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Stars, thrones, skies, the Outside World, I don't need any of those things. But if someone tries to hurt someone precious to me, I will fight.

—Jyu Viole Grace to Urek Mazino[14]


Baam's early life is shrouded in mystery: nothing is known about where he lived before coming into the Inner Tower, other than that it was some kind of cave. Also, it is mentioned he was "wrapped in darkness since birth".[15] Baam was named after his birthdate, the "twenty-fifth night". However, it was stated by Garam Zahard that Baam is the son of two Great Warriors and Irregulars, Arlen Grace and her husband V,[16] who were also former companions of Zahard and the 10 Family heads during their climb of the tower; this is further reinforced by Gustang's greeting to Baam, calling him "Arlen's son".[17] He was born and raised by Arlen on the Floor of Death until a heart-broken Zahard brutally killed him in front of Arlen. However, Arlen was able to preserve his body using a mysterious spell and upon finding a way to the outside of the tower, Baam was resurrected by an Outside God. Although, information involving how he arrived or got trapped inside a cave has not been revealed yet.

Inside the cave, there was only one source of light, towards which Baam built a huge tower made of stones. After climbing his tower, Baam found the light, which was unreachable, shining through a crack in the high cave ceiling. This caused him to get upset, but as this happened the rock above broke off and, a girl with it, Rachel fell. Rachel became Baam's only friend and taught him how to read, write, and talk. She also told him about the sky and stars, and of human warmth. She educated him on many things about the human world, though his grasp on human society is still fairly poor.


Baam playing a game with Rachel

The two played a crude board game in the cave with chalk lines and stone pieces, always drawn out somehow by Baam's tactics. Rachel would frequently journey above through the opening from which light cascaded, denying Baam to come with her, telling him, "Up there, only those who have been chosen can play". She told him stories of the world above; of the yearly festivals, the fruit-bearing trees given by God, the children playing - a world filled with light and merriment. Baam would wait for her to return with nothing else to do but dream of going up there and playing with her.

At one point, Rachel also told him the story of a man who loved a star so much that he built a tower to get to it. The others called the man crazy, but he kept stacking rocks anyway. Eventually, the man was able to reach the star and live with it forever. Whether or not this has anything to do with the story is unconfirmed.

It can be logically assumed that at one point before the first chapter, Rachel cut Baam's hair, brought him clothes and his cleaver.

Tower of God: Part 1

Headon's Floor


Baam faces off against the White Steel Eel

Baam appears to be chasing Rachel and when he reaches her, pushes her down. Baam asks Rachel where she's going with her replying, that she is climbing the Tower to see the sky and be reborn. A light appears under Rachel and there is a picture of two doors opening with a light appearing from the crack between. The light becomes brighter and envelopes both of them until the door closes. Baam then awakens on the First Floor of the Tower, with Rachel watching behind an invisible shield, where he encounters Headon. Headon welcomes Baam and decides to test him, in a chamber guarded by a White Steel Eel, telling Baam that he can go to the next Floor if he pops the Ball. At this same time, Yuri Zahard hears of an Irregular entering the Tower, and travels down to the bottom Floor alongside Evan Edrok. Evan gives Baam a Pocket, as is customary for arrivals into The Tower, but he receives an expensive A-Grade model, as that was all Evan had. Yuri protests that the test is too difficult for Baam, but Headon refuses to change the test. However, he does agree to bend the rules, allowing Yuri to lend Baam the Black March, to help him pass the test. Baam manages to get past the White Steel Eel by letting it swallow him and then stabbing its tongue. Consequently, he gets to the Ball and punctures it with the Black March. However, the Ball does not pop, so Baam listens to Evan's advice to call out to the Black March, asking it to ignite. To Yuri's surprise, the Black March listens to Baam and bursts the ball, which sends Baam to the next Floor.

Evankhell's Hell

Qtower of god ch5 33

Baam on the Second Floor

He arrives on the Second Floor in a grassy plain and is immediately engaged in a survival test to cut down half of the participants in the area by any means. He is attacked by a Regular but manages to escape due to his considerable agility. He decides that he has to fight if he wants to ascend through The Tower and find Rachel, and is just about to attack a harmless creature, when Khun appears and tells Baam he is making a mistake. Rak then appears, wishing to "hunt" Baam and the Black March in his possession. Khun then launches a surprise attack on Rak, giving him and Baam time to hide behind a rock from the infuriated hunter.

An announcement calls, ordering the Regulars to team up in groups of three, thus leaving Baam and Khun no choice but to try and group with Rak. When persuasion failed, Baam attempted to confound Rak by dropping the Black March and asking Rak to continue hunting him. Baam and Khun seized the opportunity to grab Rak at the last second, forcing him to team up with them, admitting them to the next phase of the test.

Lero-Ro's Test


Lero-Ro's barrier failing to push Baam back

The survivors of the previous test are teleported to a room and straight away, two Regulars are seen fighting with each other but were soon stopped by the Exam Supervisor, Lero-Ro. Lero-Ro introduced himself to the Regulars then blasted them away using a shinsu barrier. Much to the shock of Lero-Ro and the Regulars, the barrier did not push Baam back. Since he was not pushed back by the barrier, Baam asks if he should walk out and come back in so he could take the test. Lero-Ro states that it was fine and that he seems to have made a 'mistake' so Baam immediately passed. Lero-Ro sat down with Baam and wagered on who would get through the barrier first, with the prize of the winner allowing to ask the loser a question. Both bet correctly but despite the draw, Lero-Ro allowed Baam to ask what an Irregular was which Lero-Ro duly explains. Afterwards, Khun and Rak emerged through the barrier, readying the team for the next test.

Yu Han Sung's Examination

Baam, Khun, and Rak were presented with the examiner Yu Han Sung whose test was called the Door Test, in which they have to rely on a scant few clues to choose a correct door out of several. The team passes due to Rak kicking open a random door within the time limit. They then decide to take part in a bonus test called "Crown Game", the winner of which instantly passes onto the 3rd Floor.

Crown Game

Baams team waiting

Baam with his new team.

The team is set off in the 2nd round as the Black March reacted to the Ignition of Anak's weapon, Green April, which was noticed by her. She demanded that he give it to her, coming off the throne and so forfeiting the game. Baam agreed to the bet with Anak: to give Black March to her if his team failed to win the next three rounds, but if he won then she had to give him Green April. Baam's team managed to take control of the throne and Baam sat on it with the crown, while Khun, Rak, and their allies fended off the other Regulars. This stance was maintained until the final round when a mysterious cloaked team enters the contest, one of which Baam was convinced was Rachel. She was subsequently attacked in front of him by a masked combatant, later revealed to be Hwa Ryun, and so he instantly surrendered the throne and game to save her, subconsciously activating his potential for shinsu. The shinsu attacked Hwa Ryun, slicing her mask and right eye, and both fell to the ground unconscious. As a result, he lost the Black March to Anak.


Baam woke up five days later, two days after the Position test had begun. Khun told him that the girl he saved was not Rachel, although Baam was still positive she was.

Position Test

Baam was assigned the Wave Controller position, and quickly discovered his incredible talent for handling shinsu in his studies. He befriended some of his peers during this stage, including Androssi, Hatsu, and Ship Leesoo. However, he also inadvertently made enemies out of Ho, who was jealous of his talent.

Zahard's Princess

He was well aware of the Regular's task to collect ten friends and he wanted to help Androssi. When he and Khun found out that Androssi had been injured, Khun helped him get Androssi on his friend list. He did this with the use of flattery and steel eel. Unfortunately, the steel eel fell on them in the ruckus that ensued.



