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This article contain profile of Urek's Sworn Enemy in the form of artificial Data Humans inside the Hidden Floor. If you're looking for his status as a High Ranker, see Urek Mazino.

Data Urek is an artificial character, a Sworn Enemy of Irregular Urek Mazino that was created by the Hidden Floor system after the real Urek finished all stages and quest very quickly to save his data. However, the system failed to copy Urek perfectly because of his power, at that time, exceeded the measurement system and caused systems' malfunctions and errors. The real Urek who was not impressed by his data's imperfection, then got pissed and destroyed the Mirror at the End as he left.[1]

It seems that Irregular who entered the Hidden Floor has a tendency to create a sworn enemy that represents a mirror of themselves to keep the power balance in check, just like in case of Baam and Data Viole.


Real Urek smashes the Mirror of the end

It is revealed that the real Urek Mazino had entered the Hidden Floor at one point and he cleared most of the stages very quickly. But in the process of saving his data, he was so powerful that it would forever be unstable. This angered him so much that he smashed the mirror as he left, causing an error in the stage and his sworn enemy, an incomplete version of himself, to continue existing, resulting in Big Breeder Hwang creating the Bug Room to fix things, where the mirror fragments and Urek's incomplete enemy data resided. However, the error also caused Hwang to take an interest in the outside world.[1]

Appearance and Personality


Data Urek appears to be much smaller than his real self. He looks like a child. When he was first seen inside the Glitch Room, he wears black long pants and black grey jacket with red thunder motives with yellow strips on both of his shoulders and on the back of the jacket, starting from his neck to the middle of his back. There's also apparently MAZINO's name embroidery in the back of the jacket. He is surrounded by many errors warning message. He wear white caps with red visor[2] and silver metal ear piercings. He has a big scar on his right eye.[1]

Data Urek personality isn't much different from his real self. He is also full of curiosity and always eager to fight. And although he is only a data, he felt embarrassed with his current state because it doesn't represent the real young Urek Mazino.

The Hidden Hidden Floor

Shortly before Data Zahard's duel with Baam, Data Urek was waiting inside the Glitch Room for Big Breeder Yellow or Hwang to recover the final mirror fragment from Ha Yura. Hwang then gave him some video games to play to kill his boredom inside the Glitch Room. On the day of the duel, he is brought to Rachel's team to help destroy Mirror of the Past and get himself deleted, agreeing with Urek himself that his sworn enemy should be perfect and not look like he currently does, adolescent and corrupted. Urek takes the regulars to the hidden area of the hidden floor to lure out the scale, and they trick the scale into glitching, moving into the bug room[3] and effortlessly destroying the scale after it taunts him. He regroups with Hwang and Rachel's team to reflect the mirror and scale, but unwittingly began the collapse of the floor and summoned the data of a fragment of King Zahard's power.[4] Though he does not save Hwang from being impaled by it, he quickly dispatches it afterwards and encourages Rachel and Yura to escape while he himself stays behind.[5]

Powers and Abilities

As someone who has been super strong since the moment he stepped into the Tower, it doesn't take long for the real Urek to reach the Hidden Floor as a regular. Even the Big Breeder Hwang, one of the rulers, who at the time accompanied Urek was anxious and nervous in front of him because Hwang can feel his power. In the end, Urek also effortlessly cleared all the hidden stages very easily.[1]

However, even Data Urek who was imperfect is also apparently very strong. In his confrontation against the Mirror of the Past, he outmatches the speed reaction of the scale and destroys it easily.[4] Data Urek can also destroy red tentacles which are the tiny bit power of the real Zahard in order to protect Ha Yura in just one hit.


  • (To Khun Aguero Agnis and friends) "By the way... You guys must have seen Urek on the outside, huh? I'm impressed that some small regulars like you met Urek."[1]
  • (To Mirror of the Past) "Hmm.. I guess you could call me.. A "bug character" ruining the balance in this tower."[3]

Notes and Trivia

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