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Stars, thrones, skies, the Outside World, I don't need any of those things. But if someone tries to hurt someone precious to me, I will fight.

—Jyu Viole Grace to Urek Mazino[14]

Twenty-Fifth Baam (스물다섯번째 밤, Seumooldahseotbeonjjae Bahm; "Twenty-Fifth Night") or simply Baam for short, is an Irregular and the main protagonist of Tower of God. Baam entered the Tower in search of his best friend Rachel, another Irregular,[15] who wanted to climb to the top of the Tower and see the stars. Prior to passing Headon's test, he was deemed worthy of climbing the Tower. Before ascending, however, Baam is required to pass the Testing Floors (starting at Floor 2) which are there to weed out anyone that could be harmful to the Tower, and he puts together a strong team in the process. After later being forcibly recruited into FUG, Baam joined Team Tangsooyook and managed to escape from FUG's clutches, eventually reuniting with his old friends and teammates. Due to his affiliations with FUG, he also goes by the name Jue Viole Grace[16] (쥬 비올레 그레이스, Jyu Biolle Geuleiseu). After the battle of the last station, he decided to return to FUG in order to become more powerful to track down Kallavan and prepare for the war against his army.

He is currently on the 52nd floor with his team.

Notes and Trivia

  • In Korean, the word "Baam" has two meanings: one is "Night" and the other "Chestnut." The latter meaning is highlighted by Headon, who abbreviates his name to Baam, joking, "It has become a tasty name!",[17] and the Second Floor Guardian who tells Baam, "You... look tasty".[18][19]
  • The name "Twenty-Fifth Baam (25th Baam)" was given or told by Rachel.[2]
  • Baam’s birthday and age are classified based on setting. SIU said; If you still want to celebrate, just celebrate my birthday instead (SIU’s birthday is May 29th). There is actually no way to find out his age.[2]
  • He goes under the alias Jue Viole Grace in Volume 2. It was first speculated that he might have been adopted by the leader of FUG, Grace Mirchea Luslec, but it's not confirmed. After he meets Garam Zahard on the 43rd Floor, she tells him that his name comes from his parents -- "Grace" from Grace Arlen and "Viole" is probably from V.[20]
  • SIU has stated that the origin of the name "Viole" came from color "Violet".[21]
  • Because of his status as a Slayer Candidate, Baam has financial backup from FUG up to the point where it can surprise many Rankers. It has been exemplified by Ha Jinsung buying Lo Po Bia Elaine for an unthinkable sum even for Great families' financers.[22]
  • He is apparently a great cook, having to cook for himself and Yeon, with Wangnan even calling him a super chef. His best dish is cream spaghetti,[23][24] which happens to be a dish Endorsi ordered before the Submerged Fish Test.
  • Surprisingly, Viole's clothes are all picked by Ha Jinsung. He is troubled by the fact that Jinsung sends him clothes every season.[23][24]
  • According to Hwa Ryun, it is thanks to Ha Jinsung that FUG gives some freedom to Baam.[25]
  • After the 28th Floor test, Viole buys junk food items for Team Tangsooyook. However, he has to eat them in secret or else Goseng will confiscate them since they're unhealthy. As a result, Viole has become a "black market" supplier and is very much loved by Miseng and Prince.[26][24]
  • He is ambidextrous, but was taught to use his right hand more.[27]
  • SIU stated that both he and Rachel know many secrets about the Outside.[28]
  • He is the once-dead son of Grace Arlene, who was later brought back to life by an "Outside God".[20] This was revealed by Garam Zahard on the 43rd floor using Arlen's pocket as evidence, a fact confirmed later by one of the 10 leaders, Poe Bidau Gustang,[29] and Zahard himself.[30]
  • Among his core team (himself, Khun Aguero Agnis, and Rak Wraithraiser), he was only shown with the shape of his shinsu when using the clickers. The others were shown the quality and shape.[31]
  • He usually doesn't eat anything salty, and he can't eat foods that are raw, such as sashimis.[32] He likes eating cooked Korean foods and Eastern food.
  • SIU has stated that he had the highest level of combat skill other than Endorsi and Sachi in team Baam.[33]
  • His character concept is a boy who clings to a girl to a point over normal.[34]
  • Since Tower of God is based on the Shōnen genre, it will have Baam's internal and external growth in the spotlight. Baam will realize his powers and advance farther as he climbs the Tower. That is the main attraction of Shōnen. But unlike Shōnen, Baam does not push his 'justice' and 'friendship' on others. His powers are not used for something like that.[35]
  • SIU has stated that Baam is very strong against Spells. What kind of secret there is, we will find out later.[36]
  • SIU thinks that if there was a female character that Baam would hate, it would probably be the female equivalent of Yu Han Sung.[37]
  • Baam has been noted by the God of Guardians to be similar to Zahard in his younger days, as he noted on how his conviction to gain power was similar to Zahard's own desire for power.[38] However, GOG revealed that though they both sought power to make people happy, Baam differed from Zahard in that he only wanted power to stay by the side of his friends while Zahard wanted power to stand above others.[39]
    • SIU even joked on his similarity to Zahard as a young man, stating how Baam and Zahard in his younger days would get along pretty well, but their relationship now is effectively ill-fated and antagonistic.[40]
  • Baam is currently the only Regular strong enough to fight a Ranker and win and the only two Regulars in history to achieve that feat, the other being Adori Zahard. However, he was able to accomplish this as only a C-Rank Regular whereas Adori only defeated a Ranker as an A-Rank Regular.[41] Additionally, unlike Adori, who was only ever known to beat a single Ranker as a Regular, Baam has faced and defeated 4 Rankers (The Ranker sent at him by the Great Priest, Baylord Paul's Ranker, Daleet, although in Daleet's part he had help from Khun and Rak, and finally Test Ranker Pan) and has even fought against a High Ranker (Gado) and held his own.
    • Due to Baam's official victory over the Test Ranker Pan, he is now universally negatively viewed by Rankers, who are angry at him for making the Tower look down on them.[42]
  • Baam's fighting stance - palms flat or forming a fist, could indicate his state of mind or intention. In self-defence, flat palms indicates a defensive stance, showing Bam's unwillingness to fight and hurt others unless necessary, such as in early Season 2 and during his fight with Daniel. On the other hand, forming a fist indicates that a person goes from defensive to offensive, that the person no longer intends to just defend, but also to harm, like when he faced Zahard (data). [43]



