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Part II Chapter 20


Love: What are you doing, selected member Ja Wangnan! If you give that connector to Viole-ssi the other selected members will not be able to pass this test!

.... Love attacks Wangnan for his recklessnes and attempts to retrieve the connector...

Wangnan: He killed Nia!

Love: Some test-takers are bound to die!

Wangnan: Sir, I had many friends when I first came to this floor... We used to order Tang-soo-yook together and it was very delicious... but my friends gave up one by one... in the end it was only me left who was emptying that bowl. I really hated how the bottom of that bowl seemed to tell me that I was alone, and that I should give up too... Now I finally found someone I could eat it with... but he just died.... Sir, is this Tower a place made so that people can fulfill their dreams, or is it a place that was made for people to give up their dreams? Do people who just use and destroy others' dreams deserve to be forgiven? I can never forgive them... If these ceilings were created to stop me so those b*st*rds can climb up the Tower, I'll destroy those ceilings... even if I have to work together with the devil! (Throws connector at Viole)

Love: (thinking) NOEZ...

Wangnan: Let's go Viole!!!!

Viole looks at connector, and remembers Hwaryun

Wangnan: I mean, let us go, Viole-nim...

... Meanwhile, Prince is apparently getting owned by Rapdevil...

Prince: This guy... If you're going to finish me, do it quickly... You'll regret taking your time like that...

Lurker: (Knocks from outside) Are you still alive, master?

Prince: Lurker you b*st*rd!!! Did you come to watch me die? Why are you doing this to me!

Lurker: Not much; Stupid but loyal servants (Da-an race guys), a powerful mercenary prepared by your father (Rapdevil), and a cute girlfriend from one of the 10 Families (Yeon) - They don't have to be all yours, right? They're all mine now, master. Now finish him, Rapdevil.

...Suddenly, Kang Horyang appears outside and starts beating up the Da-an dudes with a hot fist...

Horyang: Seems I'm not too late.

Lurker: (Surprised) Who's this guy?

Horyang: I am... your enemy!!

Lurker: Yeon!!!

... Yeon shoots crackling pink fire at Horyang - with an emotionless face...

Lurker: Sorry,I respect your courage of coming here for your teammates, but I'm a very unfair guy - I even know how to hide behind a woman... Cook him, Yeon.

Horyang: (Thinking) If it's like this... There's no choice but to kill....!!!

Viole: Stop.

...Viole runs in like a badass and freezes everyone...

Viole: I have no interest in Yeon-ssi's body.

...Yeon awakens in a comic rage , trying to punch Viole...

...Viole pokes two fingers into Yeon's mouth...

Viole: When you said your fire was hard to stop even for a Ranker when it was controlled... it was true...

...Viole pulls out some sort of huge green creature out of Yeon, and destroys it...

Lurker: (un-freezing) What... happened? Vi...Viole? Rapdevil! Viole came back! Steal the remote!!!

...Rapdevil tries to take remote, when Prince blinds him with light from the Lighthouse. He then takes the remote and opens the door, letting Horyang enter. Lurker runs away...

Horyang: I'll take care of things here... Chase after him, Viole. That's the room you want, right?

Rapdevil: Kuk..!! Why did you send Viole away? You seriously think you can beat me in a real fight? You're out of your mind...

Horyang: (Repeating the same thing Rapdevil said few chapters ago word for word) Hey, big guy. Have you ever seen the devil? I'll show you. The devil living in my right arm.

...Horyang's bandages come of as his wing enlarges and glows with his right arm...

Horyang: Let's test who's the real one.

...Lurker rushes into the room with his ally Tin, and closes the door. However, Viole opens it, making Lurker realize that Viole has somehow got his connector from the Ranker. Wangnan runs in, and epicly punches Lurker in the face...

Wangnan: I told you right...? That I'll come... to kill you!!!

(GoDai:Epic reversal eh? Cathartic moment when Lurker gets owned. And Horyang's right arm. So Rapdevil is a fake? I just love how Viole saying he has no interest in her body snaps her out of the control...)

(Tower of God - Part II Chapter 20)

SIU's comment on Naver


Part II Chapter 20 Review by SIU

The episode (GoDai: This refers to the whole test in general) story was planned to be written revolving around specific pairs.

Wangnan - Nia

Akraptor - Misaeng

Horyang - Prince

Viole - Yeon

Like this. It may feel like someone is missing, but that is just how you feel.