Baam preparing for the Hide and Seek test

In the last stage of the Position test, the Hide and Seek Test, Baam was assigned to Team B. He watched Team A's attempt through a monitor and was saddened by Khun's loss. As Team B entered the game, Baam travelled with the Team's Fishermen: Androssi, Des Lion and Hong Chunhwa. He talked with Androssi about her history and wondered how she managed to get all the food she wanted. Androssi then assaulted her fellow Fishermen when the Ranker had been found, making Baam realise how she had done it: by defeating or killing everyone who got in her way. Des Lion then attacked Baam, believing him to be in on Androssi's plan but Androssi stepped between them and suppressed the strike. She told Baam to watch closely as she was going to show him what was necessary to climb the Tower and protect Rachel. She started towards Des Lion but Baam comes between them to stop the fighting, only to be betrayed by Lion who took him hostage. However, he was easily dispatched and slammed against the far wall by Androssi, causing Hong to ignite his blade, Namaruda, firing a surge of shinsu at Androssi. Baam again got in the way and took the impact head-on, managing to stay standing. He decided to leave them, as he would not fight others and would never attack those precious to him, even if it got him to the stars. Androssi asks him why he kept chasing Rachel and he simply replied, "The heart moves where the heart wills", and ran off.

He then found a Lighthouse and its controller told him that they had lost communication with Rachel, who was within the Safety Zone.


Baam exerting Fast Skip on Quant

Baam headed over there in fear of her safety. When he arrived, he found Ho holding Rachel with a knife to her neck. He threatened to kill her unless Baam defeated Quant. Quant subsequently engaged in combat with Baam and immobilised him with shinsu. He whispered to Baam that if he could copy the paralysing flow, Fast Skip, he had just used, he could stop Ho long enough to rescue Rachel. Baam did this with relative ease, much to Quant's shock, and saved Rachel.

As Androssi emerges onto the scene, Baam utilises his newly acquired technique to help her successfully defeat Quant.

Submerged Fish

Afterwards, it was discovered that Rachel has lost the use of her legs, and so Baam asked Khun and Rak for help to carry her to the top of the Tower. Later that day Baam found out that he had passed the Position test. It was then revealed, that in order for Rachel to continue ascending the Tower, an Irregular would have to consult with the Floor's Guardian. Baam admitted to the congregation that he was an Irregular, playing right into Yu Han Sung's hands. After the results, all the participants who passed decided to side with Baam in his route up the Tower via Guardian-directed testing, despite the implications of helping an Irregular.

In the standby before the final exam on the 2nd Floor, Baam attended Ho's funeral and trained in hand-to-hand combat with Androssi.

Final Examination


Baam with Rachel before the Final Examination

The final exam, the Submerged Fish Hunt Test, involved Baam being encased within a large bubble alongside Rachel. In the aquatic environment, Baam felt strangely invigorated and empowered. As the timer on his Pocket indicated 13 minutes left, Baam talked to Rachel about her legs and their ascension up the Tower. Presented with the question of why she wanted to see the stars, Baam realised he did not know the answer. He expressed his happiness at being beside her again and how he had changed since he last saw her.

As the two were talking, they were interrupted by a dark projectile from the depths grazing the bubble containing them and were astonished to see that the Bull had found them. As it approached to devour them with its jaw stretched out wide, Baam summoned all his shinsu into one blast, that froze the Bull in place, allowing the bubble to drift on past it. The Bull started moving again, but Baam quickly killed it. As the Mangdol Madame appears, Baam went to share his happy victory with Rachel, until she unexpectedly stood up, with no trouble, and pushed Baam out of the bubble, saying; "I'm sorry Baam. Here, you need to die".

Epilogue, Rachel

Baam's "death" was reported to the group by Rachel, a story that all but confirmed when searches proved fruitless.

After the group that was guiding Rachel up the Tower had left, he was found alive at the bottom of the depths by Hwa Ryun and was convinced to climb The Tower with her.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Over the next six years, Baam was held in captivity by FUG, who planned to make him into a Slayer candidate due to his Irregular status. With FUG threatening to kill his friends (who were being tracked via the rings given to them by Yu Han Sung) unless he cooperated, Baam trained under Ha Jinsung, who quickly realized the boy's innate talent. Under the new identity of "Jyu Viole Grace", Baam returned to the Tower.

Last Chance

Jyu Viole Grace appeared on the 20th Floor, having defeated three Regulars when Ja Wangnan came in. He stayed idle until Hon Akraptor arrived, at which point he said that he would drop them all. Unleashing his new shinsu techniques, he made quick work of Kang Horyang and Akraptor and it was noted by Goseng that he wore FUG's feared "mark of the Slayer". He seemingly corned Ja Wangnan until the latter threw a cheap, non-shinsu bomb in his face. He was hurt by this and used a lobster-like skeletal technique to heal his wounds. At this point, the test ended and he went up to the next testing area by himself. Afterwards, he had a flashback to when Rachel told him the story of the man who built a tower to reach a star.

The Strongest Regular


Baam using his technique

The next test was a shinsu strengthening test (called World's Strongest Regular) which ranked each contestant with a strength score based on a shinsu reinforced strike on an arcade-like machine. Viole was the last person to take the test and seemingly ignored the other contestants boasts of strength. Viole used Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique on the machine (breaking part of it in the process) and scored 134,769 points to the amazement of everyone else present. Even more remarkably, he did not move his hand at all during the technique, signifying that his apparent mastery of the technique's power alone was enough to obtain his score without using any physical force.

As the winner of the Strongest Regular Test, he was ordered by Love to pick 7 other people to take the next test with him. Viole however, despite the pleas of Ja Wangnan and other contestants, declared that he won't choose any teammates and asked Love to have all of them fail the test, stating that none of the current contestants are qualified to be his teammates.


Viole confirmed that the symbol was not fake and that he was indeed one of the Slayer candidates of FUG, going so far as to state that he lived for the death of Zahard and his kin. Thus he could not choose any of them as he is their enemy. Love refused to change the rules, but agreed to bend them if Viole would enter a "game" with him. Viole went to his shared room with Yeon Yihwa, who mistook him for a girl. Viole went to the spas by himself until Prince and Rapdevil walked over and joined him. He ignored everything Prince was saying, but asked Rapdevil if he really beat Hatsu, which Rapdevil confirmed. Viole notes his interest in Rapdevil's abilities, as well as the Zahard symbol on Ja Wangnan's ring.

In his room, Yihwa asked Viole to change rooms, as she felt awkward about the man-woman arrangement. During the exchange, Viole said that he wasn't interested in her body, which greatly enraged her.

The Untrustworthy Room

During the night, Love announced the next test: "A Trustworthy Room" and called Viole down to fight him.

After listening to the rules of the test, Yihwa confronted Viole, pleading with him to select 7 teammates, fearing that he might kill Regulars otherwise. As he prepared to leave his room, Yihwa released her flames to fight him. However, Viole simply freezes her with shinsu and walked past her. As he walked out, he took the room's remote from her hands and apologised with a simple, "Sorry". Prince burst in and attacked him on his way out, but he was frozen and brushed aside.


Viole fighting Love

Viole decided to fight the Ranker, Love, instead of killing off the other Regulars. When Viole reached the men's bath, Love challenged him to catch a remote within three tries. The first time Viole simply stopped the remote in midair, despite its high speed, but the Ranker intervened and prevented him from catching it, causing a foul. The second time Viole simply used the remote as a diversion and directly attacked Love, who easily avoided the attack. A fierce battle ensued, during which Viole was overwhelmed by Love's powerful techniques, and lost the remote again. Love than explained his hatred of FUG and asked Viole to explain his motives, to which he replied that he has to find someone and simply prepared for the third round. This time, he unleashed his full arsenal, copying Love's techniques and turning them against him, although the Ranker still proved the be the stronger fighter. Impressed by his talent, Love offered Viole one more chance to pick teammates and leave FUG so his talent would not be wasted. Suddenly, Wangnan barged into the room and threw a chili powder bomb, which distracted Love long enough for Wangnan to take the connector. He asked Viole to help him defeat Kim Lurker in exchange for the remote.

