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Zlata Demo (즐라타 데모, Jeullata Demo; “Demo Zlata”) is a High Ranker and a Slayer of FUG who occupies the 8th Seat.


Demo entered the Tower and caught the attention of FUG after both blazing through to the 20th Floor in only four years and showing complete disregard for everyone (including Great Family members) on the way. Demo became a Slayer candidate after passing the 20th Floor tests; during the test he killed the four Great Family members that were participating with him (as was his task from FUG). This event later became known as the “Bloody Birth”. While not much else is known from his ascent up the Tower, it is known that he took roughly 340 years to climb the Tower and killed a surprising number of climbing Zahard’s Princesses on his way up.

Appearance and Personality

Demo has black hair set in a stylised Mohawk, full lips and set of noticeably sharp canines. He has an extremely defined musculature and a multitude of tattoos on his body; his left arm, left pectoral and left shoulder are covered in tattoos, his upper back is covered by a single larger tattoo, he has several smaller tattoos dotted around other places on his body and he has the number 108 marked on his nape. He has a black dot on each cheek, signifying he passed a special test to become a Jeonsulsa. Demo has strangely coloured cat-like eyes with the sclera and irises appearing completely white; his sclera and irises turn scarlet-coloured when he utilises Blood Lightning Technique and black when using his Eye of Darkness shinsoo control style. He wears a completely featureless black mask over his face and prefers to wear dark-coloured clothing underneath his Slayers robe.

Demo is an ambitious man with great mental strength that strives for power and openly rebukes hierarchy and hierarchical things. He strongly believes that one should live by their own set of morals and not be swayed by others’ and also believes that if one wants something, they should take it using any means necessary. Demo has an affinity towards violence and, whilst surprisingly more intelligent than he appears, he much prefers to sort problems out using force.


He is an influential member of FUG as one of their most recent Slayers. Demo actively hunts and battles high-ranking members of the Zahard Empire, in particular Zahard’s Princesses, as well as doing whatever he can to disrupt and/or destroy anything related to the Zahard Empire. Every 400 years, he hunts for the soul of a new Zahard Princess.


Demo received his sobriquet due to the surprising number of Zahard Princesses he has killed, something which directly challenges the King of the Tower's authority and reputation.

Powers and Abilities

Demo Zlata is a notably dangerous individual who always attempts to stealth kill his targets/opponents and, only once his presence has been noticed, will he then switch to a hit-and-run style by first wearing down his target/opponent from the shadows before annihilating them. Despite his preferred fighting style, Demo still enjoys open battles. He is more than capable of flight and airborne combat.
Demo can control up to seven teardrop-shaped Observers simultaneously and is masterful in their use. His Observers are primarily black with white colourations. His Arms Inventory consists of two normal black-coloured needles and a black-hilted tantō Compression Weapon named Nalsa (날뱀 (日蛇), “Day Snake”). Nalsa is a B-rank weapon that becomes A-rank when ignited; upon decompression, its wielder can cause its blade to extend up to 400 metres at around Mach 4 speeds. Nalsa naturally contracts a few seconds after extension, ending its ignition.

