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Traveller or Mr.Traveller is a mysterious unnamed Regular, who was first seen being chased by an unidentified Workshop Patrol during the beginning of Workshop Battle at 30th Floor. It turns out, that he is only one of many unnamed "Travellers" who were tricked by Emile, an artificial intelligence chat robot, through the chatting application by using the smartphones. Emile who believed that she was still a human, sent messages asking for help that she was trapped in the Archimedes and then she asked many random people to save her. Mr.Traveller is one of those random people.

Mr.Traveller is currently being held hostage and tortured by princess Androssi Zahard in order to get some information about Rachel from him during the beginning of Tower of God: Part 3[1] after he was saved by the princess from the Zahard's Army at the Battle of The Last Station.[2]

Appearance and Personality

He is a relatively short guy with wavy orange hair. He wears goggles and a white and an olive-green hoodie that covers most of his features.

He is a cautious and friendly man, which is shown when he used a device that would prevent more patrols from coming and him not believing Baam could be the infamous Slayer candidate Jyu Viole Grace. However, after joining Team Rachel, his attitude changed and somehow, he is now loyal to Rachel.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

The Workshop Battle - Prologue: Emile

He made his debut in the prologue of the Workshop Battle. In his texts he constantly told Emile that he loved her, causing the woman inside the mechanical bathtub much emotional distress.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

As Viole was looking down from his balcony on the 30th Floor, he saw the Traveller being chased by a cloaked figure. The Traveller kept on running but was backed into a corner with figures on both sides. Suddenly, Viole destroyed them both in one hit. Instead of being grateful, the Traveller yelled at him, saying that now an even stronger patrol would appear. Sure enough, Blue Venom came and they had to hide. After texting Emile, the Traveller led Viole to a room underground with Electronic Transmission Disruptors (ETD) placed around the room. The ETDs would block the signal sent when they destroyed Blue Venom, allowing them to walk away.
Viole-traveller bomb.png

One Shot, One Opportunity

Viole had finished setting up the bomb, and he asked the Traveller why the patrols were targeting him. He replied that the one he loved was held in Archimedes as the prize for the Workshop Battle and he tried to break in to free her. As the Blue Dog came in, they tried to blow it up but its attack was blocked by its shields. He yelled at Viole to run away, but before anything could happen, Androssi appeared and kicked it. The two of them then managed to run away from Androssi and left her to deal with the rest of the Workshop Patrols. Outside, they split up, saying that it was as good a place as any. The Traveller's parting words were that he didn't believe Viole was who Androssi claimed he was, as Viole seemed far too nice for that sort of a person.

At the end of the game, he returned to D-52 for some reason and ran into Androssi, who had just finished defeating all the Workshop Patrols. Androssi grabbed him and yelled at him, demanding to know where Viole was. The Traveller yelled back that Viole was actually 25th Baam. Androssi stopped him and questions him about 25th Baam, yet Gong Bang officers appeared behind her to capture him because his activities were related to the Workshop. In the end, Androssi exchanged the captured Traveller to the officers for a ticket in order for Androssi to board the Archimedes.


The Traveller was sitting in a holding cell when Androssi came to visit him. He confirmed what he said earlier about Viole being Baam and Androssi walked away. He called out for her to help him, but was ignored.

The Truth

He was still locked in a cell requesting help, at which point someone else says they were also there to save Emile, as everyone joined in the conversation it was revealed that everyone came here with the exact same purpose, what makes him wonder why Emile was doing such a thing.


After all the prisoners aboard the Archimedes were released due to an "error", he evaded prison guards and carefully made his way to Emile's location. After arriving at the given location, he saw Cassano standing at the door. After Traveller questioned why he was there, Cassano revealed to him the truth behind Emile's existence. While he dwelled on the ground in disbelief of what he had just heard, Cassano proceeded to leave and offered Traveller a chance to leave with him.


After leaving the Archimedes with Cassano, both of them arrived at an isolated castle located on the 30th Floor where Rachel, accompanied by three mysterious hooded persons, welcomed them. Later, he joined Rachel's group and traveled with them to board the Hell Train.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


He was very briefly seen staring at Emile's tank with Rachel and Cassano standing behind him.

Revolution Road

He arrived at Train City with the rest of Rachel's group but stayed silent beside Cassano in all of their appearances.

Later on, when they entered the guardian's room and encountered Mirotic he watched silently as Daniel battled and then switched off the guardian. They then passed through the gate and were led to the Hell Express by a red mechanical bird. He was silent when Daniel's associate, Poro Poe, arrived and told them they would leave once Ha Yura arrived.

Ha Yura eventually arrived at the platform but, just then, Khun, Wangnan and Yeon Yihwa appeared from the far elevator. With Khun announcing their arrival and then attacking Rachel, Cassano was then attacked by Wangnan's special bomb which left surprising damage. With Cassano getting a little more serious he Ignited his right arm and began attacking Wangnan and Yihwa with powerful blasts, but Traveller warned him not to go to hard as the power was not stable yet. Their battle was interrupted when Viole started losing control and Angel and the Mad Dog came to retrieve them so they could escape. Getting on top of Angel's metalfish he, the Mad Dog, Cassano and an unconscious Hwa Ryun managed to reach the Hell Train door and the enter inside.

He was then seen walking down "Revolution Road" with the rest of Rachel's group.


He was briefly seen after Daniel and the Mad Dog had finished defeating the train's guardians, as well as when their group released Hoaqin's first part. He was with the team when they completed the 36th Floor stage test of the Hell Train.

A Month

Traveller was with the others when they found Vicente's room empty.

The Dallar Show

He stood silently as Hoaqin nonchalantly berated Rachel for her poor performance in the first round of the Dallar Show. In the second round, he and Cassano traversed the pipes until they ran into Khun's group. Sandwiching them with Rachel and Ha Yura on the other side, Cassano prepared to attack until Rak interceded. However, before Cassano could really get serious Cherry La put him in a tight spot by trapping Traveller. Khun then decided to have a wager with Rachel to settle it all, which she agreed upon. Rachel ended up losing the wager, causing Cassano to lose all his dallars are get disqualified.

In the third round, he, Cassano, Mad Dog and Angel were hostages for the "Go To Hell" game and observed silently as Mad Dog and Angel were picked. After Team Viole won the Dallar Show, he got ready to escape, noting that the next time he met Viole they'd be enemies, before being teleported away by Yura.

Three Orders

He helped Rachel escape when Baam confronted her.

Powers and Abilities

The Traveller is average in terms of fighting abilities. He mostly uses devices like shinsu transmitter that jammed the shinsu in certain areas and explosive bombs. He was also able to evade the lower level of the Workshop Patrols after escaping. He has a long needle that can split into two. He then uses this to grab and shock enemies like a pincer.

Notes and Trivia

  • Mr. Traveller is actually quite an insignificant character so far. He did nothing special, except exploding some bombs and explosives.[3][4] He also didn't appear quite often, if not, very rare. If he did appear, he only stand there doing nothing or SIU just placed him far in the background, too small or hard to notice. Sometimes fans and readers forgot about his existence.
  • He is the one who taught Baam how to install bombs and explosives.[3]
  • Many fans, regardless of western and Korean, has commented that Traveller resembles Ichigo Kurosaki, the main character of the Bleach Manga. (It's one of many popular Mangas from Japan). However, SIU stated that he didn't read the Bleach Manga.[5]



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