I don't know if you noticed, but it's somewhat like adults and children. Something like a chain link between generations... I think I was going for something like that ^^. Dreams, Challenge, Failure, Life, Parents, Dating, Family. Whatever it became.

Of course, Viole and Yeon are a little different. Viole's depression force (GoDai: lolz) was too powerful, so the character I chose to provide the refreshening taste for the comic was Yeon. Although strong, getting used and conned wherever she goes - That sort of concept.

I don't know about movies or novels, but comics definitely need this sort of character. Maybe it's a character that only comics can create, and I like it that way.

Now I've told you the plot will slowly merge with Part 1. This game will end in the next chapter, and I plan for the epilogue after this chapter to slowly provide links with Part 1.

Now that you're used to the Part 2 characters, Part 1 characters and characters from the 10 Families as well as FUG are planned to make their debuts...

Don't expect too much!

After the epilogue for this test, I plan to take a break. Maybe 1~2 weeks.


(Tower of God Part 2 Chapter 20 Review - SIU's blog)

GoDai's comments

So this week I have some mega exams that I should've studied for, so I won't be as active. If you see me active this week, order me to study. Thanks.

I hope you liked my translation/summary. I plan to do something like this for every chapter, but I might actually shorten it way down on days I'm super busy.

Part II Chapter 21


(Outside the room, Noise of cracking bones and beating)

Rapdevil: (In the room, loud enough to be heard outside) Guuaaaaaaaa!!! Ugh!!! (Punching continues) Guaaaaaa!!! Spare me, Devil-nim... Please.... I have committed an unforgivable sin... (More Punching) Guaaa!!!! Please.... show mercy!!!! (Giga-fast endless punching) Guaaaa!!!! (Shuddering) Please... spare my life... (Bleeding everywhere)

Prince: (speechless)

Horyang: (wing dissipates, bandages wrap back together, red-glowing eye turns back to normal) Hey.

Rapdevil: Ye...Yes!

Horyang: Don't go around saying you've seen me ever again.

Rapdevil: Of... of course! Never! I'll never do that... again! Never!

Prince: (thinking) So... so strong!

Rapdevil: I'll... say I saw an angel!

Horyang: Don't, that's awkward.

Prince: (thinking) So awesome!!!

Horyang: Hey, kid.

Prince: !! Yes?

Horyang: The remote.

Prince: (runs over) He... Here it is, Devil-nim!

Horyang: The name's Horyang.

Prince: Ho.. Horyang-n-nim!

(Horyang puts his connector into the remote as Prince gazes at him with infinite amounts of sparkling respect)

Horyang: (thinking) So I wrapped up things over here... Should go to Viole's room? If I go now I may be able to prevent him from taking the room... No...Even if I go, I probably won't be able to do a thing... (Imagining a red entity, probably the "lobster" from a few chapters ago) The "thing" he has... I feel it's extremely dangerous. In the end, I guess I'll have to leave everything up to Viole's judgment.

(Horyang presses red button, stealing the room)

(Talze User Story by Slave. In. Utero - Tower of God - 20F The Prey 03)

(Wangnan huffing)

Tin: !!! I'm... I'm out, Lurker!!! (Opens the door and runs away, as Viole just watches, closing door behind him)

Lurker: You brought Viole over here... You want to die together? You... crazy b*st*rd...

Wangnan: Yeah. I'm the craziest b*st*rd in this sector. You get it now?

Lurker: This mindless ret*rd!!! (Swings his arm, sending a blast of shinsu which Wangnan dodges)

(Wangnan steps on Lurker's left arm, making cracking noises, promting Lurker to yell and let go of a device he was holding)

Wangnan: (Still stepping on him) Do you think no one would notice that you're manipulating shinsu using a cistern (수조, sujo; "water tank"), you con b*st*rd??? Don't put your hands in your pockets so disrespectfully... You're being punished right now. A divine judgment- (Steps harder, causing Lurker to scream louder) This is not my revenge. All your victims... Nia... It's their revenge. (Reaches for a shinsoo bomb on his inventory) You'll have to atone for them with your death, Lurker.

Lurker (huffing, glacing down) Kik- That's funny, b*st*rd... Pretending to be the good guy... Haha...

Wangnan: What? What's so funny!!! You find that this is a situation in which you can laugh?