The Preys

Viole accepted the offer made by Wangnan. As they rushed to the scene Viole suppressed Lurker and Yihwa, sparing Horyang from the attack. He managed to free Yihwa in no time from her marionette-like state by pulling out the creature inside and swiftly crushing it. Leaving Prince in Horyang's hands, he then accompanied Wangnan to Lurker's room to get him for all the misfortune he had caused. He stood back and let Wangnan handle Lurker. Apparently he was "tricked" by Wangnan into letting his team pass. Later on, he confronted Wangnan, asking him why he forgave Lurker. Wangnan replied that it was because he himself wanted to be forgiven. Viole was later seen looking into the sky in summer clothes.


Viole bought the best house on the 21st Floor for his team's use. Along with his willingness to do his share of the house chores, this endeared his team to him (except for Yihwa). When Viole went out to meet with someone, Yihwa followed him because of the violent rumours she had been hearing. Viole entered a karaoke bar and found a man impersonating him in order to extort money from the counter girls, one of which was Hwa Ryun. Viole scared them off by revealing himself as the real Jyu Viole Grace. Terrified, they ran off screaming and, alarmed by the screams,

He's so cute, Zahard's head will explode.

Yihwa ran in and accused Viole of acting maliciously. Ha Jinsung walked in and Viole knocked her out in order to protect her. They brought her back to their house and Hwa Ryun and Jinsung were introduced to Wangnan, Goseng, and Miseng. Viole left once Jinsung began to brag about what a genius Viole was to his teammates. Jinsung followed him to the roof, where he called him "Baam, the Irregular". Jinsung told Viole that since he first met him six years ago, he wanted Viole to be happy. Viole remembered his past, which overlapped with Hwa Ryun's revelation to Wangnan that "They know what is most important to Viole. As long as they have that in their hands, Viole cannot escape FUG". FUG had been controlling Viole by threatening him with the lives of his friends from the Floor of Test. Viole later had a chat with Wangnan on the roof, who apologised for thinking that Viole was a bad guy and referring to him as 'friend' for the first time.

Flower of Zygaena

Team Tangsooyook has entered the 21st Floor Test. Much to their surprise, the test administrator, Noma, told them the other team ran away in fear after hearing that Viole the Slayer candidate was in the other team. Noma declared that a special test has been set up for situations like this and took them to the middle of the sea. Viole appeared as amazed as the others at seeing the vastness of the sea and the animals living in the water. He seemed much more comfortable with the group now as he was seen carrying Miseng on his shoulders. Zygaena appeared and Noma told them they must retrieve a flower from inside its body, then suggested they split up into two groups. Viole, Yihwa, Prince, and Horyang formed one group while Wangnan, Miseng, Goseng, and Akraptor formed the other.

When Zygaena flipped its enormous body, it caused Viole's group to go underwater. Horyang, Prince, and Viole emerged from the water first thanks to Horyang's swimming. Viole stayed behind to wait for Yihwa while the other two went ahead. When Viole and Yihwa went in to look for the other two, Viole sensed an immense power and
Supreme King's Scorching Fist of Death

Viole faces off against Mazino

rushed forth. He found a man with red eyes confronting Horyang and Prince. Horyang told Viole that they should give up this time because he suspected the examiner set a trap to kill him for being a Slayer candidate. Viole refused and told them to run while he completed the mission. Horyang pleaded with Viole and reasoned that they can simply retake the test. The red-eyed man, Urek Mazino, prods at Viole's reasoning, to which Viole replied, "I have something I fear... more than death". Viole then manipulated shinsu around his arm. Urek flicked his hand and blew Viole's bangs away to get a better look at his face, remarking that his hair was girly but his eyes were worth seeing. He stood up and announced that he would play with Viole. Urek gave them enough time to gather and attempt to stop him from reaching Viole. Despite this, they failed to even make him flinch and he easily bypassed all of them. Right before Viole and Urek clashed, the baby Zygaena got between them with Miseng in hot pursuit of it. Viole shielded her with his body and got badly wounded, ending up unconscious for days. Urek was impressed with his courage and let Team Tangsooyook have a flower that popped up. After they passed the test, Team Tangsooyook resolved to help Viole meet with his friends.


Team Tangsooyook was taking the 28th Floor test against another team. They split up in order to separate the opposing team. After finishing off the majority of the opposing team they attempted to regroup. Viole found Wangnan again just as he was being attacked by Quaetro Blitz. They duelled with Viole's five baangs trumping Quaetro's three. The rest of Team Tangsooyook arrived, prompting Chang Blarode into forfeiting unless Viole agreed to duel him with the game on the line. Viole refused, stating that the match was meaningless. Chang gave a parting shot that Viole only fought weaklings. The winning team inserted the key and won the game, enjoying their prize (snacks). Goseng remarked on an interesting person she found on Box and the team was shocked to hear Horyang call the person "the Devil of the Right Arm".

Devil of the Right Arm

Viole Leaving

Viole going to save Horyang.

Horyang explained his past to the team and decided to leave to look for Beniamino Cassano by himself. Horyang fought with Viole before he left in order to confirm his suspicions of the red lobster-like thing inside Viole. Viole told him he did not know much of the thing inside him and that FUG did not share any of the information with him. Horyang said they were both victims and left to find Cassano by himself because he didn't want to involve his new family in his past. Viole failed to convince Horyang to stay.

Afterwards, he was brooding while the rest of the team got ready to meet Cassano and, later on, he saw how worried Miseng and Goseng were about Horyang. With this in mind, he resolved to bring Horyang back to the group. However, he was confronted by Akraptor, who told him that Horyang left of his own free will and Viole had no right to bring Horyang back. Viole calmly responded that he used to feel like Horyang and, if it were him, he would not want to leave. He then said that Horyang could be waiting for someone to save him. With that, he got on the team's second vehicle and left.

He arrived at Xia Xia's tent and asked for directions to Horyang. Xia Xia knew the way but offered to travel with him since her Lighthouse would make it easier for Viole to detect and destroy the traps, which Viole warily accepted. However, instead of leading him truthfully, Xia Xia attempted to delay him in reaching the hand but Viole quickly destroyed the traps and reached his destination. Noticing the injured Horyang, whom Xia Xia confirmed as being dead, Viole angrily attacked Ran and Novick, who claimed to have killed Horyang out of impatience to explain the situation to him in detail. After they were promptly defeated by Viole, Novick rephrased his previous statement and told him that Cassano was the one who killed Horyang. However, Xia Xia interrupted him and told Viole that she saw them killing Horyang through her Lighthouse and that he was lying, trying to buy time to recover. At this point, as Xia Xia suggested the killing of the two assumed
Viole grief

Viole grieving

perpetrators, Khun appeared at the scene, calling out his teammates' names, surprising Viole.

Suddenly, Xia Xia ordered them all to stop or she would blow up the whole hand. Viole was about to stop her when he saw a message on her Lighthouse, revealing her to be part of FUG. As she revealed him as a Slayer candidate who was about to kill Khun, Viole had no choice but to play the part. Suddenly, Ran and Novick acted and took the detonator away from Xia Xia, but Viole used the Lighthouses to stop them. He went with Xia Xia and said that if she ever played with his friends' lives like that, he would kill her. In response, Xia Xia blew up the Hand anyway, protecting and helping everyone escape, except for Khun who was still in the Hand when it exploded. Viole threw out his Pocket to Khun as a last attempt to help him as he was sealed inside the stone golem. Inside, Viole was shaken and bitter about the events that had just passed.


As Ran and Cassano attacked each other, he stopped them with Novick's techniques and told them on the Lighthouse to stop. He asked Xia Xia whether they could take on Ran and Novick, while sending a message to Ran's Pocket, telling him that he wasn't their enemy and that Khun was still alive. Both parties agreed warily. In FUG's headquarters, he was approached by Reflejo, who apologised for their rough actions. He merely replied that it was because he showed weakness and he left. Afterwards, he and the rest of his team passed the 29th Floor test with flying colours.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

Blue dog shield

Blue Dog's shields

He was looking down from his balcony when Ran and Novick came up to him and asked him to remove their cuffs. He ordered Reflejo to do so. After avoiding Novick's questions, he watched them leave. That night, he was looking out from his balcony again and saw the Traveller being chased by two Tournament Patrols. He helped the Traveller, but unknowingly brought out a Lv.30 Tournament Patrol, Blue Venom. They ran to area D-52 where they set up a bomb to trap Blue Venom. They were still setting it up when the One Shot, One Opportunity game started.

