind" in the Tower. Most of them climb the Tower afterwards, although due to originating from one of the 10 Great Families and receiving Jahad's power, they boast a power that is on a completely different level compared to the rest of the selected members. In Adoree Jahad's case, she once defeated a Ranker when she was still a selected member.

However, the princesses are forbidden from having a relationship with a man, as well as from becoming pregnant; this is to keep Jahad's power from spreading out, and this leads to the princesses being expressed as "shoes on display".


Directly translated from part of Tower Politics and Groups Organization and Speculation ver. 2.1 - SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe.

Jahad's Princesses and the 13 Month Series

(GoDai) This is a good summary from the official fan cafe. There may be some inaccuracies.


"Jahad (자하드; or "Zahard"), the King of the Tower, the first man ever to make a contract with the Administrators of the Tower, and the man who built his own kingdom within the Tower. He has many Princesses (공주, gongjoo) - They are all very powerful and beautiful. At times, they have served as a powerful blade that protects the king, and at others, they have existed as objects of worship amongst the inhabitants of the Tower."

  • There are 28 Princesses of Jahad. It is said that 8 are missing. (I'm quite sure about this part, although I may be slightly incorrect. Please feel free to correct me.)

"However, there is not a single princess that actually has inherited Jahad's blood. All of them are selected from the Great Families (위대한 가문, widaehan gahmoon) or elsewhere, making them "adopted children". After selection, the princesses are imbued with Jahad's power through a special procedure, but none of them ever receive his actual blood."

  • An important point to note is the fact that not all princesses are selected from the 10 Families. The standards of being nominated as a Princess of Jahad includes power, resourcefulness, and appearance, but the most important factor evaluated is if the girl is capable of properly receiving his power. The most outstanding children are then granted Jahad's power through a special procedue.

"Anak Jahad... After becoming a Ranker soon after being selected as a Princess, her ability was acknowledged and she was bestowed with the Green April. However, she met and fell in love with a man soon after that."

  • Not all princesses can receive the 13 Months Series - Their ability must be recognized first. Princesses who have climbed the Tower and become Rankers are selected once more as "Chosen Princesses" and are granted the 13 Months Series.

13 Months Series and Affiliated Princesses

"It's one of the 13 Months Series (13월 시리즈, 13 wol shirijeu; or "13 moon series") that the famed blacksmith Ashul Edwaru (아슐 에드와루) crafted. It's like a half-organism, so it releases amazing power when activated (시동, shidong; "ignite" or "start engine")."

  • As the man who created the 13 Months Series, the famed blacksmith Ashul Edwaru is one of the master artisans (장인, jahng-in; "craftsman") of the Tower. The 13 Months Series are half-sentient weapons, so they reveal their appearances when activated.

In the present, the names of the 13 Months Series and their owners are mostly known.

1. Silver January (은빛 일월, Eunbit Ilwol) - An Jahad (안 자하드, Ahn Jahad)

2. White February (하얀 이월, Hah'yahn Eewol) - Eurasia Enne Jahad (유라시아 엔 자하드, Yurahshia En Jahad)

  • Eurasia Enne Jahad killed the previous owner and stole it.

3. Black March (검은 삼월, Geomeun Samwol) - Ha Yuri Jahad (하 유리 자하드)

  • By climbing the Tower and becoming a Ranker within 200 years and by becoming a High Ranker within 100 years of becoming a Ranker, the genius Fisherman Yuri Jahad had her ability recognized and received this weapon.
  • Takes the form of a needle (니들, needeul), the most basic weapon in the Tower.
  • Normally Rank B+ ~ A, becomes completely Rank A once activated.

4. Green April (초록 사월, Chorok Sawol) - Ha Yuri Jahad

  • Previously owned by Anak Jahad Jr. (아낙 자하드 Jr., Ahnahk Jahad Junior), and Anak Jahad (아낙 자하드, Ahnahk Jahad) before that.
  • Takes the form of a hook (후크, hookeu), a common type of weapon in the Tower.

5. Yellow May (노란 오월, Noran Owol) - Kun Maschenny Jahad (쿤 마스체니 자하드, Koon Mahseuchehni Jahad)

6. Radiant June (휘광의 유월, Hwigwangeui Yuwol; or "Luminous June") - Alphid Jahad (알피드 자하드, Ahlpid Jahad)

  • One of the only 2 in the 13 Months Series that take the form of swords (검, geom).