  • Master hand-to-hand combatant: Demo is an incredible hand-to-hand combatant, has immense agility and is masterful in the art of dodging and evasive manoeuvres. His body reinforcement abilities are amazing, especially in regard to his legs, allowing him to move at near untraceable speeds and launch kicks with truly astounding amounts of force behind them.
  • Expert swordsman: Being trained in swordsmanship by a FUG Ranker from an Arie branch family, Demo is a highly proficient blade wielder and is capable of utilising his compression weapon, Nalsa, to dangerous effect.
  • False Arie-style: Fluid Slayer Arts (거짓의아리에식 유동체 슬레이어술, Geojisui Arieh-sig Yudongche Seulaeiyeosul): Having been trained by a high-level practitioner of Arie swordsmanship, Demo is very aware of the mechanics of the swordsmanship style and thus developed a very similar variant swordplay style of his own by merging its practices that of with fluid martial arts. It is still slightly inferior to true Arie swordsmanship.
  • Snake Bite (뱀 물린, Baem Mullin): Demo rapidly launches a flurry of slashes that fly wildly at the target before igniting Nalsa whilst simultaneously attacking with a powerful impaling thrust.
  • Princess Decapitation Technique (공주참수술, Gongjuchamsusul): Demo skilfully and violently slashes at his target in such a way that two slashes bisect the target in a scissor-like fashion. He tends to use this as a finishing move and typically reserves it for when he is fighting Princesses of Zahard.
  • Expert needle practitioner: He is an adept needle wielder. Demo tends to utilise his needles in conjunction with his Jeonsul powers although he doesn’t use his needles as often as he used to.
  • Masterful shinsoo control: Demo can form up to thirty-seven relatively large baangs with huge soo concentrations and, when he controls shinsoo, it turns white with noticeable scarlet-coloured tinges. His baangs are normally shaped like prolate spheroids and are white-coloured but glow scarlet red. He can also skilfully and accurately read and discern the flow of shinsoo, being able to navigate and function normally even in complete darkness.
  • Jeonsulsa: Demo is an experienced Jeonsulsa being able to convert shinsoo into electrical currents and then skilfully and destructively wield said electricity. He generally utilises his electricity in conjunction with hand-to-hand combat or with other abilities and techniques in order to augment their respective powers. However he can freely manipulate and generate large powerful electrical arcs at multiple opponents.
  • Heulgnam-style: Thunder World (흙남류 뇌세계 (雷世界), Heulgnam-lyu Noesegye): Having attained the necessary contract, Demo summons dark obscuring electrical thunderstorm clouds that engulf the environment; the intensity of the resulting thunderstorm can appear to look like a natural disaster is occurring. With a powerful thunderstorm present, Demo can fully utilise this style of Jeonsul which focuses on redirection and conductance of electricity.
  • Lightning Body (전분 (電体), Jeonbun): A passive technique that turns his body into a conductive medium for electricity. In this state, Demo’s body easily conducts electricity and he ‘stores’ it inside his body every time he is struck by most forms of electricity. He involuntarily discharges it all at once whenever he is touched, whenever he touches something or if he is grounded.
  • Voltage Motion (전야동 (電圧動), Jeonyadong): This technique allows Demo to instantaneously redirect most forms of electricity that strikes him at a much greater voltage than it originally arrived with.
  • Super Voltage Strike (초전야돌 (超電圧突), Chojeonyadol): Functioning in an identical manner as Voltage Motion, except that Demo forcibly attracts any and all electricity in the vicinity to strike him (like a lightning rod), allowing for a much more powerful redirected electrical attack.
  • Zlata Demo-style: Blood Lightning Techniques (즐라타 데모류 혈전술 (血電術), Zlata Demo-lyu Hyeoljeonsul): Demo’s personal style of Jeonsul that enables him to wield scarlet-coloured electricity after drawing his own blood and mixing it with shinsoo, greatly increasing its amperage and voltage at the cost of causing greater fatigue.
  • Red Blow (적기 (赤技), Jeog-gi): By engulfing his extremities in scarlet electricity at the instant of a strike, Demo massively increases the power of his strikes.
  • Murdering Blow – Red Murder (살인기 적살인 (殺人技 赤殺人), Sal-ingi Jeogsal-in): Forming the maximum amount of baangs, filled with scarlet electrical energy above the target, Demo generates a truly immense cylindrical column of electrical energy that completely engulfs, violently electrocutes and utterly annihilates the immediate and surrounding area.
  • Wonsulsa: He is able to circulate his shinsoo to make it stronger whilst retaining the same myun and soo.
  • Zlata Demo-style: Blood Circle (즐라타 데모류 혈원 (血丸), Zlata Demo-lyu Hyeolwon): Demo generates very pale red discs of shinsoo which possess sharp edges; he can make these shinsoo discs rotate at incredible speeds on a whim. After drawing his own blood and mixing it with shinsoo, the discs turn a vibrant scarlet colour and increase in power.
  • Blood Wall (혈벽 (血壁), Hyeol-byeog): Demo creates a larger denser disc of shinsoo that can act as a barrier against incoming attacks.
  • Blood Hail (혈박 (血雹), Hyeolbag): He forms a multitude of Blood Circles and then fires them simultaneously at an opponent in a manner akin to an insect swarm.
  • Zlata Demo-style: Lightning Blood Circle (즐라타 데모류 전혈원 (電血丸), Zlata Demo-lyu Jeonhyeolwon): He combines his blood-fuelled Jeonsul with his blood-fuelled Wonsul.
  • Scarlet Shooter (주홍 사수 (真紅 射手), Juhong Sasu): At the instant of a strike, Demo fires off a remarkably dense maroon-coloured football-sized orb of shinsoo, imbued and engulfed in scarlet electricity. As well as possessing immense concussive properties, it also electrocutes whatever it strikes. They can be fired off in rapid succession.
  • Murdering Blow - Scarlet Slayer (살인기 주홍 슬레이어, Sal-ingi – Juhong Seulaeiyeo): Demo generates a relatively large razor-sharp Blood Circle disc that violently courses with his high amperage, high voltage scarlet-coloured electricity before launching it at a target. It moves remarkably quickly, though Demo finds it quite difficult to control or alter its trajectory after throwing it. As well as violently electrocuting whatever it strikes, it can cleanly slice through most substances.
  • Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique (화접 공파술 (花蝶 孔破術), Hwajeop Gongpasul): He is a very proficient user of the FUG signature technique. Demo will only decide to use it against opponents or targets he labels as “worthy” or if they are a Princess of Zahard.
  • Zlata Demo-style Piercing Technique: Blood Flower (즐라타 데모류 공파술 혈화 (血花), Zlata Demo-lyu Gongpasul: Hyeolhwa): A personalised variation that he tends to use as a finisher, Demo performs the signature FUG technique by attacking with his hand in a piercing fashion rather than an open-palmed strike. Scoring a direct hit inflicts massive amounts of damage as well as leaving Demo’s hand poking out from his victim’s back. It poses a huge risk if not performed properly.