One Shot, One Opportunity

The two of them had just finished installing the bomb when Blue Venom came. They tried to blow it up but it used its shield to block the explosion. It was about to attack them when Androssi suddenly appeared and kicked the robot, destroying it in one hit. Viole got up, only to find Androssi pointing her gun to his head. After a brief skirmish with the Princess, Viole obtained his gun for the game and fled the scene along with the Traveller. Later, after they had escaped, the Traveller dismissed Baam being Viole as he seemed to be a nice person and bade him farewell, hoping that they would meet again on the Archimedes. Viole was left wondering if something big would happen soon and decided that he should return to his team. He made contact with Xia Xia, who informed him that they were being attacked by Anak Zahard. Viole rushed over, stealing bullets from those who attacked him along the way. He arrived in time to stop Ran and Anak, sending both of them up. Viole then asked Novick for a favour and set off the save Yuto from Leesoo and Vespa. He attempted

Viole hides his identity from Leesoo

to peacefully resolve the situation but Leesoo was unwilling to give up his vengeance and sealed Viole's shinsu via Verdi's octopus shinheuh. He had Aleksai Amigochaz and Vespa attack the weakened Viole. Yuto jumped in to protect Viole but ended up poisoned, causing Viole to use the Fake Thorn to defeat Amigochaz and Vespa. Leesoo was unwilling to back down, but Viole threatened Amigochaz's life. Leesoo then agreed to Viole's terms and left. Novick arrived after completing Viole's favour of sending Reflejo up and commented on how Viole will become broken if he kept this up. Viole replied that it didn't matter as long as he was the only one since he had given up on living.

Battle x Gamble

Jyu Viole Grace arrived on the Archimedes and took up residence there with his team. His match in the Plug Test was highly anticipated by other Regulars, although he was told by Novick and Ran to "take it easy". As his match began, a group of Regulars attempted to gain his favour by defending him while he put his plug inside. However, Viole became enraged and, after telling them that he was "not a machine for granting wishes", he fought and defeated all of them.

Afterwards, he retired to his room to find Beta waiting for him. After hearing himself referred to as a "living weapon", and being told that he could be permanently bound to someone else, Viole was told to consult Emile for the truth. He asked Emile what the prize for the Workshop Battle would be, only to discover that it was himself.

The Truth


Rak and Viole embrace.

After attending the party for a short while, he leaves to find Beta and shakes off his pursuer before doing so. Viole finds him next to where he entered information into Emile, as Viole deduced that it would be the most suitable place for Beta to watch over the location typed into Emile. He wanted to ask about the Thorn, but Beta told him that what was in him was just a replica. Beta then informed Viole of the possibility of stealing the True Thorn. Viole then returned to his quarters where he heard Androssi, Rak and Yihwa. He attempted to run away, but ran into Parakewl and was caught by Rak, who embraced him. Viole told them that he could not rejoin them yet and the group left quickly when Reflejo arrived. Viole told him that nothing had happened and later thanked Novick for buying him time by distracting Reflejo. He resolves to leave the FUG team during the next round of the Workshop Battle.


During the tournament where FUG's Workshop Battle team faces Team Mad Dog, Viole entered the chamber of the Thorn alone. While in the chamber he encountered Beta who explained to him the origins of the "Thorn that could kill Kings" and what FUG planned to do with it. Beta soon began to vent his anger about Living Ignition Weapons and Emile, and threw the blame onto Viole and lunged at him. He successfully managed to wound Viole who was being restrained by a shinsu restraining trap and pushed him into the deep pit where the Thorn resided.


Throughout the Thorn arc, Viole remained chained inside the infusion chamber despite all of his attempts to break free. During his captivity, he was visited by Reflejo who explained that he'd planned to melt Viole into a weapon all along and offer it to his master, Karaka. Viole became worried that if he were to remain trapped there, the lives of his friends would ultimately be in danger and so he resolved to escape with his own strength, even if it meant staining his own hands with blood. Though thanks to Hwa Ryun's exploits, when the process between the Fake Thorn which acted as a container, had reached its final stage, Viole absorbed the True Thorn as well, becoming its wielder as originally planned.



Viole defeating the Blue Titan

After obliterating the Blue Titan with a single beam of shinsu, Viole was reunited with Novick, Horyang and Hwa Ryun and made his way towards the item shop's summoning pool, confronting more Workshop patrol units, Varagarv's Shadow Wolves and breaking Ron Mei's Lighthouses.

He reached his destination and got into contact with Wangnan and Khun, but his happiness was short-lived - Wangnan was soon stabbed by Beta. Despite the circumstances, Viole's friends managed to outwit Beta and destroy Medina, earning enough points for Viole's summoning to commence.


Viole battled with an enraged Beta but managed to overpower him with the support of Khun and Yihwa. After Workshop guards appeared, and are subsequently eliminated, Lero-Ro revealed himself to everyone. Suddenly Viole received a message from Reflejo from Hwa Ryun's Pocket, telling him to begin the final round.

Viole engaged Reflejo in a vicious battle, coming to a disadvantage when flow control had no effect and his weakness, being his desire to protect his friends, was used against him. Khun and Rak reclaimed the hostage while Viole recovered and, along with the Thorn awakening, he was able to seemingly deal the finishing blow to Reflejo. However, Reflejo revealed that he'd planned to melt everyone present in the cave, along with himself as well and he destroyed the exit as the solvent was being poured into the area. Androssi arrived just in time to teleport the group out via Bong Bong and yet another surprise awaited them. Despite being confronted by a FUG Ranker, Viole and his friends were able to escape safely thanks to Gustang's behind-the-scenes interference.


Baam's haircut

The escaped group rested at one of Wolhaiksong's resorts and Androssi did not pass by the chance to finally get her date. A few days later, Viole was seen talking with Khun and Rak, finding it a shame that they had to separate with Leesoo's group so soon. Viole and a few other members of Team Tangsooyook were called by Goseng where they learned of Horyang's condition after his half of the devil was forcefully taken by Cassano. They now set their destination for the Hell Express where Hwa Ryun told them that they'd be able to meet Cassano once again and retrieve Horyang's devil, thus reviving him. As Viole watched Leesoo's team leave for their D-rank test, he cut his hair for the first time in 7 years, signifying that he was leaving behind his identity as FUG's Slayer candidate.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


Yeon Yihwa went to the balcony to call Baam to a meeting where the team would decide what to do next. Baam told Yihwa that he was looking at the sky and thinking of the endless skies some people say there was. At the meeting, the team decided to try to board the Hell Train in a year. The Hell Train departed from the 35th Floor and stopped at several stations until reaching the 43rd Floor, its final stop. To ride on the train, they needed one of a hundred Express Ticket, something which couldn't be bought and had to be stolen from someone else instead. Hwa Ryun then said that it would be impossible for them to hold on to their tickets with their current levels. She told them to separate from Baam so they could get stronger without his help. Khun would be the leader of the new team while Rak and Baam would go up the Tower with Hwa Ryun. They separated with the promise to meet again in a year.

Revolution Road

On the train to the Hell Train station Train City, Boro, Felix, and Hanool Kang met Baam on another section of the train. He had knocked everyone unconscious and asked them if they had tickets to the Hell Train because he wanted to find people who he'd join the tournament with. The tournament was a thing that Emile had declared to happen for people who wanted tickets to the Hell Train. He then said that if he didn't stop them, everyone on the Hell Train would die. Their plan was to seize all the tickets, so they could steal the train since the number of tickets was limited. Boro decided to join Baam after hearing FUG was behind this. He got Hana Yu to join to make up the numbers needed. The arrived at the train station and went up to the residence to meet Baam's friends. At the residence, they were many people waiting to find someone who had a ticket so they could steal it for themselves. They went to Room 52 where Baam's friends were and met Rak and Hwa Ryun there. A special game was played and Ha Yura, a famous idol, appeared at the end of it. The tournament started and Baam's and Khun Ran's team both participated.