  • (To Ship Leesoo) "My name is Twenty-Fifth Baam. For short you can just call me Baam. Even if you tell me to introduce myself, there's not much to say. I don't have parents... or a home... a single set of dirty clothes is all I have. I always thought that I might die alone without ever being able to do anything... But now- I have friends. Thank you."[44]
  • (Response when put in a danger of death situation) "There is something I fear more than death."[45][46]
  • (To Yu Han Sung) "If Rachel isn't up there, that place is nothing more than a pile of garbage. No matter what's up there, that won't change. You told me that being like I am is strange, but to me, you're a person who can't even find a single thing that's precious within that huge pile of garbage."[48]
  • (To Androssi Zahard) "If I must fight, I will fight to protect what is precious to me."[47]
  • (To Hwa Ryun) "What's this rising emotion from my heart... I'm not sure... I have to find out...! Why... Rachel... betrayed... ME...!!"[49]


  • (Denying the requirement of team members on the 20th Floor) "I am Jue Viole Grace, one of the Slayer candidates of FUG. Zahard and their kin... I live for their death. That is why none of you can become my teammate. I am your enemy."[50]
  • (To Yeon Yihwa) "There is no way that everyone can be happy. It's only possible that someone will be happy."[51]
  • (To Urek Mazino during the Flower of Zygaena Test) "Stars, thrones, skies, the outside world, I don't need any of those things...
    But if someone tries to hurt those that are precious to me, I will fight."[52]
  • (To Ha Jinsung) "I want to be strong. So that I don't have to say goodbyes anymore. How strong do I have to be not to lose any more friends? I don't want to say goodbyes anymore."[53]
  • (To Novick) "Even if I end up broken, if I can protect everyone else, I will do it. If I can do that, it doesn't matter if I break one day. Besides, I lost my reason to live a while ago."[55]
  • (To Xia Xia) "I'll go with you. But if you try playing with my friends' lives like this again... I will kill all of you."[56]
  • (To the false Followers) "What is the meaning of this? I will win with my own power. Don't just make me your god at your own whim. I am not some kind of convenient machine that makes your wishes come true. (After attacking one of the fake followers) Now am I still your god since I am no longer a convenient tool to you?"[57]
  • (Thinking to himself while watching the other Regulars fight) "They're all fighting for something. They all pray for a certain wish, they fight, they battle and they desperately gather. If so, why have I come here? What do I want? What did I come here for? Rachel... where are you now?"[58]
  • (To Hwa Ryun, Kang Horyang, and Novick) "Even if things get difficult, I have people I have to be with. So, no matter what comes my way, I will go back to where I belong."[59]
  • (To Beta while fighting him) "Why did you attack my friends? They have nothing to do with you. You are nothing but a twisted one. You didn't hate me because you wanted to revenge. You just needed someone to hate."[60]
  • (To Beta) "I was trapped in darkness for a long time after I was born. I followed my only light and I came into this Tower. All those people I met here, the memories I shared with them, they are my precious ones I have had for the first time of my life. I have tried so hard to protect them. They are mine."[61]
  • (To Reflejo while fighting him) "That's right. I'm not your God. Your God is an illusion made by your weakness."[62]
  • (To Reflejo while fighting him) "Calling me your God. Praying as you please. Denying as you please. I quit!! I'm not your God anymore!!"[62]
  • (To Yeon Yihwa) "Looking at the sky. Someone say outside of this Tower, beyond that ceiling, there is something called the 'Sky' exist. An endless sky and the shining stars up there. I wonder what is like. That is what I was thinking while looking up the sky."[63]
  • (To his power) "But the power that you are talking about is not that power. The power you are talking about is not my true power. The power you are talking about is meaningful only if "I have someone under me". The one who had locked me up in a cave for such a long time must have done it thinking something like that. But I don't need such power. The power that gives one pleasure by having someone under you. The power that calls for hatred and fear cannot be justified. That is a false power. Please show me my true power now. You are fake.[64]