7. Indigo July (쪽빛 칠월, Jjokbit Chilwol) - Garam Jahad (가람 자하드, Gahrahm Jahad)

  • Previously owned by Yuram Jahad (유람 자하드, Yoorahm Jahad), whom Garam killed to obtain this weapon. This murder occurred before the Enne Jahad incident.
  • Yuram and Garam were members of the same family.

8. Blue August (푸른 팔월, Pureun Pahlwol) - Garam Jahad

9. Dark September (암흑의 구월, Ahmheugeui Guwol) - Unknown.

10. Red October (붉은 시월, Bulgeun Shiwol) - Arieh Hagipherione Jahad (아리에 하기페리온느 자하드, Ahrieh Hahgipehrionneu Jahad)

  • One of the only 2 in the 13 Months Series that take the form of swords.
  • This is fitting as the Arieh Family is well known for its use of swords.

11. Golden November (금빛 십일월, Geumbit Shibilwol) - Adoree Jahad (아도리 자하드, Ahdoree Jahad)

  • The only S-Rank in the 13 Months Series, and hence the most powerful.
  • Adoree overwhelmed Rankers back in her Regular days.

12. Colorless December (무의 십이월, Mooeui Shibeewol) - Eurasia Enne Jahad

  • The only princess to ever hold this weapon.
  • Although it was said that she was on a completely different level from the other princesses, she went berserk for unknown reasons, and then was sealed at an unknown location.
  • Currently sealed (봉인상태, bong'insangtae; "sealed state") together with its owner.

13. Rainbow Undecimber (무지개빛 십삼월, Mujigaebit Shipsamwol) - Hasn't been granted.

  • An Inventory (인벤토리, inbentori) instead of a weapon.

Other Princesses

Besides the princesses in possession of the 13 Months Series, there exist other Princesses of Jahad.

Rebecca Pon Jahad (레베카 폰 자하드, Rehbehka Pon Jahad) - Deceased

  • One of the Rankers dispatched to capture Eurasia Enne Jahad during the Enne Jahad incident. She was murdered by Enne.

Yunieh Jahad (유니에 자하드, Yoonieh Jahad) - Deceased

  • One of the Rankers dispatched to capture Eurasia Enne Jahad during the Enne Jahad incident. She was murdered by Enne.

Andorthy Jahad (엔도르시 자하드, Endoreusi Jahad)

  • A recently selected princess. She was adopted and raised by a collapsed family.

(GoDai: Yeah this would be "Androssi".)

Yuram Jahad - Deceased

  • Belonged to the same family as Garam Jahad, and was murdered by Garam.Jahad.

Jaina Repellista Jahad (제이나 레펠리스타 자하드, Jeina Rehpehlliseuta Jahad)

  • A princess that does not climb the Tower. Owner of one of the three Operas in existence.

Hayes Jahad (헤이스 자하드, Heiseu Jahad; or "Heice Jahad")

  • A princess that refused to accept a 13 Months Series when it was granted to her.

Pondo Jahad (폰도 자하드, Pondo Jahad)

  • One of the Rankers dispatched to capture Eurasia Enne Jahad during the Enne Jahad incident.

Kun Maschenny Jahad

  • One of the Rankers dispatched to capture Eurasia Enne Jahad during the Enne Jahad incident.

Kun Maria Jahad (쿤 마리아 자하드, Koon Mahria Jahad)

  • A recently selected princess.


Directly translated from Conprehensive Info on the World of the Tower / Princesses of Jahad and 13 Months Series - SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe

Jahad and the Great Families (10 Families)

(GoDai: Due to the ridiculous similarity between the names of Arie Hon's Family and Ari Han's Family, different spellings will be used to make obvious differentiations)

Note: Both the Jahad Family and the 10 Great Families are more like organizations. Most families besides Kun and Hendo have very few children, in order to keep their power from spreading uncontrollably. So, many of the members of these families also consist of Rankers that have been scouted and accepted into one these families. (Tower Politics and Groups Organization and Speculation - SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe.)


Jahad is a mighty king and a great warrior that entered the Tower during a time when civilization barely existed within the Tower and contructed his kingdom. He came into the Tower with the house heads (가주, gahjoo) of the 10 Great Families and conquered the Tower. He is a mighty figure whose power has been acknowledged by the Administrators of the first 134 floors (1F~134F). To the inhabitants of the Tower, Jahad is like a god. Jahad is currently resting, and people believe that the day he becomes active again, the top of the Tower will become closer (Hence, 135F and above will be opened).