Lurker: Kuku... It's funny. Putting names like "revenge" and "atonement" on murder... It's funny, isn't it? Why, you think you'll be any different from me if you do that?

Wangnan: This.. (Grinds teeth, ad punches Lurker) Don't compare me to garbage like you!!!

Lurker: Why, you feel guilty?

Wangnan: This b*st*rd - !!! I'm different from garbag like you!!!

Lurker: Do you even know how I started doing this job!!!

(Prince and Horyang are hearing the conversation through a pocket in the room, while Horyang is fixing a wound on Prince's leg)

Lurker: It's because I borrowed money from that god-damned boss!!!

(Prince is surprised)

Wangnan: ...What?

Lurker: I borrowed money from him so I could go up the Tower, just like you!!! But after I failed the exams and I realized, the debt had blown up to ridiculous amounts!!! That's when I knew I had been conned!!! Eventually, I couldn't handle that debt, and I begged for my life to that boss!!! (Picturing the boss, who has strange Starcraft Lurker-leg-like appendages on his back) Eventually, I had to give up my dream of climbing the Tower and ended up doing this work. I'm no different from you guys!!! I'm a prey too!!!

Wangnan: (Gripping harder) You think that... That is your excuse? Do you think you can be forgiven for making others suffer?

Lurker: One day, the boss called me over. He said that his son was chosen to climb the Tower, and requested my help. He wanted me to climb the Tower with his son. He said that for his son's future, he would do anything. (Prince listening speechlessly) ...that... it's his son, who he loves the most in the whole world. (Horyang also listening) It turns out all the money that had been made so far was all presented to the examiner to manipulate the test. Heu...heuheuheuheu... Hahahhahahahahahaha!!!! Isn't it funny? He just used other people's dreams to gather up some money... and then love? Love? My money was stolen for love? Was it all for love!!! Hey, Mr. Justice. This Tower is that kind of place. There's no reason to hate anyone or bear grudges against anyone. You just have to go up. There's nothing else to care about. Why do you think a little kid dying is such a big deal?

Wangnan: (Shoving le pokeball into Lurker's mouth) Shut up!! You lame*ss!!! Just have to go up? Is that the answer you got!!! That's why you think killing Nia is just a given? I can't accept that!! Yeah... I can't accept that!!! Killing Nia... yeah... I can't forgive that!!! You... you... F************ck!!!!! (Drops shinsu bomb, which rolls away) Forgive... I have to, huh?

Lurker: ...What?

Wangnan: Yeah... In reality... You... Nia... Me... We're all the same... I have to forgive you, so that the guys who suffered because of Nia will forgive him... That's how it has to go... So... Probably... I'll have to forgive you..

Lurker: Forgive? Stop saying bullsh*t!!! Who forgives who? What makes you think you have the right to forgive me!!! Just kill me instead!!! You have no right to forgive me!!! No one in this Tower can forgive me!!!

Wangnan: (Grinds teeth, giga punches him again) I...!!! Will change it!!! I'll become the king of the Tower!!! I'll change the Tower that made all of you guys like this!!! So that no one ends up like Nia or you!!! That's the wish I want to fulfill at the top of the Tower!!! Even if others laugh at me and say it's impossible!!! Even if I fail the exam a few thousand times and despair and get betrayed!!! I'll never give up!!!! A man... has to live with at least this much dreams and perseverence... got it? So... from now on... live properly with the time Nia has given you. (Gets up and walks toward Viole, talking to Viole as he walks by) Thanks. Viole. You can finish it now.

Viole: ...

(Wangnan slouches on couch. Viole puts is connector into the remote and presses a button)

Voice: The test has been completed. Completing this test... Jyu Viole Grace................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Ja Wangnan... Yeo Gosaeng... Yeo Misaeng... Kang Horyang... Hon Arkraptor... Prince... Yeon Yihwa. The above 8. Congratulations for your pass.

(Remote screen: Ja Wangnan's connector has been connected.)

20F - Trustworthy Room Game - Complete.

Tower of God - To be continued

(GoDai: Soooooo Good! If you noticed, SIU pretty much told us who would pass, all besides Nia, who died. Yeo Gosaeng replaced him in that list SIU gave.)

(Tower of God - Part II Chapter 21)

SIU's comment on Naver

Let's congratulate them.