  • (Talking to himself before fighting Yokim) "I was just like Rachel. Because of my greed to chase her, I have put everyone in danger. And didn't even think about my dear friends getting hurt. Now that I have come to my senses and thought about it, things have turned out like this. I'm no different from Rachel. I almost abandoned the precious people around me just for my own goals. This fight.. I must put end to it with my own hands."[65]
  • (To his power) "There is something I realized after coming into this Tower. Those who try to step someone else and go up higher are actually only running away from some fear that they cannot see. Trying to step over someone is a cowardly action. It means you are not confident enough to face the opponent and speak to them with the same viewpoint. It doesn't matter how much power I have in me. I don't want to become such a cowardly person. I will fight and get hurt in order to survive. At least at the same place with everyone else by using that power that's taking over you."[66]
  • (To Hoaqin) "How can you be so full of it even after killing all of those people. I really don't understand you. I have no need for a slayer candidate position, and I don't need great power either. But regardless of everything else, I can never set a demon like you loose in the world again. I'm going to stop you, no matter what it takes."[67]
  • (To Hoaqin before saving Buelsar Elliot) "Take that back.. The thing you said about him being dispensable for your victory. Take it back. At least he fought for you. He put his life on the line to fight for a piece of trash like you!!"[68]
  • (To Hoaqin) "Beliefs don't matter! All I want is to save the person in front of me! To save those I want to save. I don't need your grand purpose or calculation!"[69]
  • (To Hoaqin) "You are just total trash. How can you justify other peoples suffering and sacrifice like that?! You are just rationalizing yourself with a flimsy excuse! No one in the world deserved to be sacrificed for you!!"[70]
  • (To Hoaqin) "I'm going to save everyone. Everyone here!! I'm going to save them and return home!! I won't let anyone here be sacrificed for your victory!! Because no one deserved to be sacrificed for the likes of you!!"[70]
  • (To Hoaqin) "Real sacrifice is nothing like the one that you are talking about! Sacrifice is when you put your own life on the line to save the ones you love! It's far more meaningful and noble than what you are saying!! So there is absolutely no reason for anyone here to be forced to sacrifice themselves for you!! You are wrong!! I'm going to save everyone here and make you lose!!"[70]
  • (To Hoaqin while fighting him with the power of souls) "No, it's not your power. This is hatred towards you, created from each and every person that you sacrificed! This is their blade pointed at you and your arrogance! This is the power created by the people you tormented and killed!"[71]
  • (To Ha Yuri Zahard) "There are a lot of people in FUG who lost things that meant a lot to them because of Zahard and the Ten Families. If you attack them right now, the situation will get completely out of hand. I'm going to resolve my personal resentment myself. I think the most important thing is to stop resentment and hatred from repeating like this."[72]
  • (To Khun Aguero Agnis) "I'm not sure either what this power is or what I am. But now I have started to wonder if I have been using this power without consideration. This power that I can't even begin to comprehend. Just to protect the people around me. But I think now is the time for me to look for my own answers. I also want to find out too, about my true self."[73]
  • (To Khun Aguero Agnis) "If this power were the power to makes everyone happy. If I was meant to be someone like a God who could make everyone happy. How wonderful it would be if I could make everyone's dreams come true? That is what I was thinking."[74]
  • (To Yukan) "I'm not insane. In fact, you are the insane one for wanting to find Jue Viole Grace. If you meet him, you will be in big trouble. Because that guy is really not in a good mood right now. Some people kidnapped his precious companions. Those people have conspired with powerful forces to treat Regulars like slaves. They brag as if they were a king in this small station. They aren't aware of the fact they are some toads in a pool. Seen from the outside, you guys are really pathetic. If there really is God in this Tower, he will never forgive people like you."[75]