Arieh Hon, Arieh Family

Arieh Hon (아리에 혼, Ahrieh Hon) is a warrior who entered the Tower with Jahad and the other 9 house heads and developed the Tower. Currently the patriarch of the Arieh Family, he resides on 100F. Compared to the other 9 house heads, Arieh Hon rules over a very large portion of the Tower.

It is said that before entering the Tower, he challenged Jahad 10 times, and lost 10 times, and became Jahad's servant. It is said that the Arieh Family's swordsmanship is mysterious and impossible to describe with words - They say that their swords completely ignore shinsu resistance (GoDai: Here, Shinsu resistance means the same thing as air resistance. Imagine a sword that easily slices through the densest of shinsu.)

Kun Edan, Kun Family

Kun Edan (쿤 에드안, Koon Edeuahn) is the patriarch of the Kun family, and is famous for being a lewd womanizer. He has the most spouses among the 10 house heads, and hence has a large number of children (However, the family is not the one with the most members).

He has such a magnanimous personality, that he gives a test saying "I will give everything I own to the person who defeats me in a fight," but it is said that no one has ever survived this test.

Ha Yurin, Ha Family

Ha Yurin (하 유린, Ha Yoorin) is one of the few female house heads, and is the matriarch of the Ha family. She is the great-grandmother of Ha Yuri Jahad, and it is said that Yuri looks exactly like Yurin.

It is said that her battle style was rough, but she was also very clever. She is also the Tower's first Scout in history, and it is said that she always fought in the front lines. It is also said that she was the first person to use shinu for physical enhancement.

Tu Perie Tperie, Tu Perie Family

Tu Perie Tperie (투 페리 트페리, Too Pehri Teupehri) is the house head of the Tu Perie Family. She is called the Tower's first Lighthouse Keeper, but the reason for this has not been revealed.

Although most of the other house heads went mostly inactive after the development of the Tower, Tperie is in fact more famous for he achievements after the development. Her most famous work is one of the best models of the Lighthouse: the Opera (오페라, Opehra). Made from buoyant ore (부유석, Buyuseok; or "suspendium") and a long list of other rare materials, the Opera is difficult to create because even just gathering all the necessary materials is very difficult. As a result, only 3 Operas have been made. However, Tperie uses the God's Eye (신의 눈, shineui noon) instead of the Opera.

Eurasia Blossom, Eurasia Family

Eurasia Blossom (유라시아 블로섬, Yoorahshia Beulloseom) is the female house head of the Eurasia Family. She has the appearance of a child and loves to wear fancy clothing, which is why she is known as the "Flower Shrimp" (꽃새우, ggotsaewoo).

She was the most adept at controlling shinsu among the 10 house heads. As a proof of her abilities, it is said that the house heads would first run away when she began to use shinsu. Poncekal Rauloi (폰세칼 라우뢰, Ponsehkahl Raurweh; or "Phonsekal Laure") belongs to this family, and it is said that the entire family loves sleep in general.

Po Bidder Gustang, Bidder Family

Po Bidder Gustang (포 비더 구스트앙, Po Bideo Gooseuteuahng) is a Wave Wielder like Eurasia Blossom, and is the patriarch of the Bidder Family (비더 가문, Bideo Gahmoon; or "Biduh Family").

Although less skilled than Eurasia Blossom, he is the man who researched and standardized shinsu . Although he and Eurasia Blossom were once lovers, they broke apart after a fight their daughter becoming a Princess of Jahad. Their daughter's name was Eurasia Enne Jahad.

Ahree Han, Ahree Family

Ahree Han (아리 한, Ahree Hahn) is the house head of the Ahree Family. He and Ha Yurin had twins, although this was outside of formal marriage.

(GoDai: The name of the family is actually unconfirmed. Seeing how most of the others have their last name first, it's probably the same way. Tower Politics and Groups Organization and Speculation - SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe )

Other Families

Besides the above, other families including Yeon, Bia, and Hendo exist.