  • Zlata Demo-style Piercing Technique: Scarlet Thunder Fist (즐라타 데모류 공파술 주홍 전권 (真紅 電拳), Zlata Demo-lyu Gongpasul: Juhong Jeongwon): His most personalised and augmented variant of the FUG signature technique. Violently striking with a fist rather than an open palm, the power of the technique is drastically augmented by the additional effects of his scarlet electricity and the force of the blow. The effects of a direct hit are catastrophic although it poses a huge risk if not performed properly.
  • Zlata Tribe Shinsoo Spirit Flow, Secret Art: Hell Black Soul (즐라타 부족 신수영류 비술 지옥흑혼 (地獄黒魂), Zlata Bujog Shinsuyeong-ryu Bisul: Jiog-heughon): A unique familial shinsoo control ability that enables Demo to absorb and store the soul of anyone he kills personally; souls are stored indefinitely until they are utilised. The main usage of stored souls is to augment Demo’s physical capabilities. The more souls are used, the greater the augmentation effect at the cost of a greater strain being put on the affected part of Demo’s body; too much strain will cause the body part to begin to breakdown. The amount of time an augmentation lasts is indirectly proportional to the amount of souls Demo utilises and the size of the body part he augments. Any body part(s) that is being augmented continuously emits a thick shadow-like ‘smoke’. The souls of Great Family members generally provide slightly stronger effects and souls of Zahard Princesses usually provide the strongest effects; the strength of effect a soul has depends on how strong the person was prior to death. Whenever souls are used, they are permanently ‘consumed’ as a result and cannot be used a second time. The souls of Zahard Princesses are different; they are stored indefinitely and can be re-used infinitely, however they must ‘recharge’ before they can be used again.
  • Reconstruction (재건, Jaegeon): This technique enables Demo to completely and rapidly regenerate any and all damage that has been inflicted upon his person through the usage of stored souls. The more souls he uses on an injured area, the faster the regeneration. Regeneration is a conscious action on Demo’s part and won’t occur without his volition; regeneration cannot be used to heal damage has been caused through the over-usage of souls. The area being regenerated continuously emits a wispy shadow-like ‘smoke’ until the injury has been healed. The souls of Zahard Princesses cannot be used for this technique.
  • Face Stealing (얼굴훔침, Eolgulhumchim): This technique allows Demo to take on the appearance of a person whose soul he has absorbed and stored. The person’s voice and mannerisms are automatically mimicked and Demo also has access to all their memories. While Demo can assume the person’s appearance indefinitely, once he sheds their form, the soul is permanently ‘consumed’. Demo is unable to use any of the skills of the mimicked person but is freely able to use all of his own abilities. The souls of Zahard Princess cannot be used for this technique.
  • Skill Stealing (기술훔침, Gineunghumchim): This technique enables Demo to temporarily gain access to and be able to use any and all skills, techniques and shinsoo control abilities of a person whose soul he has absorbed and stored; upon activation, Demo instantly gains the same level of skill and prowess as the person whose abilities he is mimicking. From the point of activation, the soul usually lasts a few hours before it is permanently ‘consumed’, ending Demo’s access to the person’s abilities; the more contractual abilities the person had, the less time Demo has access to their abilities. When using the soul of a Zahard Princess, he only has access to their abilities for several minutes. Only one soul can be used at a time during this technique’s usage.
  • Black Thunder Pursuit (흑뇌추적 (黒雷追跡), Heugnoechujeok): In order to activate this technique, Demo must first implant a stored soul inside an object or person, leaving a small black mark (∵), known as “Samsa” (삼사 (三死), “Three Deaths”), that is an intended destination. He is then able to instantaneously teleport to the location of the mark at will. Teleportation ‘consumes’ a varying number of souls depending on the distance travelled, with the number only increasing if teleporting with other objects or people; teleportation between Floors is also possible but it ‘consumes’ an incredibly large number of souls and can only be done once a day. Demo leaves behind a shadow-like puff of smoke whenever he teleports. Samsa are not permanent, naturally dissipating after a few years (due to degradation of the soul that has been implanted); the mark can also be burned off, cut off or erased by Demo himself. The souls of Zahard Princess cannot be used for this technique.
  • Zlata Demo-style, Shinsoo Control Technique: Eyes of Darkness (즐라타 데모식 신수 제어술 암흑목 (暗黒目), Zlata Demo-sig Shinsu Jeeosul: Amheugmok): Demo’s own personal shinsoo control style that allows him to manipulate the properties of shadows and darkness to him own whims. It also allows him to visually perceive [the flow of] shinsoo within other beings when in very low light levels and complete darkness.
  • Shadow Walking (영걷기, Yeong-geodgi): Demo is able to freely shift/teleport from one cast shadow to another, as well via any darkness generated by Blind Sleep. It does not function in natural darkness.
  • Blind Sleep (눈먼자다, Nunmeonjada): Demo is able to generate a large area of pitch black darkness that completely obscures any and all light that enters the area, even light produced by most Lighthouses. The more baangs he utilises, the larger the area that he can cover with his obscuring darkness.
  • Black Ocean (흑해 (黒海), Heughae): An iconic shinsoo attack of his, Demo launches an immense ‘tsunami’ of suffocating darkness and shadow that swamps over and engulfs everything in Demo’s immediate vicinity. Then, swirling around and focusing in on a target, a vehement maelstrom of darkness and shadow swallows up and violently tears at the target. Being submerged can feel like one is drowning in deathly cold water.
  • Princess Slayer – Black Execution (공주살해자 흑사죄 (黒死罪), Gongjoo Salhaeja – Heuksajoe): Demo’s dominant hand suddenly begins emitting copious amounts of a thick black shadow-like liquid, signalling the activation of the technique. Demo then smothers the face of his target with his hand, forcing them to inhale and swallow the shadowy substance. Several seconds after swallowing–enough for the substance to proliferate around the target’s body–, on Demo’s command (snapping of his fingers), ethereally solid black spikes begin violently impaling the target from the inside out, bursting blood vessels and rupturing internal organs. In a chain reaction-like fashion, the spikes always protrude first from the target’s extremities, followed by their limbs, torso, chest, neck and finally with four black spikes bursting from the target’s skull, ultimately killing them. Demo is limited to only being able to use this technique once per day; once activated, Demo must use the technique on another living being within a certain time period or it will kill him instead.

