Hi guys so I'm kinda... back.

I was never really gone, but with two 6-week courses in History and Chemistry, I've been unable to be very active on the wikia.

The only thing I managed was to provide translations for The Company every Sunday. (So proud to have "TL: GoDai" at the top of every chapter :D)

So I'll be trying hard to be more active here, but if I'm not very active, it's just me getting busy again or being super lazy.

Controversy at the Cafe

By the way, someone over at the official Korean SIU Tower of God cafe is taking screenshots of our pages with Character Statcards in English and posting them so that Korean users can see (They can't see the Korean ones because SIU hid them).


Some argue that English users couldn't read the Korean in the first place, so the English translations are a good thing.

However, the ones who argue against this say that SIU hides posts because he does not want people to see them, and therefore translations of these things should not be allowed.

I was considering commenting, but I decided to stay quiet and let it fade.

I personally think English translations of hidden posts should be allowed, as it is not fair for readers who cannot read Korean; original Korean copies of hidden posts can be found in obscure corners of the internet anyway.

So in case this does not fade, be prepared to have information being banned. However, I personally don't think SIU would care enough to take care of an English page.

Suggestions (Grievances? lol)

As I may not be very active from now on, I'll leave some suggestions, which do not need necessarily to be carried out. If I have the time, I'll try to do it myself.

Suggestion 1

In light of the recent controversy, I think it'd be good if we scour the pages of the wikia, deleting information that has no source. I think I left such information alone as I edited because I was afraid the information would be forgotten and lost, but that is also because I had no time to confirm anything. It's a difficult and painstaking task, but I think this can be done as a long-term goal.

Suggestion 2

Characters should be created with the following headlines:

  • Background (Optional)
  • Personality
  • Appearance
  • Abilities
  • Part I (Optional)
  • Part II (Optional)
  • Relationships
  • Legacy (Optional)
  • Creation and Conception (Optional)
  • Notes and Trivia
  • Quotes
  • Alternate Translations
  • References

Background only goes if the person's past is known (Baam, Rachel, Ha Jinsung, etc.) and Legacy only goes if the person is deceased and still relevant. Part I and Part II would apply to characters appearing or mentioned in those arcs. Creation and Conception would only be relevant if SIU mentions it. Most of this is already being done, so it shouldn't be a problem :P.

Example for Refereces (Suggestions 1&2)

About the References section, all you need to put is . The actual references go throughout the page in the form of [1]. If you're going to use the reference more than once, you should make a reference name, by doing [2], and then you can use it again by just doing [2]. If you don't get what I mean, go to the Source form editing for this page and it should be pretty clear.

How to Ref

How to Reference. See also Ha Jinsung and Enryu.

I've done the same for the Ha Jinsung and Enryu pages. I used the same reference many times because he has only appeared in one chapter.

Suggestion 3

We need more infoboxes, I think.

  • A chapter infobox, with Title, Cover Picture, Korean Name, (Chapter Info), Previous Chapter, Chapter Number, Next Chapter, and Arc Name.


  1. Blah Blah Blah1
  2. 2.0 2.1 Blah Blah Blah2
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