  • (To Yukan) "I'm not a God, so I make mistakes. And my actions cannot always be just so I may not be able to say that this is the right thing to do, but I'm certain of one thing. I have a right to be angry at the ones who play with the lives of my companions."[75]
  • (To Kaiser while fighting her) "Do you think your family will take notice of you if you keep doing this kind of thing here?! You are just making excuses!! If you were really thinking of your family, you would change your way of thinking, so that your family wouldn't be involved in something so disgraceful."[76]
  • (To Kaiser while fighting her) "Then I guess, I will have to break that glass ceiling!! So that you won't dance on it again!! So that no one can ever want something from you!! What on earth makes you happy about dancing for someone when you have lost your real face and name?!"[76]
  • (To Kaiser) "You are a happy person. That means that at least one person on this Tower is looking at you properly. Show people your true self at the festival tomorrow. Everyone will probably be stunned."[77]
  • (To Karaka) "I have no idea why you want to cause chaos for everyone else, but now you have bothered people around me. And now you are even trying to control someone precious to me. It angers me that you are harassing people around me. Let those companions of mine go right now. And regardless of what I do from now on, I hope you will mind your own business!! Otherwise, I won't just stand here and take this from you anymore."[78]
  • (Blame to himself after the incident at the Name Hunt Station) "In the end, I failed to save anyone. All I did was get protected. I was too conceited. I couldn't even save one or two people's lives. Could I ever find the real 'Me' like this? If I were stronger, I could have protected everyone. Even greater power. I need power that cannot lose to anything."[79]
  • (To "God" of guardians) "It still bothers me to think that my companions got hurt because I'm too weak. But I think I know that for sure now too. Increasing my own power won't necessarily make the people around me happier. Enormous power beyond my control may actually pull me apart from everyone. Still, I don't want to stop getting stronger. It would make me sad if I were to hurt anyone else. But still, I want to become like a God for someone. If that brings about the wrong result, I will take responsibility for it. I'm going to get stronger and fight more. To protect the people who I love, and stay by their side."[80]
  • (Thinking to himself while entering the Floor of Death) "It's warm and quiet. It feels like I have returned to somewhere I once lived for a long time."[81]
  • (To Hockney) "There is something that I need to find in there too, even if it costs me my life!! I can't turn back now!! I felt some kind of light calling me when I entered this place!! I have to find that light!!"[82]
  • (To Rachel) "You are right, I don't know as much as you. But I know very well that you absolutely despise that place. So I'm going to find it a real paradise that will make everyone in this place happy!! And along that way, Zahard, FUG, and the 10 Great Families. Anyone who gets in my way is nothing but an enemy. I'm not going back anymore. I'm going to gather all the thorn fragments, climb the Tower, get the key and then open the door that leads to the final floor on this Tower. Because there must be something on the other side."[83]
  • (To his sworn enemy on the hidden floor) "You may be the same person as me. But if you harm anyone else, I will never forgive you."[84]
  • (To Khun Kiseia's Data on the hidden floor) "I don't understand why you hate your brother. But if you are trying to harm Khun again, I will do everything that I can to stop you."[85]
  • (To his sworn enemy on the hidden floor) "You are the lonely version of myself that I have always been afraid of. You are the substantiation of that. Isn't that right? Now go back.. To the place where you should be. To be honest.. I have always been afraid of you. But never once have I thought that you should be left alone. Let's stay together again."[86]
