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"If anyone other than the Ancients tries to pick it up, it sends an intense wave of pain through their body."

Unnamed Ancient Spear is a Spear the Ancients once used, but it's name is still unknown. Baylord Yama found this spear somewhere in the Tower (details unknown).[1] The spear was last seen to be in the hand of Rak Wraithraiser.[2]


Not much information known about this Ancient Spear, except that it sends an intense wave of pain through its holder's body if the holder is not someone from The Ancients species. Ruel Mon said that even he can only throw it once because he can't withstand the pain.[1]


After the Ancient Spear was found by the FUG Slayer Baylord Yama, the Slayer entrusted this mysterious spear to his most oldest executive, Ruel Mon the 7th in command in Yama's Pack.[1]

Power and Abilities

The maximum or potential power of this spear are still unknown since it has not been ignited yet. But, the current power, when the user is able to throw the spear correctly and precisely, it can hurt and damage High Rankers.

  • Baylord Doom is unable to move for a moment when the spear hit his head directly. Although Doom managed to survive thanks to his quick reaction to minimize the damage by transforming part of his head seconds before getting hit by the spear. Doom even saying he would've been in trouble if he was a bit late, meaning that even to High Ranker like him, this spear is very powerful and cannot be underestimated.[1]
  • Khel Hellam was completed pierced through his abdomen after Evankhell threw the spear with the help of Khun Aguero Agnis in coordination and direction. Although Khel Hellam is powerful enough to recover and heal this injury, the spear still proves it's capability to gave High Rankers some trouble.[3]
  • When Rak Wraithraiser threw the Ancient spear, he was able to clear a path for Twenty-Fifth Baam, by completely destroying the External Transformation of Baylord Doom, despite its powerful regeneration ability. Baam's Shinsu power can't even destroy the external transformation.[4]



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