This unnamed member of the Khun Family and also one of Khun Aguero Agnis' older brothers.[1].

Appearance and Personality

Similar to other members of the Khun Family, he appears to have pale skin, pale blue hair and probably blue eyes.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Revolution Road

Unnamed Koon 2

He had a conversation with Aguero Agnis detailing how Aguero and his team couldn't get on the Hell Train. Aguero mentioned that his team wouldn't be able to reach the train at the next station in the normal manner and then asked him if he could stop the train. He answered back by saying he would stop the train but Aguero would have to keep in mind that it would cost him. He also mentioned that this would be the first time meeting in such a long time, before ending the conversation.

Wooden Horse

He appeared, levitating several kilometres above the Hell Train, mentioning it had been a while. Later, whilst he was releasing a powerful electrical strike upon the Hell Train, he said that even if this was for his little brother, he couldn't believe he was doing this for him.

He then informed Aguero that he had stopped the train but it would likely start running again soon. He also mentioned that this would probably be reported to their father and that Aguero owed him big time for this.

Powers and Abilities

Koon Lightning

Stopping the Hell Train

Despite only having a brief appearance, he showed a decent amount of skills. He was capable of levitation, doing so to overlook the train,[2] and was also able to generate powerful lightning, using at least ten baangs,[2] capable of halting the Hell Train's movements temporarily.

Notes and Trivia

  • It is unknown if he is a Regular or a Ranker, although one would assume he is a Ranker with the level of power he displayed.
    • Although this is still unconfirmed by SIU, it is very likely that he is a High Ranker due to the new information on SIU blog post that Dorian was considered to be a "High Ranker" due to the evidence that she could stop the Hell Train alone, while it took three normal Rankers to do so.[3] This implies that this unnamed Khun is also a High Ranker because he could stop the Hell Train by himself.
    • Theoretically, he would be stronger than Dorian, because he could stop the train alone with just lightning baangs, meanwhile Dorian had to used her Ancient Frog's ability.


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