  • (Talking to himself) "That's right. Maybe the one who has always been by my side when I was lonely was myself. I have kept waiting for someone by myself. The loneliness that I first faced after making a friend was far more painful than before. But every time, the person who told me that someone would come find me and not to lose myself was me. The more I wanted someone. The more lonely I became. I was so foolish."[86]
  • (Talking to himself before fighting Zahard's data) "Once I cross this point, the past of the person destined to be the King of the Tower is waiting to fight me. That's right. Right now maybe I'm heading to my death."[87]
  • (Talking to himself before fighting Zahard's data) "I'm afraid. This feeling of tension that I might get killed at any moment. I'm so anxious that I want to run away from here screaming like before. But I have to overcome this, because that data over there is the past of someone who might end up becoming my sworn enemy someday."[88]
  • (Talking to his power) "Am I just a person who was born to avenge someone else or to make someone else's long-awaited wish come true? The more I find out about myself, the more faint my own existence feels. Like the bubbles floating in this water, as if I was created for someone else's desire and will disappear once that goal is reached."[88]
  • (Talking to himself) "The me that hasn't been defined by someone else. I have never thought about that. I have always just asked other people about who I am. And yet I'm right here. Whenever I met someone, I tried to find out about my past. I wanted to know why I had been born and where I'm supposed to go. When at first I tried to find my power, I was so distracted by the fragments of myself that I couldn't know about real me. And the longer that went on, the farther away I got from the real 'Me', even though I was right here."[89]
  • (Drawing a short line with his index finger, encouraging self-confidence) "Now, let's call this my power. It may look small and insignificant, but I drew this myself. I don't know why I wandered so far away in spite of knowing all this. I probably wanted to find some kind of grand answer.. But now I know. Only that which I leave behind is proof of myself. So THIS, IS ME."[89]
  • (To Zahard's Data while fighting him) "Destiny, you say? To me.. Someone who declares themselves King without seeking the acknowledgment of others can never be acknowledged as a King. If that's why Zahard became King, if he tormented and killed countless people because of that destiny. Then I declare my destiny to be to destroy that destiny as of this moment."[90]
  • (To Rachel) "So right till the very end. You still have no idea what you have done wrong. If you hurt someone, you get punished for it. That is the 'Fair Rule' that you are talking about, right? Why do you think you are the only one that rule doesn't apply to!"[91]
  • (To Rachel) "I don't care anymore whether or not you climb the Tower. But don't ever show yourself again to the people who matter to me. If anything like this ever happens again.. I may really have to kill you."[92]
  • (Talking to himself) "Rachel.. Maybe what you said is true. Maybe you really are just an extremely ordinary person and I'm a monster. But I don't care. No matter what people call me, no matter what my destiny may be, I'm here and I'm going to get stronger for the people who matter to me."[93]
  • (To Androssi) "Because there is something I fear more than death. I don't ever want to lose the people who matter to me. I can't just let them die because of me. I'm going to save them."[94]
  • (To Androssi, Hockney, Hwa Ryun, Miseng, and Rak on the Last Station) "I may still be too weak to save everyone. But still, if I have to choose someone to sacrifice, I would rather sacrifice myself first. I still can't give up on anyone."[94]
  • (To White) "No matter how desperate I may be, I don't want help from a demon like you."[95]
  • (Talking about Ha Jinsung while crying) "Master... How could I just leave my master's sworn enemy behind and run away? It's my fault.. It's all my fault.. Maybe my master died because of me.. If it weren't for me.. If I weren't so weak!!"[96]
  • (To Rak Wraithraiser) "I'm not sure. To be honest, even if I get stronger, I don't think I could beat a monster like Kallavan. I'm worried people might get hurt again like this time if I go looking for revenge."[97]