Original Character 2

Luisa Qerezma (루이자 케레스마, Lu-ija Keleseuma) is a highly ranked Ranker and also a member of Wolhaiksong.


Luisa was born into a small forest-dwelling community in the Outer Tower of the 113th Floor; their territory was situated in an area with surprisingly dense shinsoo. After officers from the Zahard Empire (apparently from the Yeon Family) came and devastated the community in an attempt to conquer the area in Zahard’s name, Luisa encountered Headon in the aftermath of the chaos. She started her climb not long after.
Despite always being one of the relatively stronger Regulars, Luisa’s rate of climb was average taking her over 500 years to climb the Tower. It has been noted by some that she would pause climbing on certain Floors and go missing for periods of 40-60 years before resuming her climb; Luisa was recorded to have done this six times. During one particular set of tests on her climb, one of her twin Blackwings was murdered by FUG Regulars. She joined Wolhaiksong soon after becoming a Ranker.

Appearance and Personality

Luisa is a blue-skinned female with a series of thin light blue lines running across the left side of her face and neck. She has dull green eyes, long jet black hair that is set in a queue, an ample bust, notably sharp claw-like nails, a blue lizard-like tail that is longer than she is tall and the Wolhaiksong insignia tattooed in black on the right lower side of her torso. Luisa usually wears a stylised crop jacket over a cropped white tank top and stylised harem pants; she never wears footwear if she can help it.

Luisa is a cuckoocloudlander who believes enjoyment is key. She doesn’t tend to take situations too seriously and to this end is a very relaxed persona. She does greatly enjoy physically exerting herself and this extends into sparring with suitably strong people. Due to a tragic event that occurred whilst climbing the Tower, Luisa has an underlying bloodthirsty ruthlessness which surfaces whenever she encounters FUG or Yeon Family members and most pressingly when she sees someone hurting innocent Shinheuh.


Luisa is fascinated with Shinheuh and loves to battle strong ones as well as live with them. Her dream is to document all the Shinheuh in the Tower as well as fight the stronger ones. She will often go on decades long exclusions into regions of high shinsoo density that are inhabited by dangerous Shinheuh in order to train and collect data.