TOG angered baam

Enraged Baam

Baam's team was initially against Ha Yura's team. They decided to have bet with tickets on the line to see if Yura could get past Baam and vice-versa. Baam lost the first two times but managed to win the last time getting all the tickets. Yura escaped from the tournament revealing this was all to waste time so that Rachel's team could board the Hell Train. However, Baam chased her using the emergency maze with Hwa Ryun's help. Yura blocked their path by activating Mirotic, a train guardian, who was nearly invincible but they managed to defeat it. He tried to go up to the Hell Train but was blocked by Daniel and another of Rachel's teammates at the staircase. Hwa Ryun tried to help him but was unable to do so and got taken hostage by Angel. Baam got past Daniel and raced up the stairs to meet Rachel. He saw her and demanded an answer from her but she did not reveal her motives. Baam was enraged by Rachel's words and both he and Thorn went into a volatile state and he started attacking Rachel's allies. With Khun, Wangnan, and Yihwa having also appeared, in order to catch Rachel and Cassano respectively, Rachel escaped from Khun's trap and started to make her way to the Hell Train on top of the navigator. Baam tried to take down the navigator but Rachel pushed him away leaving him so shocked he passed out and began to free fall. He recalled part of his past with her and thought that his only desire had been to be with her up high in the sky.


Baam was first shown among the airship "Deokja" which was headed to the test area on the 36th Floor. He mentioned to Khun and the group that he had never heard of the Slayer candidate that Boro had mentioned. Baam mentioned he'd started having bad headaches, starting from a month ago after the incident on Revolution Road. A flashback started, involving Baam and his companions taking the test for the 35th Floor. He then revealed a voice was talking to him on that day, telling him to accept more power. He also revealed that he hadn't heard the voice since. While in thought, a Regular using a special Observer sneaked up on Baam, going for an easy kill, only for Baam's body to instantly react instinctively. As a second Regular came to help his teammate, Baam proceeded to knock him out in one punch without the Thorn, shocking his friends. After a similar treatment to a third Regular who appeared, Baam collapsed. Back in the present, he mentioned his head starting to hurt after the flashback, proceeding to collapse again. Waking up from the bed, Baam said he'd be ready for the test of the Floor, ignoring the protests of his teammates. During the match, he came up against a girl who looked remarkably like an older Xia Xia, who also mentioned that her family needed tons of money for an unknown reason. Dodging the girls' attacks, he proceeded to knock her out in one blow, before collapsing a third time.

As Baam slept, his teacher Ha Jinsung came to check on him, calling Baam his "cute pupil". He mentioned Baam had been overworking himself, due to the Thorn. He also mentioned Yu Han Sung had been pushing him too far. Baam woke up, overhearing his teacher's conversation with his friends. He told Jinsung that he'd get on the train and change everything back with his own power, which made Jinsung tell him that he wouldn't be leaving. As Jinsung talked to someone on his Pocket, he said he'd be taking Viole to the middle area of the Floor with him. Baam thought back to their conversation earlier as he recalled Jinsung saying he'd let Baam go if he "beat" him. Baam, along with Khun and Rak, approached Jinsung, which caused him to say that Viole should be resting. Baam replied that he'd be going to the Hell Train by defeating him. Jinsung then replied by asking if Viole was joking, as he started to walk towards him. As Baam and his companions turned around to run, Jinsung easily arrived in front of them. Khun told Baam to escape to the ship, which caused Baam to run off. Suddenly he heard his teacher's voice behind him, right before getting on the ship. Jinsung told Baam he was not getting on the train, no matter what. However, Baam then escaped via warp from Khun's Lighthouse, which landed them on another ship. After Baam got away, Jinsung proceeded to talk to an unknown person of FUG (presumably), mentioning Viole really was no match for the person on the Hell Train.

Wooden Horse

Baam rode along with Khun and company via a ship, which headed towards the 37th Floor station to board the Hell Train. After a sudden strike of lightning on the train and station via an unknown Khun Family member, Baam jumped out of the ship with Khun and Rak in tow. Arriving on the outer stairs of the train, he came face to face with an unknown white-haired boy. Wondering who exactly the odd boy was, Boro quickly shouted that it was Hoaqin, the other Slayer candidate of FUG. Baam wondered if Rachel was the one who "woke" Hoaqin up, before noticing Hoaqin about to attack Boro. He leapt over and blocked the Hoaqin's sword, surprising the other people watching on. Coming face to face with Hoaqin, he started to fight with the other candidate before being pushed back by Hoaqin's sword skill.


Realising he wouldn't be able to keep up for long, he decided to activate the Thorn and try to finish it with Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique. Failing to end it, Baam breathed heavily from being exhausted from the Thorn, still not fully used to its power. Seeing how Hoaqin knew about the Thorn, Baam wondered if FUG were purposely hiding him. Wondering exactly how he could get through the boy's sword, Baam thought how the "space" of the sword was controlled via shinsu. Realising he had put all of his friends in danger by bringing them here, he said to himself that he couldn't "fall alone".

Just then, an unknown person teleported everyone from the stairs outside the train into "Conductor's Office" in the Hell Train. The man mentioned they were both Slayer candidates, before introducing himself as Pedro, the "Conductor" of the Hell Train, a Ranker who followed the Slayer Karaka. Baam turned around and noticed Hwa Ryun, who was unamused that he had just noticed her. Pedro then mentioned that one of the candidates would be losing their title shortly, as only one could "keep it". Baam mentioned to Pedro that he gave away that title a long time ago, which caused Pedro to respond that he couldn't just give up being a Slayer candidate as he held all of FUG's hope on his back. Pedro then revealed that he had captured Baam's friends, forcing him to ultimately participate in the game between Slayer candidates. Pedro then told both candidates that they had exactly one month to prepare for the game.

A Month

Baam and his friends were teleported to "Stage 3" inside the train, starting their month-long preparation to reach the final stage. Pedro explained before they had been teleported that Baam and Hoaqin would be sent to different starting spots and that their battle would be in one month at "Stage 4" the 39th Floor stage test. He added that they would have to pass 3 types of tests on the train to get there—stage tests on every Floor of the train, the monsters that show up at night, and guardians placed in each room—finishing that if they failed any of them, all the hostages would die.

As they moved on, they encountered a strange train guardian who Sachi Faker called "Yokim". Before challenging the guardian, Hwa Ryun told the others not to interfere as this was a test for Baam only, before explaining her reasons to him. Baam quickly realised his wrongs after Hwa Ryun's scolding, comparing himself to Rachel for selfish actions. He started to fight Yokim head on, surprising Sachi with his skill. During the fight, Sachi and Boro analyse Baam's naivety, his perceived niceness, and his lack of "will to kill" towards his enemy with Sachi noting that in a month he'd never be able to defeat Hoaqin that way. Baam emerged victorious soon after, taking down Yokim.

As they continued on, Khun then asked Baam if he was alright, and he replied that it was nothing compared to what happened during his training with FUG. Sachi stopped Baam to inform him of their reasons for chasing after Hoaqin enlightening him to the main reason Daniel Hatchid was helping Hoaqin. They soon arrived at a warp panel inside the Hell Train, which Sachi mentioned will lead them to a train guardian but also potential rewards. Baam decided that it would be best to at least check out what the warp panel lead to. As they arrived via the panel, they landed in a "hidden room" of the train. Sachi was then caught off guard by the guardian in front of them, who he announced as the ""god" of the guardians".