  • (To Evankhell) "I don't have time to go looking for justice or a reason to get stronger right now. All I'm after is Kallavan. As long as I can get stronger, I will do anything."[98]
  • (To Louie) "Unlike them, at least I don't mean to hurt you. I need Deng Deng to get Yama's help. If you help me, I will help set you guys free too."[99]
  • (To Bongso after beating all the combat dogs) "One of the lessons I have learned from the many battles I have fought to get Lord Evankhell to teach me is that leaders who hide at the back of a battlefield don't deserve any mercy. Using your own troops as a shield. Standing by and watching them die. How can you be so useless? You have no right to lead anyone."[99]
  • (To Bongso) "You call this place a 'dog shelter'. But what you really do is abduct Regulars, train them to be your soldiers, and even kill them. And you are proud to be the supervisor of this place? You are not just incompetent. You disgust me. FUG doesn't need assholes like you anymore."[99]
  • (To Varagarv) "You sure are persistent. Step aside. I don't fight people who are 'Weaker' than me."[100]
  • (To Deng Deng and Louie) "Even if it kills me, I will make sure you are both set free. Just trust me."[101]
  • (Talking about Deng Deng to Baylord Yama) "I want you to give him 'Freedom'. I saw your territory when I went to get Deng Deng. Combat dogs with no sense of self. Abandoned dogs forced to fight. Servants acting on behalf of your 'Gang' without even knowing what's right or wrong. It feels like this massive gang exists just to serve you. I understand that's how you created this gang and made it stronger. But because of that kind of forceful leadership, eventually, people like Deng Deng end up wanting to run away. I mean, seeking the way you take away people's individual freedom, force them to obey your every command, and have no interest in anything that threatens FUG or what's happening on the outside, honestly, I wouldn't want to be one of your fighting dogs either. To me, you seem less like a God (slayer) and more like a mean old 'Thug'."[102]

Alternate Translations

  • 스물다섯번째 밤 (Seu-mool-dah-seot-beon-jjae Bahm), 밤 Bahm (Korean Pronunciation)
    • Meaning Twenty-Fifth Night, Night or Chestnut
  • Twenty-Fifth Bam, Bam, Jue Viole Grace (LINE Webtoon US)
  • 二十五日の夜 (にじゅうごひのよる, Nijyugobi no Yoru), 夜 Yoru (LINE Manga JP)
  • 第二十五夜 (dì èr shí wǔ yè), 夜 yè (LINE Webtoon TW, Dongman Manhua CN)

Fan translations

  • Twenty-Fifth Baam, Jyu Viole Grace (The Company)


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