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Unnamed Ancient Monster (name unknown) is a man-eating monster who used to terrorize the village where Hong Danhwa and Hong Chunhwa were from. The soul of the monster is now sealed within a series of swords known as "The Seven Sacred Swords."[1]


The ancient monster appears as an enormous, stout dragon-like giant with five round, red eyes on the center of its face arranged similar to an upside-down check mark. It has a v-shaped mouth with no teeth to be seen. There are 5 sharp, pointy body parts above its head and a pair of root-like parts on the side of its head. It is unclear whether one of them is the monster's ears. The skin of the Shinheuh is blue-gray and it has 3 clawed fingers on each of its 4 limbs. It also has a pair of big wings on the side of its body and a tail on its back.


Long ago, the monster used to terrorize the homeland of Hong Danhwa and Hong Chunwa by feeding on the villagers. However, the monster was later on defeated by seven talented swordsmen of the village at that time and its soul was sealed within their seven swords to prevent it from reincarnating. The swords were then passed into the next generations and are known as "The Seven Sacred Swords."



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