Sachi explained the brevity and history of the famed "god" of guardians, mentioning to Baam that they should leave with Boro adding that it was truly dangerous and could kill them all. As the group turned around to move on, Baam stood still, looking at the guardian before mentioning he would like to challenge the "god" of guardians, surprising Sachi and Boro. As his friends told him he was being reckless, Baam answered that he had a "feeling" that he needed to do this, and he'd regret it if he didn't. As Baam stood in front of the guardian he thought to himself that he felt similar to Urek, but that Urek's power was much greater. As the "god" of guardians jumped down in front of Baam, he asked if he had also opened the "Door", which Baam replies he had. Attacking Baam suddenly, Hwa Ryun yelled at Khun to help, which caused Baam to yell back that it was alright. The "god" of guardians mentioned that he had a weird thing hanging around his shoulder. He then wondered if that was the reason Baam was different, but soon corrected himself noting that Baam was definitely different from the other Regulars he had encountered. He mentioned that Baam was the first he had seen that had opened the door since Zahard, the Great Warriors and Urek, but noticed that Baam was not as powerful as they were. He then mentioned that Baam needed "Revolution" and took him into a giant pot. He mentioned he had trained the Great Warriors in the "Rice Pot", and that they also went through "Revolution" to find their true self.

The "god" of guardians told Baam he must find his true self, otherwise, he would always be a burden to his friends. Explaining how Baam would find his true self, Baam found himself floating underwater (seemingly in his subconsciousness) wondering how long he'd been there, feeling like time never existed to begin with. Suddenly hearing a voice, Baam opened his eyes and came face to face with a strange monster. Baam asked if the monster was the one talking to him inside his head, which the latter says yes, and says he's "the power". The monster proceeded to try and tempt Baam with power, saying that Baam had enough potential to stand at the top, above every creature in the Tower, and become the "king". Outside of his consciousness, the "god" of guardians noted that Baam was being tempted by an enormous power, and that he couldn't become like Zahard. Inside of Baam's subconsciousness, the monster told Baam that the only way for him to be strong enough to protect his friends was by standing over everyone and becoming the king of them all. Baam mentioned that he didn't need such a power, that the power wasn't his "true" power and that the kind of power was only meaningful with someone under them as it was the power of "hatred and fear". He said that the power was not justified and that it was a false power. He then called the monster a "fake" and told him to show him his true power.

Waking up back in the Rice Pot, Baam told the "god" of guardians that he was not sure if he met his true self, but that it was a good experience nonetheless. The guardian mentioned how it had been 3 weeks, which caused him to panic and rush back out of the Rice Pot to get to the match in time. Yelling at Baam, the "god" of guardians said that he had only completed the first stage of "Revolution", which caused Baam to say he'd be back after the match. Baam then arrived at Stage 4 with his friends in tow, making a flashy last second entrance and surprising a certain person watching above.

The Dallar Show

Arriving at Stage 4 in time, Baam and company were faced off with Hoaqin and his group. After finally seeing Wangnan and his group again after Revolution Road, the director of Stage 4 announced that the game between the Slayer candidates was called “Dallar Show”. After hearing the rules of the game, Baam received his dallars along with his group. Pedro revealed to Yuri that Baam would become the worst enemy to the Princesses, as he was the one intended to slit the throat of Zahard.

In Round 1, Baam wished Khun luck in his match, watching on as he won with ease. For Round 2 of the game, the teams were split into groups of three as Baam was teamed up with Moontari and Hanool. The group suddenly ran into the enemy team, which made Moontari jump into a fight immediately. Moontari went on to tell Baam that he needed to save his energy for his fight against Hoaqin.

Watching on as Moontari fought, he noticed Yihwa in the background as she lost control of her flame, wondering if something had happened to her. Noticing that she was over her limit, he apologised to Moontari as he rushed forward, right before being stopped by Moontari being cut down by Buelsar Elliot, who revealed himself as one of the Mad Dogs of Yama, a Slayer of FUG.
He revealed that he came under his master’s orders to test if Viole was worthy enough to hold the title of “Candidate”. Baam then replied that Buelsar would be sorry for getting in his way, which caused him to unleash the Thorn, which broke Buelsar’s “Hell in the Cell”. Walking towards him, Baam had a flashback to the Rice Pot while talking to the monster. Remembering the monster's tempting words about power, Baam suddenly attacked Buelsar, shooting a shot of shinsu right into him. Going back to his talk with the monster, Baam said he’d take the power “overshadowing” the monster, which was a seemingly large yellowish ball of light. As Buelsar got back up to counter attack with his true power, he was defeated by Baam almost instantly.

After his battle, Baam immediately rushed to Yihwa who was falling down after using up her flames. Catching her, Baam took Yihwa down to ground level as he heard Buelsar call out to him, calling his power “amazing”. He mentioned he’d reveal who Hoaqin really was since Baam defeated him. He revealed Hoaqin was once a great Slayer called “White”, which caused Baam to panic and run off to find him before Hoaqin could find his other four "clones" in order to become whole again. Yihwa then asked if Baam was afraid, which caused him to look back and reply “Yes, and that’s why we must hurry and find him”. He soon arrived face-to-face with a now partially transformed Hoaqin. Baam then asked how he could’ve possibly lost his Slayer position, which caused Hoaqin to reply that he sacrificed an estimated billion souls for a spell to make himself stronger, but was defeated by a Princess of Zahard. He then told Baam that he doesn’t regret anything as sacrifices were normal to “higher beings”, and that his story would start again with killing Viole. Baam then replied that he didn’t understand him, but that he’d stop him no matter what, which caused Hoaqin to attack Baam with his family's unique sword style.

Dodging the attack, Baam proceeded to attack Hoaqin, but was unable to land a single attack. Being worn down from using the Thorn too much, the group decided a last-ditch plan to attack him, which failed even after Baam stabbed Hoaqin with the knife Wangnan had been using. The game suddenly ended as the Sweetfish reached the core, signalling the end of Round 2. As the group waited for Round 3 to start, Baam was reunited with Khun and his group as he explained everything that had happened. Before starting the final round, a strange white-haired girl who claimed to be Hoaqin’s final clone showed up. She teleported in front of Baam and mentioned he was too kind to be “roaming in the darkness”. After the final round started, the game was revealed to be called “Go to Hell” which required deciding how much dallars you want to spend on saving the hostages. Baam proceeded to spend 30 dallars as he went downward and rescued Prince.

After hearing Hoaqin’s cruel words, Baam became enraged and showed extreme bloodlust towards him. After saving Buelsar, he declared that he’d save every single person. Both Baam and Hoaqin dropped downwards, exchanging blows as they fought. Hoaqin eventually used one of his strongest Arie swordsmanship-inspired techniques, which caused his final clone to step in and deflect the attack.
The clone then appeared in front of Baam, telling him that they had chosen him to get their revenge on Hoaqin, which caused her to stab him through his gut with her sword. As the many vengeful spirits entered his body, the clone mentioned that he probably wouldn’t survive from this, but if he did, he’d obtain “enormous” power.

Getting up almost instantly afterwards, Baam described the power as “tremendous” much to the shock of the clone at him not dying from the aftermath. She mentioned that the power she just gave him was from all the souls Hoaqin sacrificed a long time ago. Appearing in front of Hoaqin, Baam got ready to drop down for their final duel, before landing his first blow on Hoaqin early on in the fight. Angry at the thought of Baam stealing “his” power, Hoaqin unleashed a flurry of attacks on him, none of which proved effective. Baam then formed a sword in his hands, saying that the sword was the fury of all the souls Hoaqin had sacrificed, then attacking him with his own sword style, further enraging Hoaqin. Baam then unleashed an extremely powerful attack with his sword that overwhelmed Hoaqin, who realised that he could not block this attack, ending the fight with Baam’s victory.

Baam took a seat after the victory, exhausted from the fight. The clone appeared in front of him and thanked him for getting vengeance for them on Hoaqin. A sudden panic spread as boiling acid filled the room, causing Ha Yura to teleport out with Hoaqin and Rachel in tow. Baam then rescued Khun from the acid, before looking for a way to escape. Khun looked over towards Hwa Ryun who was staring at a large pipe on the ceiling, which made him realise the direction she was guiding them to go. Climbing up towards it via Sachi’s Rose Vine, Baam encountered two familiar figures in Yuri and Evan who proceeded to save him and his friends from the acid.

