I'm just thinking of updating things a little...

For starters, the main page is very long and cluttered. I'd suggest giving the massive character poll it's own page, and just have a big link to it on the mainpage.

I get the feeling that a lot of stuff could be sized down or moved...

Also, I was thinking of changing the colors back to a more "reddish" style. The only reason we went blue in the first place was to match a background, and now the background is black-and-white, so why not go back? Red looks awesomer than blue, right?

Another thing: Some pages, such as the Jyu Viole Grace page, are getting loooong. I propose one of two things:

1. Cut down on the details. A lot of the plot summary can actually be shortened, and many of the inessential bits cut.

2. Make tabs. They did this for the One Piece Encyclopedia, when their pages got too long. It would help organize and contain things, without having to delete a single word.


I don't know. I don't think I'll do anything yet, but let me know if you think that anything could work, or if any of it sounds like something Parakewl would come up with (I have been away for awhile, so IDK...).

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