Author is a Genius.

But maybe he's a genius because his character lie from time to time. The way his lies contribute, give us the feeling that we are a major character of this story.

As a professional liar, author uses different categories of lies.

The first one is the "Absolute and direct lie" (A). For example: Koon has brown eyes.

The second is "unkept promise" (B). For example: I will return your money back (but never doing so).

The third is a subtle group (C). It's gathering "false sentences when the characters who say it, truly believe what they're is saying" (for example: Baam is dead at the end of Part 1, when he is not) and "commonly accepted knowledge" (for example: when you are in love you are happy... which is often true but sometimes inexact).

The fourth is "politcal manoeuvre" (D). This group gathers all "social lies" that are said with a due form. The reasons may be various: Not to hurt someone you care about, not to hurt someone who could resent you and beat you to death, not to be hated by a group of people, not to compromise your situation with the administration and the rules dictated etc.

In this Study the word "lie" cannot refer to jokes (for example: you look like a toad) or boasful attitudes (for example: I'm the best).

Lies Throughout Part 1

Now we have described what lies are in our study, and categorized them, we need to pick up all the lies we find in part one.

Here is the result (though some may have been forgotten):

Chapter Who What Type of Lies Commentaries
1 HEADON Whatever you desire, that is here! C Who knows? No-one has been on the top
1 HEADON It's been a while… someone has opened this door A He saw Rachel 10 minutes before
1 HEADON Perharps Rachel has already been eaten or been kidnapped A While she is hidden next to him
2 HA YURI ZAHARD For Headon an Irregular is certainly not welcome C It has proven to be untrue
2 HEADON By accepting to "bend" the rules making Ha Yuri lend the Black March, Headon knows she could not tell about what has been said and done during this test, because if the King finds out… it is execution D It gives a "cover" for Headon, it's a political manœuvre in order for Zahard to not to understand what is going on
2 BAAM I promise I will give it back to you (Black March) B It's a lie, since even though he made a promise, Baam wagered the Black March in a bet with Anak Zahard
6 RAK I'm the Fisherman Rak Wraithraiser C He became a Spear Bearer
7 BAAM I'm just normal A It's interesting to see that this lie wakes Koon's interest up
9 KOON A Ranker is someone that has climbed the Tower to the top C That's partially true - it's the Zahard Kingdom
9 LERO RO It seems I've made a mistake but that's luck too D Lero Ro knows he has found some "shinsoo monster" here
10 BAAM Of course I knew (the structure of the Tower) A To cover his status as an Irregular
10 LERO RO You can meet other Irregulars at the top C
13 YU HAN SUNG He said to a non-Regular to act like a Regular D An element of the test
13 YU HAN SUNG Acting astonished when Quant says there is an Irregular in the Rachel test D He certainly knows from Headon. The fact is that Quant knows Rachel is an Irregular
14 SHIP LEE SOO I'm a Regular like you C
19 ANAK ZAHARD 2 I'm Zahard's Daughter A That's untrue, as Zahard had never chosen her
20 KOON You still try to protect those who trust in you, I could never do that C He is underestimating himself - in fact he protects the one he cares. It's strange that the only lies Koon used that far were casual lies wih no bad consequences
23 KOON I must go to the toilets D To let his allies go out of his bag without the others knowing. Once again, it's not done to trick the ones he is lying to, but to help them strategically
24 HWA RYUN Acting as a Regular in order to make Baam fail the test (and taking him away from Zahard's eyes) D Because if Baam wins the Crown Game he will automatically pass the Floor, and FUG wants him to falsely fail + hurting Rachel = teach Baam anger and will to fight
26 YU HAN SUNG This test is to filter those who can bring harm to the Tower D He wants to justify Baam's future death and stay undercover towards Zahard administration, while he is planning to capture Baam and use him.
26 RACHEL TEAM We happen to learn they didn't take the Crown D Rachel and Akryung are acting on the order of FUG

Androssi didn't take the Crown because she recognized Anak Zahard 2 and wanted to take the test with her and retrieve the Green April

27 RACHEL Rachel asks Koon to lie to Baam… for his own good A PN: I doubt Rachel knows FUG won't kill Baam
28 KOON You were lucky (referring to the fact that the shinsoo professor came with 3 days late) B In fact, it's because Lo Po Bia Ren took the place of the shinsoo professor
28 KOON That girl turned out that she wasn't the one you were looking for A As planned, in order to let Baam keep a motivation to climb the Tower
29 LO PO BIA REN My Name is Yuga A
34 BAAM / KOON Miss Androssi I brought you some food D "Unless you sign the friendship list, I won't give you any" on the advice of Koon.
36 KOON Exposing his strategy to win the Hide and Seek game to his team D While only finding a way to pass with Baam
41 KOON I underestimated the Ranker's skill A / D Knowing perfectly he tricked the Ranker and could have won. But he planned with Laure to fail in order to give Baam a chance to pass the test - giving Yu han Sung contrariety
42 YU HAN SUNG A Team and B Team are really well balanced A The only one to think this is Lo Po Bia Ren
45 ANDROSSI Luring the other Fishermen of her team in order to fail them and pass the test A
46 HO Someone in our team is targetting Baam A To lure Rachel out
52 SHIP LEE SOO It wasn't your fault that we lost C To Koon
52 KOON Baam will probably not advancing to the next floor C Because Rachel has been injured
55 KOON Ho told me he'll get rid of Rachel if I make my team loose D In order to make Quant protect Rachel by contradiction
58 KOON I know that we can take a test directly from a Guardian because I'm a Koon A/D It's Lero Ro who told him
58 KOON I can't help an Irregular D In order to reject all hatred on him and make the team help Baam
58 YU HAN SUNG I prevented Rachel from having proper treatment A Her legs are fine
58 RAK Your heart is pitch black C He is the only one seeing clearly in the good heart of his friend
68 ANDROSSI I'm more confortable alone C She will choose her friends
73 RACHEL I can't walk A
75 LERO RO / YU HAN SUNG A special rule… if Baam loses his life… all of you pass A We can suppose that Yu Han Sung told him this
75 LERO RO Mr Baam is dead C

What can we learn from this? 

First of all the biggest liar is Koon. (A) in terms of frequency of use, but we can see that he always lied in order to help his friends, using lies as a weapon for the greater good to trick his enemy. His way of using lies is pretty human I would say, almost sane.

In term of evilness, hard to know who is the bad guy of season 1. Yu Han Sung is the most perverted to my mind; a good tactician also, but Headon is not far from him. Let's call the latter the strategist and the former the tactician.

For Rachel, we confirm that when Baam says "she lies from time to time" it's true! She lied a little bit, even less frequently than Baam!! But what is astonishing , is her way of lying. A perfect expert, always saying something true, (e.g. Rak: "Where is the other turtle?" Rachel: "Baam is down there") avoiding direct lies and keeping for herself the true meaning of her words. She lies by staying silent and with her body, acting like a poor motorless girl.

Baam lied a little, but always to protect himself or for the greater good.

The variety of lies throughout ToG part 1 shows us different characteristics, different ways of thinking and above all, makes it difficult to us to know or to anticipate what is true and what is not. 

We can see that there are a high number of lies, from the tiniest to the biggest, but we can assume that there is, mathematically speaking, about 1 lie every non-battle chapter.

Thus, we can deduce that battles are more than just struggles or test. They are also the Truth Killer or Truth Bringer.

From the battle will come Light or Night.

From the battle will win Rachel or Baam. Like Yin and Yang.

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