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In order to keep us unstable beings alive, someone used a "special man" to cast an Incomplete Spell of Immortality on us. He is a man who violates the Tower's Rules that "only one being may exist in one body".

Aria described the mysterious commander[1]

The Unnamed Black Skin Division Commander (name unknown) is a High Ranker and Division Commander of the 4th Army Corp of Zahard's Army under Po Bidau Lyborick Khun's command.[2]

Appearance and Personality

He has dark brown skin, blonde hair and cyan eyes. He is taller than Lo Po Bia Yorayo and is a skinny muscular man.

He is very mysterious and not much known about him aside that he is the man with special body that binds with Yorayo, Aria and Unnamed Three Mouthed Giant.[3]


Tower of God: Part 3

The Second Defensive Wall (Arc)

The Black Skin Commander was shown for the first time along with other new Division Commanders, Yorayo, Aria and the Three Mouthed Giant. They were all selected by Po Bidau Lyborick Khun to become new Division Commanders of newly formed 4th Army Corp after Lyborick cleaned out Kallavan's servants.

Gakjadosaeng (Arc)

The Black Skin Commander was shown to retrieve the dead body of Yorayo after he was killed by White.[4]

All Out Fight

The Black Skin Commander retrieved the dead body of Three Mouthed Giant after the giant was killed by Karaka and Dowon.[3]

Power and Abilities

Given his title as the new Division Commander, he is a High Ranker and can be expected to be powerful. His body is said to be very special since it can fuse with 3 other individuals at the same time. These three individuals are Lo Po Bia Yorayo, Aria and Unnamed Three Mouthed Giant. They are bounded together inside the commander's body through an Incomplete Spell of Immortality[3]


  • Incomplete Spell of Immortality (불완전한 불사의 주술, Bul-wanjeonhan Bulsaui Jusul) is an advanced Spell that used by the mysterious Commander, which allows him to revive or resurrect dead people who were "connected" or "bounded" to his special body. The mysterious commander can revive Yorayo, Aria and Three Mouthed Giant if they were all killed.[3]

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  • (Looking at the monster called Hybrider) Is that one of Army Corp Commander Yasratcha's collection? I've never seen any creature like that before. It's hideous. I don't know how you escaped and wander around The Cat Tower, but you're no use to my plan.[5]
  • It's a lot more stronger than I thought !! Where did the 5th Army Corp Corps Commander bring such mysterious monster? Who on earth released this thing, and with what intention ?! Something's going wrong !![5]



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