Transcendental Skill (초월기, Cho-weolgi) is a term used in the technique naming system. It literally means "Beyond (the Boundaries) Technique" in Korean.

There is no explanation of how techniques with this name differ from others. From the meaning, it could either indicate that the technique transcends or is superior to other techniques, or that users need to push themselves beyond their limit to perform them.

It is notable that not all Transcendental Skills are Shinsu techniques. For example, Elpathion uses a Transcendental Lighthouse technique Crystal Mirror Room.

Most users of Transcendental Skills are High Rankers, with the exception of

List of Transcendental Skills

The list may be incomplete, as not all technique names are recorded in full on wiki.

User Technique First Appearance
Twenty-Fifth Baam Remnants of Stars - Stardust Vol.2 Ch.304: ??F - Hell Train: Power (3)
Twenty-Fifth Baam Twin Wings - Black and White Vol.3 Ch.60: 52F - VS. Kallavan (1)
Elpathion Crystal Mirror Room Vol.3 Ch.57: 52F - A Rough War (2)
Ha Jinsung Dragon Tiger Gate Vol.2 Ch.331: 44F - The Last Station: Kallavan (5)
Kallavan Atomic Explosion Vol.2 Ch.330: 44F - The Last Station: Kallavan (4)
Khun Maschenny Zahard (Data) Great Spear of Dawn Vol.2 Ch.292: ??F - Hell Train: Training (5)
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