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Treasure Eating Stingray is an unique Shinheuh that belongs to Po Bidau Gustang, The Family Head of Po Bidau Family. When the Hidden Floor was on the edge of collapsing, real Zahard mentioned it as Gustang's "Treasure Eating Stingray".[1]


It seems that Treasure Eating Stingray is an unique Shinheuh that has been owned by Gustang for a long time, since Zahard was able to recognize and identify it in the Hidden Floor although the Stingray was using its "invisible" ability.[1]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train - New Power

After Baam and friends leaving the Floor of Death, Gustang returns all the stolen souls back to its place in the three waterfalls. The chapter later showed Gustang talk by himself. It seems that he was talking to a "mysterious person" over the phone or something. Gustang then stated that he gave that mysterious person's pawn (Rachel) a "special gift".[2]

Stingray protect Rachel while being invisible

The chapter then showed Rachel who just woke up from her sleep in the train after suffering the Grand De Lee's poison which has already been healed by Gustang. At first, we only saw a small stingray fish in front of Rachel. The small stingray fish also visible to Rachel's eyes. But when Rachel intended to touch the stingray, it avoided Rachel, quickly flying away and disappeared out of nowhere right in front of Rachel.[3] Right after the stingray disappeared, Baam opened the door of Rachel's room. He came to visit Rachel, asking about her condition and explaining about their next destination to the Hidden Floor. When Rachel hears that Baam wanted to give her a chance to obtain the "second thorn fragment" in fair competition and decide who will be the true owner of 'it', Rachel was pissed, she clenched her fist, saying that she doesn't need Baam's pity. After their conversation ended, Baam then proceeded to walk outside the room and standing in front of the door while thinking about his decision when suddenly he got a mysterious scar on his cheek. Baam then asked why he bled. It turns out that the stingray was right beside Rachel the whole time when she had a conversation with Baam and it changed its form to a big size stingray. It's still not clear how Baam got scratched, but that stingray might have been the cause of it.[3]

After that, Androssi Zahard come rushing mad and stomping her foot to complain to Baam about his plan to take Rachel to the hidden floor. When Baam tried to explain to her, Androssi became angrier, saying that she didn't want to hear any excuses. When Baam confirmed Androssi's guess that he was excusing Rachel because of Hockney's last picture, Androssi then decided that she would go meet Rachel and get the picture back for Baam and find out all secret that Rachel has been hiding.

Stingray with foreshadowing red aura

After some discussion in Rachel's room, Androssi then asked Rachel to come into a different room. When Rachel asked what are they doing in that room, Androssi pulled out her Arms Inventory, drawing a red needle out from it and then gave it to Rachel, asking her to prove her fighting skills. Rachel immediately rejected Androssi's request and said that it's obvious who will win. Upon hearing this, Androssi launched a powerful kick just right beside Rachel, giving her warning to get serious. Although Rachel was being attacked, the stingray didn't do anything to protect Rachel in front of Androssi's threat. When Rachel was about to stand up, Androssi quickly launched a knee kick to Rachel's body, making her far thrown very far away. "Again", the stingray didn't do anything to protect Rachel.

Just right when Rachel showed her angry face, indicating that she despised Androssi, the stingray finally comes out, with foreshadowing of red color aura. Outside of the room, David Hockney suddenly come. When Baam asked him what is he doing here or whether it's because of the picture, Hockney confirmed that he was indeed looking for the picture, but he also said that the closer he got with the picture, he had a bad feeling about it. Hockney wasn't completely sure but he said that he sensed that "someone near death" around that place.[3]

Appearances and Personality

It looks like a large stingray with a hole instead of a head, it is blue with a white-gray belly. The large hole is used for attacking or to suck in a treasure that it or its owner desires.

Power and Abilities

The Stingray may be a Shinheuh, but it might also act as an inventory being able to "store" several items in its stomach. However, it has also basic combat capabilities which it uses to gather treasure and protect its owner. It seems to have some form of intellect since when it found the fight with Twenty-Fifth Baam unfavourable it backed down and escaped. [4] It also holds loyalty or is forced by Gustang to do his bidding, since it only collects the items that Gustang wants.[5] Other ability:

  • Invisibility: The Stringray is invisible for most of the times. Its presence cannot be detected. Even Androssi Zahard and Twenty-Fifth Baam.
  • Shock Wave Wind Attack: The Stingray can burst or blast a very powerful shock wave from its hole. It can make even crack on the ground like an earthquake.

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