Yuri then hugged Baam, telling him that he did a good job and to take a break.

Yuri Jahad

Baam began to explain to his friends that the woman in front of them was Princess Yuri Zahard, who he had mentioned to some of them before. After sitting down with Yuri, Baam began to discuss what had happened when he met Urek, and why he joined FUG. When Yuri heard the explanation, she mentioned that she would go back down to the Second Floor and get answers herself, which elicited Baam to persuade her not to.

When they mentioned they were going to the “Floor of Death”, Yuri started to panic and told Baam that he absolutely must not go there. She then mentioned that she’d only let them go if they passed her “Test” to see if they were capable. Baam and his friends faced off against the the Grey Guardian on the 38th Floor stage test, defeating him easily. Yuri mentioned it’d be hard to find anyone around his level nearby, which caused Evan to mention that the next Floor had a station with a very dangerous individual.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Baam and company passed the stage test for the 38th Floor, heading further up towards the station residing on the 39th Floor. Hoaqin’s final clone mentioned afterwards while staring at him that there was something odd about him, and pondered if it was because of the Thorn or something else entirely. Yuri mentioned that their task, in order for her to let them go to the Floor of Death, was for them to steal the name of “Kaiser” and bring it to her. As Baam was getting ready for bed, he realised that he was forgetting something, which lead him to go back down to the Rice Pot. As the "god" of guardians sent Baam back to his subconscious where he met the same monster as before, who mentioned Baam tried to kill him with the “Ball of light”. He further mentioned that Baam devoured all the souls that he absorbed with the “Light”. Baam arrived back with the group and decided to sleep, the monster’s words still echoing in his mind.

As they got ready to depart for the Name Hunter Station, Wangnan mentioned that he would be going off on his own, which Baam seemingly understood and didn’t argue further. Yuri mentioned that the train only had one day until it left again, giving Baam only 24 hours to collect Kaiser’s name. Baam arrived at the station, being announced as “Jyu Viole Grace” which shocked him that someone would know his other name. Xia Xia quickly arrived to greet Viole, mentioning that Androssi had lost her name to Kaiser and that they had a plan involving Baam to recover it. Giving Baam a wig that was identical to his old hairstyle, he put it on which proceeded to attract many fellow people who had lost their names on the station. They address Viole as “lord” as they begged him to liberate the station.

Arriving to meet Viole herself, Kaiser suddenly showed up and announced that she’d finish him right here and now. Dodging Kaiser’s attacks, Baam struck back using 7 baangs, only for Kaiser to remain unharmed due to her high-level Armor Inventory. As Baam brought out his Thorn, and Kaiser brought out her “secret weapon”, Androssi appeared and claimed that Baam was her boyfriend before escaping using Bong Bong. As Androssi tried to seduce Baam into helping her regain her name from Kaiser, Baam explained that he also needed Kaiser’s name to go to the Floor of Death. As Baam and his group left, he promised to himself that he’d find a solution to gain both Androssi’s name back and collect Kaiser’s name.

A little later on, Baam quickly learned that some of his friends had been captured and were to be auctioned off at the Gallery, which upset him deeply. As Baam arrived at the outer Gallery, he soon encountered one of the station's 10 Bosses, Yukan. Baam easily defeated him as he proclaimed that he was extremely angry, then stole Yukan’s name and forced him to tell him how to find Kaiser. Yukan then lead them to Kaiser’s right hand, Alphine.

Baam and his companions proceeded to defeat Alphine, and stole her name. After receiving directions to the gallery from Alphine, Baam and Khun rushed there to defeat Kaiser with Baam remarking that he didn't think Kaiser enjoyed taking part in the Name Hunt Station's workings. They soon ran into Leesoo who proceeded to blow up the escalator leading to the Gallery, saving them from being blown up themselves. Breaking through the wall at the back end of the Gallery using a floating platform, they encountered Kaiser and Baam declared that he would take Kaiser's name. Before the fight between the two began, Baam asked Kaiser to make a promise with him, which she accepted. Khun told Baam that all of the hostages had been rescued. Baam proceeded to activate the Thorn and declared that he would be using his full force in the upcoming fight.

As they fought, Baam showed off unseen moves that he learned from Yu Han Sung. Suffering numerous wounds from the fight, Baam started to lose blood rapidly before finally defeating Kaiser with Extreme Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique. Baam explained to Kaiser her wrongs as she lay defeated, before going into detail that he would buy her name, which was revealed to be "Elaine".


Baam locked himself in his room on the Hell Train, refusing to eat. Deciding he had to be stronger to protect his friends, Baam decided to go back to the Rice Pot for further training from the God of guardians. He immediately asks the God of guardians to train him to be a "god". After giving Baam a speech, God of guardians gives him one day to decide if he still wants to be trained or not. Meeting back up with Khun and the rest of his team, he decides on going through a month-long training session with the God of guardians.

After a month-long of training, Baam learns the technique Shinwonryu.

The Floor of Death

Moments before jumping to the Floor of Death, Yura appear in front of Baam's team in order to make a deal. Yura offered information about Wangnan's team whereabouts and the second piece of the thorn in exchange for safe passage to the Floor of Death. Baam's Team accepts this offer and Yura fulfills her part of the deal. This way, Baam learns that Wangnan's team was manipulated by Emily into leaving the train and that Cassano betrayed Rachel's team and left to save Horyang. The information Yura had about the second piece of the thorn was "Find the house where the Princess of the deep-colored sea lives and ask her for it." and "The place where three waterfalls flow, if you go there and follow the red light, you will reach the place with the thorn fragment.". After receiving the information from Yura, Khun hesitates to let her go, to what Baam opposes. Karaka appears behind them and takes Yura and Wangnan, not before making an attempt on Baam's life, to what Baam responds with a Baang of his recently learnt Shinwonryu, he gets saved by Evan's Adam's Glove. Evan, after saving Baam, realises that Baam's Baang was slowly making Karaka's shinsu disappear.

After dealing with Karaka, Baam jumps into the Floor of Death, and not long after entering the floor, Baam gets a familiar feeling, claiming that it feels like he once lived in that place for a long time, and sees a light which he follows. While following the light, Baam gets caught in a different current with Hockney and ends up separated from his team and unconscious.

Baam and Hockney are received by Mata, an old friend of Hockney back from when he lived in the Floor of Death. Baam wakes up when Mata and Hockney are in front of the Final Gatekeeper. The Final Gatekeeper founds out about Baam and Hockney and demands their souls. When the Soul Eater extracts Baam's soul, several souls come up instead, surprising everyone. Baam offers to give his own soul to the Soul Eater and asks to keep the other souls, request that is denied by the Final Gatekeeper, who proceeds to attack Baam in order to test him. Baam destroys the Bamboo Spears created by the Gatekeeper, and just as the Gatekeeper decided to not let Baam enter the Floor, he received an order from Garam Zahard to let him pass alive. Garam starts mobilizing to meet Baam while remembering Enryu, comparing Baam's powers to him's. The Gatekeeper lets Baam enter for a period of one week, saying that if they stay more than that time with their souls, they will become prey for the dead.

Garam intercepts Baam and takes them to the North City to talk. After reaching their destination, Garam and Baam have a private talk, where Garam reveals that she's hiding from the Empire because she learnt too much about Zahard and about Baam's existence. Garam warns Baam that she can only tell him a part of his story.

Garam reveals that Po Bidau Gustang proposed to select outstanding female children to turn them into Princesses with Zahard's blood. This way, Princesses would compete with each other to find Zahard's wife, whoever collects all the 13th Months, will be selected as Zahard's wife.