Part II Chapter 21 Review by SIU

1. Webtoon came out early... so review must be coming out early too!... That's your mistake.

2. After seeing the comments on the last chapter, I felt like I was receiving lots of love, so it gave mea lot of strength even as I worked all night. I always felt meeting the deadline was a lonely work, but I think you readers were always with me.

Of course I'm human too so I can't always show my good side to you, and I feel that it's very likely I'll receive as much criticism as the love I received, but I'll try my best to show my good side as much as possible.

Thank you. My pen feels unusually heavy today.

3. The talk about this chapter is included in next week's, so shortened ^^.

4. There's a limit on Neighbours (서로이웃, Suhroiut; GoDai: Some sort of cafe networking thing SIU uses) so I can't receive any Neighbours now. I'm planning to reveal my Neighbours information on the cafe. Some of the info will still go around amongst Neighbours. If I keep blocking I feel like I'll draw a line between me and the readers, so I think I'll decide which information to reveal then transfer right away.

5. The overall plot course of Part II will be told in next week's review.

Thank you.

(Tower of God Part II Chapter 21 Review - SIU's blog)

GoDai's comments

So Horyang's Devil mode remains a mystery. He sure showed Rapdevil... Rapdevil, why so weak and lame now? Viole should be dissapointed, he'll never get to see the Devil Arm. At least he has a new fanboy.

Viole also accepted his teammates! Good job, Mule Love! Taught him some feelings right there.

By the way, SIU once said that turning shinsoo into FIRE is difficult. This was on a chat with a user.

In the end, all our favourite characters passed... wait, Nia ㅠㅠ

  • 1. Viole - Badass Wave Wielder!!!
  • 2. Yeon - KILL IT WITH FIRE YEON!!!
  • 3. Horyang - YOU'RE ALL DEAD... DEVIL ARM GO!!!
  • 4. Wangnan - ...Pokeball bombs!
  • 5. Arkraptor - Umbrella!
  • 6. Prince - Lighthouse... how'd he score so high on the punching machine... Lurker powers?
  • 7. Gosaeng - Lighthouse... she looks smart, at least
  • 8. Misaeng - How she gon' survive?

The test finished, and there will be a wrap-up for this test in the next few chapters. Then a new episode will begin.

SIU, Hwaiting!!!

Oh yeah, my exams are finished, and my friends and I went for some hardcore partying, and then I came back. Hahaha thanks to those who wished me luck on my exams!!! They were great. - GoDai.

Part II Chapter 22

(GoDai: Hi guys, so I'm working for the company as a trainee now, so my stuff for chapters will probably end up there. My summaries here will be much shorter; I hope you don't have any complaints about that. ToG forum at is where my chapter stuff will go.)


The test is over, but it turns out Wangnan tricked Viole into using his own connector.

Back when he stole Viole's connector from Love using a Reel Inventory, he actually threw his own connector at Viole before screaming "Let's go, Viole!" Later, when Viole puts "his" connector into the remote and pushes the button to win, he ends up making himself a team with Wangnan, Misaeng, Gosaeng, Horyang, Akraptor, Prince, and Yeon.

Wangnan ran over to his room thinking Nia may be there, but the door was tightly shut.

The winners, except Viole, have a party over at Yeon's room, to her dismay. When offered a drink, she refuses, thinking of the drink she drank during the test.

Most of the members praise Wangnan for his bravery in tricking Viole, but Akraptor seems silent, watching him.


What's this suspicion?

Later, Wangnan is thinking on the balcony, when Viole approaches him.

Wangnan tries to be friendly with him for a moment, but after seeing Viole's silence, he falls into a bow, begging for his life as he apologizes for what he did.

Viole asks him why he forgave Lurker.

Wangnan says he forgave him because he realized in the end, he is no different, and therefore he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if he didn't forgive Lurker.

Viole asks him what he wants to change about the Tower once he gets to the top.

Wangnan replies "Actually, nothing much.. I just find the Tower suffocating, is all. This Tower forms walls between people, separating them. I want to at least make one ceiling under which everyone can laugh and live together. I want a slightly more broader sky."

Next day, Love is at Augusgus's office. Augusgus scolds him for letting his grudge take over, beginning a test at midnight without even reporting it properly, and allowing a death to occur in the test.

Love says he is sorry and that he will quit his job.