Powers and Abilities

A powerful combatant, Luisa prefers to attack her opponents directly, without hiding, and struggles to hold back. She greatly enjoys battle royales and open battles. Luisa can form eleven huge baangs and shinsoo turns a dark green when she utilises it. Through centuries of training, her shinsoo resistance has become miraculously high allowing her to move freely in areas of high shinsoo density and giving her high resistance to shinsoo attacks. While she can fly, Luisa prefers not to.
Luisa carries a simple Arms Inventory that holds a long purple hook, a large scythe and a green B-rank needle Ignition Weapon named Forest Destroyer (산림 파괴자, Sanlim Pagoeja). She also has a Reel Inventory and a reel.

  • Master hand-to-hand combatant: Luisa is a master hand-to-hand combatant with a very direct, primal, animalistic fighting style, relying on both instinct and trained skill to dominate her opponents. She has incredible agility and is incredibly proficient at dodging blows.
  • Expert weapon wielder: Luisa exclusively wields her hook and needle with her incredibly prehensile tail, utilising them in conjunction with her hand-to-hand fighting style. She combines her scythe with her reel for longer-distanced slash attacks, but rarely uses them.
  • Immense physical capabilities: Luisa’s basic physical capabilities are remarkable; she can easily match Great Family members and, while not quite at the level of a Princess of Zahard, they would need to stay wary. When reinforcing her body with shinsoo she is exceedingly powerful and dangerously lethal.
  • Enhanced Senses: Luisa has trained her senses, most notably her olfactory senses, to superhuman levels allowing her to navigate most areas normally regardless of the conditions.
  • Luisa Qerezma Special Skill: Infinite Tracking (루이자 케레스마 특수기 무한추적 (無限追跡), Lu-ija Keleseuma Teugsugi: Muhanchujeog): After she has smelled an entity or object once, the smell is permanently locked into her memory, enabling her to accurately track and discern the entity/object as long as they are in her olfactory range (9 mile radius).
  • Qerezma-style: Green Fighting Technique (케레스마식 녹전투술, Keleseuma-sig Nogjeontusul): A set of destructive fighting techniques developed by Luisa on her climb up the Tower.
  • Storm Limb (남사지 (嵐四肢), Namsaji): By first reinforcing a limb/appendage with shinsoo and then making more shinsoo violently revolve around the limb/appendage, Luisa massively augments her striking power by combining concussive and grinding damage.
  • Sonic Boom Strike (소닉붐치다, Sonigbumchida): Using her tail as a medium, Luisa makes a sharp whipping motion at a target, launching a large crescent-shaped shinsoo wave at them. The shinsoo wave delivers incredible concussive damage. Luisa can use the technique in rapid succession.
  • Murdering Blow – Death Wheel (살인기 사륜 (殺人技 死輪), Sal-ingi Salyun): Luisa first massively reinforces her body with shinsoo then curls up into a ball, with her tail wrapping over her body. She then begins rotating at insane revolutions, while flaring shinsoo from her body, before propelling herself and colliding with a target at high speed. Due to her speed of rotation, the shinsoo that she flares from her body consequently forms a large destructive radius around her with terrible shinsoo cyclones forming either side of her. Although she cannot see, Luisa navigates with her superior sense of smell.
  • Hago-style: Body Reinforcement Technique (하고식 분강화술, Hago-sig Bunganghwasul): Luisa learned a special body reinforcement technique that allows her to materialise hardened shinsoo constructs from the shinsoo that is used to reinforce their body.
  • Drill Punch (도리루 펀치, Doriru Peonchi): Forming a large drill-like shinsoo construct over their fist that revolves at incredible revolutions, Luisa then punches her target for massive penetrative damage.
  • Shatter Fist (괴수권 (壞す拳), Goesugwon): Luisa forms knuckleduster-styled shinsoo constructs over her fists that are covered by a multitude of small pyramid-shaped spikes, giving it an appearance similar to a meat tenderiser. This massively increases the damage output of the punches she delivers.
  • Blade Type (인형 (刃型), Inhyeong): Luisa forms large bladed shinsoo constructs that protrude from the outside of her forearms extending past her elbows, from the centre of her shins extending a little past her knees and two blade-like ‘wings’ from the end of her tail. This form allows Luisa to inflict severe cutting blows.
  • Shield Type (순형 (盾型), Sunhyeong): Luisa forms large shield-like shinsoo constructs from the tops of her forearms and a broader construct from her tail. She uses them defensively to block large attacks.
  • Anima: Luisa has an uncanny ability to bond with Shinheuh she encounters. Her special ability allows her to completely subjugate Shinheuh that she can personally defeat in combat; subjugation is not a forced one and works via a method of subliminal persuasion, earning of respect and her natural power as an Anima. As a result, her bond with her Shinheuh is much stronger than usual.
  • Blackwing (검은익, Geom-eunig): Luisa possesses an adult black-winged Chromawing. She climbed the Tower with it and it is the Shinheuh she is closest with. The Blackwing is brutally ruthless, physically imposing and in low light levels is monstrously efficient in taking down opponents; it is by far her strongest Shinheuh. The Blackwing is just over 12 metres long with a wingspan of around 7 metres and has a noticeably grotesque scar covering its left wing and left side of its head. She stores it in its tube-like Bowl.
  • Oddbats (이상한 박쥐, Isanghan Bagjwi): She possesses two Oddbats: one adult Ninebat and a baby 10,3bat. Her Ninebat has a body the size of a car and is known for having a brutal charge attack that quite easily rivals that of her Fangfishes. She stores her Oddbats in an Poké Ball-shaped Bowls but usually lets her baby 10,3bat fly around with her.
  • Blue-ringed Fangfish (찬환 아어, Chanhwan A-eo): Luisa possesses three Fangfishes that she managed to capture a few centuries after becoming a Ranker. Combined, they rival her Blackwing for the title of her strongest Shinheuh, but are easily the most battle-thirsty. Luisa still has trouble controlling their temperaments and violently gluttonous urges. She stores them in capsule-like Bowls.