(GoDai: It is actually unconfirmed if the Bia Family is one of the 10 Great Families, but it is known that they do have a princess. There is a rumor that SIU once mentioned a Ma Family, and that could be one of the 10 Great Families instead. Tower Politics and Groups Organization and Speculation - SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe)


1. Directly translated from Comprehensive Information on the World of the Tower: Jahad Royal Family and Ten Great Families - SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe

Squads Directly Affiliated with the Jahad Royal Family

Jahad Royal Direct Elimination Squad

The Jahad Royal Direct Elimination Squad (자하드 왕실 직속 처단부대, Jahad Wangshil Jiksok Cheodanbudae; or "Jahad Royal Official Disposal/Punishment Squad") is mainly involved with the slaughter of forces that oppose Jahad. They are known for having the least loyalty to Jahad.

No. 67 Len (No. 67 렌, No. 67Ren), or Lo Po Bia Len (로 포 비아 렌, Ro Po Bia Ren)

  • One of the lower members of the current squad.

Jahad Royal Direct Guard Squad

"Eternal glory to Jahad- !!"

The Jahad Royal Direct Guard Squad (자하드 왕실 직속 근위대, Jahad Wangshil Jiksok Geunwidae; or "Jahad Official Royal Guard") is led by the most powerful and beautiful Princess of Jahad, Adoree Jahad. However, it is said that she has no interest in the work.

Adoree Jahad

The most powerful and beautiful among Jahad's Princess. She curently serves as the Royal Guard Captain. She once overpowered Garam Jahad with an obvious difference in skill, not even 100 years after she became a Ranker. It is also said that she could overpower Rankers when she was only a selected member (aka "Regular").

Evan Edrok (에반 에드록, Ehbahn Ehdeurok)

Evan Edrok is known as the "Jahad Royal Senior Guide Fast Boat (자하드 왕가 수석 길잡이 빠른배, Jahad Wahngga Sooseok Giljahbi Bbareunbae)", and his ranking is in the top 100 rankings, amongst the one hundred thousand Rankers. However, as he is a Guide (길잡이, Giljahbi; "one who chooses and leads the way"), his battle abilities are quite low, so his fighting capabilities are similar to those of Ha Yuri Jahad, who is at 500th in ranking.


Directly translated from Comprehensive Info on the World of the Tower / Royal Squads of Jahad - SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe

The 3 Sovereigns

Jahad is actually not the one who rules the Tower - this job belongs to the 3 Sovereigns (3군주, 3 goonjoo; "3 Lords" or "3 Monarchs"). It is a political system where the 3 of them take turns ruling, switching every 1000 years, This is a traditional that has been upheld ever since Jahad built his kingdom within the Tower, and it is said that the system originates from the Red Three Eyes (적색삼안, Jeoksaeksahmahn) of the Jahad Family.

The 3 sovereigns are the most powerful polticians in the Tower. They have the right to have the final say in any topic or idea raised by the "All Rulers Conference" (총지배자협의회; Chongjibaejahhyeobeuihweh).

Molic One P. GR

"If Jahad is the symbolic ruler of the Tower, the most powerful actual ruler would be Molic One..."

Molic One P. GR (몰릭 원 P. GR / Molic One P. GR) is the most powerful among the 3 Sovereigns, and his influence is comparable to those of the house heads of the 10 Families.

The "Molic" part of the name comes from the name of the area in which he used to live, and the "One" denotes that he is the best in Molic.

It is said that he was a warrior that not even Jahad dare touched, although no exact records exist.

His charisma could overwhelm all the rulers (지배자, jibaeja) of the Tower at once and still have plenty left.

(GoDai: Such a badass)


The Magician (매지션, Maejisheon) is a Sovereign that is called a wizard (마법사, mahbeopsa; "Magician" or "Sorcerer").

He is the first disciple of Mexcess (멕세스, Mehksehseu; or "Macseth"), and is currently one of the Fathers of Gongbang (공방, Gongbahng; possibly 工房; "workshop"). Like all Fathers of Gongbang, the Magician is also an artificial lifeform that Mexcess has created. It is said that no one has seen his actual appearance.


Because he loved to drink, he named himself "the river through which alcohol flows", or Joochun (주천, Joocheon; 酒川; "river of wine"). It is said that he was born between Ahree Han and a mother who belonged to a race of people originally living in the Tower.

His drinking goes to such an extent that there is even a rumor that he and Urek Majino are drinking buddies.

(GoDai: So the Tower is actually ruled by a badass, an artificial lifeform, and a drunkard. Best way to rule a kingdom...)


Directly translated from Comprehensive Info on the Tower / 3 Sovereigns - SIU Tower of God Official Fan Cafe.

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