Baam learns that the name of the woman that brought him into the world is Arlen Grace and that this person was a part of the Great Warriors that once climbed the tower with Zahard. Garam tells Baam that she has Arlen's pocket in her possession, and that pocket has all of Arlen's story. From the beginning, Zahard had a crush on Arlen, but Arlen's heart belonged to V, another Irregular that entered with the Great Warriors to the Tower. Once Zahard informed that he was going to stop climbing, both Arlen and V criticized him, expressing that they wanted to keep climbing the Tower.

After becoming King, Zahard proposed to Arlen, but she was already engaged to V. Arlen ran away with V, and together they formed an organization opposed to Zahard, the organization had as a goal to steal the key that Zahard had. During the war, Arlen and V had a child, a child that was killed by Zahard after hearing the rumors that Arlen was pregnant. As a consequence of this, Arlen tried to commit suicide several times, but she was already immortal so she wasn't capable of dying. Somehow, V didn't make the immortality contract so he was able to kill himself, as he left a note to Arlen saying "Forget everything, return to your companions and live happily". Arlen wandered the tower alone trying to find a way to get out, carrying with her the body of her child with a spell to prevent from rotting. She believed that there was a way to resurrect the child if she could make it outside. The last thing on Arlen's diary is that she found a way to get out of the tower. Arlen then offered the child's body to the Outside God with hopes that someday the power of this God would enter his body and resurrect him, and at some point, that child would enter the tower again and find vengeance for V and finish the war. Arlen predicted the appearance of Enryu leaving the thorn.

Garam, after telling Baam about his past, tells him that the second fragment of the thorn is in the Spirit Room, a place where all the souls of the inhabitants of the Floor of Deaths are stored. She tells Baam that the rulers of the North City will test his powers, if he passes, they will give him the thorn fragment. After saying all she needs to say, Garam gives Baam Arlen's pocket and tells him to go to where De Sah is.

Baam arrives at De Sah's palace and feels the thorn's fragment. Just before entering, Rachel appears and tells Baam to give up. She tells Baam that he should leave because Karaka and White will arrive any minute. Baam doesn't listen to Rachel and decides to go anyways, saying that he has a reason, Rachel follows Baam asking to know what the Princess has said to him, and Baam tells her about Arlene Grace. Baam decides that he will climb the tower to find a real paradise for everyone, a place where everyone can be happy. After entering to the palace, Baam's group gets welcomed by the Lord of the North City, after seeing Hockney's eyes, Grand de Sah decides to give Baam a chance since she was prophesied that her eyes will bring back the saviour. Rachel demands to take the test too, since she's also worthy, a thing that Baam agrees on. De Sah asks them to punish Hell Joe and bring back his brother De Jah as a test. Grand De Lee reveals to Baam and Rachel the true nature and abilities of Hell Joe, showing them how hard is the test that De Sah gave them.

Grand de Lee opens a gate to Hell Joe's castle and both Baam and Rachel go, along with Hockney and Mata. Once inside the castle, the group confronts Hell Joe's lacays, after attacking Mata and immobilizing him, Baam attacks the lacay and kills him, surprising everyone in the room. While running through Hell Joe's castle, Baam spots Yuri fighting against Garam, that was trying to purge the Spirit of the 13th Months from her. Baam rushes to her and as soon as Baam makes contact with her, Yuri comes back to her senses. Hell Joe attacks them and they leave. Once they are out of Hell Joe's sight, Baam tells Garam that De Sah asked him to stop Hell Joe as a test. The fight resumes after Hell Joe finds them, after exchanging attacks, Hell Joe uses the Zero Area and let everyone without the ability to manipulate shinsu. At this point, Baam is the only person able to manipulate shinsu besides Hell Joe.

Using Hockney's eyes, they elaborate on a plan that would lead to finding a way to defeat Hell Joe. This way, Baam and Garam go to different paths. While Baam's group faces Hell Joe, Garam goes to find the person that will help them. This person appears to be Urek Mazino, who rushes to help Baam as they were about to get hit by one of Hell Joe's attacks. Regardless, Urek can't use shinsu, so Baam has to act as his transport. With the help of Hockney's eyes and Baam's Blue Orb, they are able to dodge Hell Joe's attacks and go to a place where nobody would get hurt due to the fight. Urek reveals that he has a drug that will separate Hell Joe from the Red Thryssa, and the only thing that he needs is to get close to him, this drug appears to be discovered in a secret lab where the Workshop operated with FUG.

After exchanging some hits, the Red Thryssa decides to suck up all the shinsu, an action that forces Baam to try to stop his control over the shinsu, given that his friends would die if they lose more shinsu. While doing this, the Red Thryssa senses a colossal soul inside of Baam, and after taking a close look, he senses the power of an Administrator inside of Baam. Urek appears and tells Red Thryssa that the drug was already on his system, so Urek finishes the fight. No long after dying, the Red Thryssa starts to explode. Given that Urek can't use shinsu, it's up to Baam to create a window on the Red Thryssa's control over the shinsu, to allow Urek to create a Baang and kill the remainings of the Thryssa.

Once back with his companions, a chain of events lead to Baam meeting Po Bidau Gustang, a person that claims to know his mother and father, and has a particular request in exchange of the thorn fragment. Gustang asks Baam to retrieve an item from the Hidden Floor, and if Baam gets it, he will unlock the fragment of the Thorn for him.

New Power

One hour after leaving the Floor of Death, Baam has a talk with Urek Mazino. Yuje informs Baam that he had found Yeon Yihwa and Danwha, but had no luck with Rak Wraithraiser, after hearing this, Khun tells Baam that if both Yihwa and Danwha are alive, then Rak must be too, and Baam agrees.

Given the events, Urek asks Baam if he's from The Outside, after thinking about what to answer, Baam says that he is from the outside, but he knows nothing about it since he was always inside of a cave. After hearing that from Baam, Urek tells him that he should not pay attention to all the things he heard on the Floor of Death in order to not lose himself.

Once everyone goes to their rooms to rest, Baam has a private talk with Khun where he tells him everything about the Hidden Floor and Gustang's favor. They both agree that they shouldn't tell Sachi and Boro, in case they wanted to keep their memories of their stay at the Hidden Floor. Khun decides to go talk with Poro Poe, given that he is a train administrator and might know something about the Hidden Floor's entrance, Poe informs Baam that he has to go to the "Room of time past" to enter the Hidden Floor.

After leaving Poro Poe's room, Khun asks Baam how is he feeling after the fight and getting the second fragment of the thorn. Baam says his body is fine, and that he's thinking about a fair method to decide who should have the thorn; whether it is him or Rachel. After this, Baam shows Khun the new power he acquired after defeating the Red Thryssa by creating a Baang far away, saying that he's now able to create Baangs of shinsu from far away and read situations more clearly.

Baam visits Rachel at her room and tells her that he will make a bet with her, and after informing her of the Hidden Floor and Gustang's favor, Baam explains that the one that gets the item that Gustang wants will be able to keep the thorn fragment. After leaving Rachel's room, Baam notices that he has his cheek cut and bleeding.

Baam reunites with the people that will go with him to the Hidden Floor and they head together to the "Room of Time Past". Baam's team fight off the guardian and the minions protecting the room and finally get to enter, but they have to wait till the time the door opens.

Once the door is open, Baam's group surprises Karaka, that was waiting inside of the room. Karaka attacks Yuri, and Baam hurries to save Miseng that was captured by the slayer, but just when Baam gets close to Miseng, Karaka appears behind him ready to take him when a glowing light appears and sends them to the Hidden Floor.

The Hidden Floor


The Hidden Hidden Floor


Khun Eduan


Jahad's Data










Three Orders


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station





New Wave


Tower of God: Part 3

Deng Deng


Baylord Yama


Stealing the Fang




Baylord Doom


Stealing the Fang 2


King of the Dogs


Khel Hellam




The Wall of Peaceful Coexistence


The Wall with a Sleeping Forget-Me-Not


Kallavan vs White




The Nest


The Intrusion


A Rough War


VS. Kallavan



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