Original Character 3

Mara Donna Zahard (마라 돈나 자하드, Mala Donna Jahad; “Donna Mara Zahard”) is a quickly rising Princess of Zahard.She is also FUG's Slayer in the dark, sitting in the 11th seat of power.


At some point in her history

Donna was adopted by a Special Family
and was eventually chosen to become a Zahard Princess. She then blazed her way up the Tower in an extremely quick time, killing a few Rankers on her climb, including a FUG Ranker sent to assassinate her on the 106th Floor and a Test Admin during her tests on the 115th Floor. For her impressive climbing speed, she was awarded the White February. After quickly climbing the ranks over the course of just under a century, Donna finally entered the High Ranker ranks after killing another Princess and taking the Dark September from her.

Appearance and Personality

Donna is an attractive looking Princess with piercing eyes, a lip piercing, multiple piercings in her right ear and voluminous Byzantium-coloured hair that naturally stands on end; the tips of her hair are dyed black and white, one long bang falls between her eyes and she has heterochromia with a cyan-coloured left eye and a strawberry-coloured right eye. She also has a single upward-curving horn in the centre of forehead and visibly large canines. Donna has a noticeably defined musculature, a reasonable chest size, a stylish navel piercing and is completely covered in ornate black-coloured tattoos; she has a full sleeve on both arms, her back is covered up to and around her neck, her left leg and buttock is completely covered and she has one final distinguishing tattoo on her right cheek of the number 11 in Japanese kanji “十一”. When in the public eye, Donna generally wears a long designer jackets with furry trimmings, cuffs and collars over long-sleeve dark crop tops, dark jeans and finishes her outfits by wearing designer high-top trainers and rings on the pinkie fingers of each hand.

To the public, Donna Zahard appears and acts like any other Zahard Princess: haughty to a degree, proud of her power/status and not much more.

However, her brazen demeanour always remains true, regardless of what company she is with. However, in battle she shows disturbingly bloodthirsty and battle-loving tendencies, something which has been noted by those that have fought alongside her.


Widely considered the wild card out of the Zahard Princess Rankers, Donna Zahard is a largely infamous Princess, due to her brazen attitude and merciless fighting style, cleanly dividing the Tower’s opinion of her. Most of her opponents do not survive in fights with her.


Her sobriquet, "Mad Wolf", reflects the wild and ruthless nature she displays when fighting.

Powers and Abilities

As a Zahard Princess, Donna has a massive advantage over the majority of her peers in terms of raw power.

Donna prefers to directly assault her opponents head-on with a barrage of relentlessly intense attacks, leaving them no time to retaliate, and absolutely relishes taking on multiple opponents simultaneously; while by no means truly unpredictable, it can be said that her fighting patterns are abstract. Against the vast majority of opponents, Donna is an extremely pragmatic fighter and will viciously end fights within moments; however, against sufficiently powerful foes, she will enjoy the fight for as long as reasonably possible before reverting to her ruthless pragmatism. Donna has absolutely no qualms fighting ‘dirty’.
Donna is in possession of the White February and the Dark September and her Arms Inventory also holds several long extremely heavy spears, a B-rank hook Compression Weapon named Waseol (와설 (蛙舌), Frog Tongue), an A-rank needle Ignition Weapon named Agma (악마 (悪魔), Fiend/Devil) and two spear ignition weapons named Nebula (성운 (星雲), Seong-un) and Jabi (자비 (紫雨), Purple Rain); Nebula is an high B-rank stabbing spear and Jabi is an A-rank javelin-type spear. Her Arms Inventory has a Reel Inventory and reel attached.
  • Immense physical capabilities: As a Zahard Princess

, Donna boasts outstanding physical stats, far eclipsing even that of other Princesses. She can put frightening amounts of force behind her strikes and is already arguably one of the most physically strongest beings in the Tower. Donna’s durability is just as magnificent, being able to tank similar attacks while suffering little, if any, damage.