However, Augusgus comments that he should've won, at least, if he was going to take revenge, and that is was embarrassing. Love says there is a reason that he cannot say.

Augusgus says rumors have spread across the Tower that the new Slayer is extremely powerful, and that all the criminals are uneasy. Augusgus scolds Love for advertising Viole instead.

However, Augusgus then says that since Love didn't kill him and got him to choose teammates, his intention wasn't too bad. He tells Love to forget his grudge with this incident and begin anew. He says they can tell the Administrator (Guardian) that this test was just a replacement for the final test and just send the 8 passers up before things get big. For this, he tells Love should buy dinner. He says fried chicken.

Love is touched, but he says he does not like fried. Augusgus comically reacts by telling him to just dip the fried chicken in the god-damned spicy sauce. He tells him to leave, giving him a 10-day break. Love thanks him, but asks if they can just order half-half (In Korea, that's fried-spicy). Augusgus tells him to leave already.

After Love leaves, Augusgus gives out a sigh of relief, and thinks that Love is too kind and naive, since he got provoked by the Hwajeopgongpasul but couldn't even kill Viole. However, he thinks that the goal was reached thanks to that. He speaks to Submerged Fish (Yu Han-Sung) through his scroll-shaped pocket. He says he's done over here, and that the Prince has passed their test. "Everything is how FUG wants it to be."

At Yeon's room, Love informs them that the 8 of them are able to pass to the next floor, to which all of them rejoice. Love apologizes for commencing a test just because he felt like it, and says he will buy lunch as a sign of apology. He says he will order spicy chicken, to which Wangnan and Misaeng scream "TANGSOOYOOK." Love is not pleased.

Later, after everyone is done, they are all happily asleep. Viole stands outside on the balcony, thinking.

Elsewhere, on a building that says "HIGH LOW," some mysterious person (A.A) and someone else (Let's say H) are conversing about the news that a new Slayer candidate has appeared on 20F. They are speaking over pockets.

H: A.A, Have you heard the news?

A.A: News?

H: They say a new Slayer candidate has appeared on 20F.

A.A: Slayer candidate? Karaka's next spot, huh.

H: Yeah. According to the rumors, this one is pretty amazing too, but it's difficult to trust what FUG guys say.

A.A: No. This one is believable. I heard he won in a 1:1 game against a Ranker.

H: Hooh-

A.A: What family is the Ranker from?

H: Mm... Mule family, was it?

A.A: Mule family? (revealed to be Kun Aguero Agnis) Mule Family? Where is this lame family?

(GoDai: Smart people would've noticed, A.A = Aguero Agnis XD)

Hachling, is that you

Is that you, Hachling?

GoDai's comments

So as I said, SIU's comment and blog review of the chapter are available at

I think this was a pretty cool chapter, and I'm looking forward to the next episode/arc. It's a shame he has to take a week break but it's all good.

Why is Akraptor looking at Wangnan like that? Conpiracy?

Viole seems interested in Wangnan's philosophy... could he turn good?

Also... it seems pretty much confirmed that Augusgus and Yu Han-Sung are affiliated with FUG, although it seems they are not Slayers. Maybe they are two of the 5 whose locations are unknown? I doubt it, as FUG does have a bunch of other criminal organizations involved. It seems FUG is more powerful than we may have known...

I mean, Yu Han-Sung is hella awesome, and Augusgus must be pretty darn strong too...

Kun/Koon has appeared. He is still SIU's least favourite character. I'm not sure if Rachel is still SIU's most favourite though.


(GoDai: The following is a part of SIU's review. I thought it would be helpful.)

The reason Yeon could join Wangnan's team

is because Prince and Yeon were originally one team.

They formed a team after Viole left,

and if you pay close attention, Prince says that they are "on the same team" when he hands over the soft drink to her.

That is also the reason why Yeon could leave her room ^^

In shorter words, in a situation where Yeon-Prince-Rapdevil formed one team,

after Horyang eliminated Rapdevil and got Yeon-Prince to join his side,

Tins's room was stolen using Wangnan's connector,

so they won in the test. In this chapter's case, I reduced the explanation of the game to the absolute minimum,

and put all my focus into emphasizing the feelings of the characters,

so you have to read into the details to discover what is being foreshadowed by the game. ^^

Other that that,

Also, Augusgus is most definitely a FUG, SIU said so.

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