Common misconception in TOG:

  • ====A rank of a ranker doesnt indicates how strong one is. One's rank is affected by their known fights, achievements, years taken to become rankers, etc. eg: eurasia enne zahard climbed 1000 places in rank because her incidence, yu han sung never tried to climb up ranks but he wanted his rank could be like ha yuri zahard. Even guides have high rank(are high ranker) if they are good enough even without fighting ability.====
  • ====Don't compare a regular to rankers. Rankers are strong even those who are without any bloodline, they have better weapons, arms and armour inventory, skills and power for those skills, high shinsoo resistance and shinsoo control. ====
  • ====If urek wanted he could have killed every regular in viole's team inside zygaena if he wanted, love could kiled viole if he wanted and quant could kill every regular in hide n seek test if he wanted. regulars have very less chances to defeat a ranker specially in lower floor. Though regualrs have defeated or fought equally ranker because they were special like urek as a regular at 100th floor fought arie hon evenly and adori zahard defeated many rankers.====
  • High-rankers are usually best of the best ranker, the top 1% i.e. top 1000 rankers. But again it's based on the ranking in the tower. So, doesnt mean all high ranker can beat a ranker in 1 on 1 fight.
  • ====The number of irregulars inside the tower is unknown. Yes, SIU himself stated.====
  • ====Guides can see future, comprehend an opponent even tell his bloodline. However, they only support those who can actually climb the tower. There fight ability are still unknown. They are appear to walk all floor withough taking test.====
  • ====The best lighthouse is still unknown. Opera is powerful but we still dont know how strong eye of god is? or if there is another powerful lighthouse.====
  • ====Enryu and masceth are two known to create life, though there can be more.====
  • ====When they say top 5 E class regulars, its not an official ranking. It's more like what they hear about.====
  • ====As a  regular climbs the tower, he needs control over shinsoo and high shinsoo resistance or even walking can be hard.====
  • ====Phantanium is the only exis in the tower, but what his is purpose is still unknown. Tower is a very special place, so it might be to early to assume that he cannot be defeated or  he could defeat others. We dont even know what his power is or what is his exis power.====
  • ====Being powerful is different in tower, being best at your position doesn't mean you can overpower another.====
  • ====Enryu might be the best wave controller and has shinsoo control even more than gaurdians. Its hard to maintain bangs, he maintains over 9000. Siu stated he is OP and is mean for later story.====
  • ====How strong zahard is still unknown, but his princess seems to have very high strenght because of his blood.====
  • ====All 10 great families are strong and have their respected traits.====
  • ====There are people you are very strong even without bloodline or being irregulars. like evankhell, yu han sung,etc.====
  • ====One can carry multiple bloodlines.====
  • ====There are tests from which one can get stronger and learn new kind of shinsoo control.====
  • ====Items can make you stronger, increase shinsoo resistance, increase your shinsoo control and raise your range of attack and overall power. eg. love's glove(armour inventory), ruler's item, compressed weapons,etc.====
  • ====No. of bang doesnt proves how strong one is. ====
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