  • Master hand-to-hand combatant: Well known to be her preferred fighting method, Donna is a brutally lethal unarmed combatant, having learned and mastered many styles of martial arts that focus on killing and/or outright destruction. She is unnervingly adept at finding and exploiting the weaknesses of her opponents.
  • Void Wave Fist (공파권 (空波拳), Gongpagwon): Donna strikes with such momentum that it causes shinsoo cavitation bubbles between her fist and the striking surface. The collapsing inertial cavitation bubbles generate powerful shockwaves.
  • Master spear wielder: Donna has a natural affinity towards the art of spear throwing, being able to effortlessly launch heavy spears and accurately hit targets a fair distance away. She can throw spears with both arms but is more accurate with her right arm. Despite it being a long spear, with her fearsome strength, Donna tends to wield Nebula as if it were a needle.
  • Expert needle wielder: Donna is a proficient needle user, though not to the level of her spear capabilities. She can utilise Agma to deadly effect when called for.
  • Masterful shinsoo control: Though not from one of the Great Families, Donna has a surprising affinity towards shinsoo management and control; she can currently produce up to 25 extremely pale pink hexagonal bipyramid-shaped baangs, with astonishingly large myun and soo values, and is one of the rare users who is a plus tendency. Shinsoo seems to manifest as harmless cyan-coloured electricity when Donna manipulates it. Due to breaking a particular contract, her ability to levitate and fly has been effectively negated.
  • Mara Donna-style, Shinsoo Control Technique: King Blue Sphere (마라 돈나식 신수 제어술 왕청원 (王青圈), Mara Donna-sig Shinsu Jeeosul: Wangcheongwon): Donna’s special shinsoo control style that she developed early on during her climb.
  • Atomic Fists (원자권 (原子拳), Wonjagwon): Donna forms a multitude of volatile shinsoo fists (of diameter 3 feet) that rapidly whizz around her person like electrons whizzing around the nucleus of an atom; the fists concussively explode if they strike something. The fists continuously crackle with harmless cyan-coloured bio-electricity.
  • Atomic Shower (원자일우 (原子一雨), Wonja-il-u): Gathering all the shinsoo fists generated by Atomic Fists, Donna makes them all split into child-sized fists before manipulating them to rain down destructively on the target’s immediate area. Due to their smaller size, their individual explosive damage decreases slightly.
  • Atomic Railgun (앋옴익구 레일건, Atomikku Reilgeon): Gathering all the shinsoo fists generated by Atomic Fists, Donna aligns them into a straight line whilst altering their relative sizes so that the fists gradually get smaller the further down the line they are. At that, she accelerates them towards a target inflicting massive damage from a continuous volley of hits. The explosive damage of the fists decrease as they get smaller but their penetrative damage increases.
  • Blue Thunder Clap (청뇌명 (青雷鳴), Cheongnoemyeong): Donna generates two house-sized volatile shinsoo hands either side of the target, then brings them together with the target in between in a clapping motion, generating a massive explosion on impact with each other. The shinsoo hands crackle with harmless cyan-coloured bio-electricity.
  • Murdering Blow – Hand of God (살인기 신노수 (神の手), Sal-ingi Shinnosu): Donna generates a gigantic shinsoo hand which crackles with harmless cyan-coloured bio-electricity and quite easily dwarfs the size of the shinheuh Zygaena. With it following the movement of her own hand, she then brings the shinsoo hand crashing down on a target, usually in a punching or hammerfist motion, for truly immense damage.
  • God Step (신단계, Shindangye): Allows her to step, bounce and overall manoeuvre aerially by instantly solidifying shinsoo under her feet to use as a (bouncy) platform. Donna learned this to circumvent her inability to levitate and fly.

Original Weapons


Name: Forest Destroyer (산림 파괴자, Sanlim Pagoeja)
Rank: 6B (10A when ignited)
Appearance: Forest Destroyer is a forest green-coloured needle, just over a metre long from tip to handle base. The handle is designed with thorn vine-like patterns embossing the surface and a dark green tassel hangs from the base of the needle.
Description: Forest Destroyer has a two-stage ignition. Its first stage pre-ignition causes its needle to become extremely hot, in preparation for either of its second stage full ignitions. When ignited fully, Forest Destroyer either generates a torrential whirlwind of super-heated shinsoo that bursts forth from the tip of the needle or it generates a bursting omnidirectional shockwave of partially concussive super-heated shinsoo.

Name: Agma (악마 (悪魔), “Fiend/Devil”)
Rank: 5A (10S when ignited)
Appearance: Agma is a long needle that appears completely black from a distance but is actually a remarkably dark green. The small handle has many arcane etchings and questionable symbols littering its surface with a series of small tooth-like bumps signalling where the handle transitions into the needle section. Two thin alternating ‘blood vessels’, one blue and one red, wrap around the needle section, meeting at its tip.
Description: Even before ignition, Agma is unique in that it can rapidly rotate its needle section, like a drill, at over 400,000 rpm. Agma is a violently bloodthirsty weapon and will outright refuse to ignite until it has been used to spill blood. While it already releases truly destructive levels of power with ignition, it can increase the power of its ignition by ‘drinking’ the blood of its wielder; it does so by causing the ‘blood vessels’ wrapping around the needle section to unravel and embed themselves in the wielder’s wielding arm. Once embedded, it becomes incredibly difficult to remove Agma unless it has been used to take a life. Regardless of Agma’s intentions, it cannot be ignited below the 44th Floor.


Name: Nalsa (날뱀 (日蛇), “Day Snake”)
Rank: 3B (7A when ignited)
Appearance: Nalsa is a black-hilted tantō with a dark silver-coloured kite-shaped tsuba. Its name is engraved in an Asiatic language on the base of the weapon.
Description: Nalsa is a compression ignition weapon which, upon decompression, can extend its blade up to 400 metres at just over Mach 4 speeds; it releases an increasing amount of explosive energy the more it is decompressed with ignition. After decompression, Nalsa naturally contracts back to its compressed size at the same speed though its compression can be forcibly halted and/or slowed. Nalsa is a deceptively heavy compression weapon and becomes increasingly difficult to wield it the closer its blade is to being fully decompressed.

Name: Yasa (야뱀 (夜蛇), “Night Snake”)
Rank: 3B (7A when ignited)
Appearance: Yasa is a white-hilted nodachi with a light silver-coloured kite-shaped tsuba. Its name is engraved in an Asiatic language on the base of the weapon.
Description: Yasa is one of the ignition weapons with a partial and full ignition. Whenever it partially ignites in darkness or shadows, its striking range becomes limited only by its wielder’s sensory field. Essentially, Yasa becomes able to strike an opponent from any angle as long as both Yasa and the target are within darkness or shadows. When Yasa fully ignites, it retains its ability to strike through darkness and shadows but also simultaneously releases a great amount of power.


Name: Waseol (와설 (蛙舌), “Frog Tongue”)
Rank: 10B (5B when ignited)
Appearance: Waseol is a remarkably long violet-coloured hook, just over 2 metres from tip to base. It is extremely tough, flexible and has a very sharp point.
Description: Waseol is sensitive to shinsoo and in a skilful wielder’s hands it can be utilised like a prehensile additional appendage with the additional ability of being able to stretch up to double its original length. When ignited, its attractive forces are massively augmented, with Waseol then being capable of selectively pulling in targets to itself (almost like a universal magnet). Its attraction ability is weaker on higher Floors.


Name: Nebula (성운 (星雲), Seong-un)
Rank: 10B (10A when ignited)
Appearance: Nebula is an ornately designed 7’ long spear consisting of a serrated 10’’ split-tipped blade and a streamlined 4’’ blade on its base. The entire spear is dark-coloured with the blade heads being especially dark; the blade heads always appear to be ‘glowing’ in a dark light.
Description: Nebula is a strong spear with sharp blade heads that are constantly super-heated. When ignited upon impact, it generates a huge fiery explosion almost like a miniature supernova. Despite being mainly used as a stabbing spear, it can also be thrown. When it is thrown while being ignited, it warps the space between itself and the target in order to be able to strike from almost any distance as well as greatly increasing its given momentum; the target’s location must be marked for this to work however.

Name: Jabi (자비 (紫雨), “Purple Rain”)
Rank: 9A (4A when ignited)
Appearance: Jabi is a magenta-coloured 2 metre long javelin with three ‘fins’ protruding from its back end. It has a draconic pattern that spirals around the body of the javelin.
Description: Jabi is a shockingly heavy high-level javelin-type throwing spear. Its ignition has two modes: its lesser known “Rocket” ignition that massively augments its momentum after being thrown, leaving a large wake of destruction, and its (in)famous “Rain Shower” ignition that causes the javelin to split into hundreds of copies of itself after being thrown, in homage to the Irregular Enryu’sRed Rain” attack.

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