The match list of the mini tournament

Train City Tournament is a tournament that takes place on the stadium located on the 4th floor level of the Train City. The purpose of this tournament is to make Regulars who want to board the Hell Express, compete legally to collect Express Ticket by playing games and tests.


  1. Only teams who have registered in advance can participate in the tournament.
  2. Each match will have different game events.
  3. Each Teams must deposit one ticket as payment to enter the game.

Once the match started, another participant from each team may join by depositing an additional ticket (1 person per 1 ticket). If a team runs out of ticket to send more participants in the game, the team will lose. After match, all deposit ticket will be given to the winning team. The more ticket one team have, the more advantage they will receive, such as increasing the number of participants. But doing so will also increase risk because the team will lose their tickets in case of defeat.

The final victor of the tournament will be given ticket with high ranking number to board in the front sector of the Hell Train.

Before participating, teams can get some rest in the waiting rooms.[1]


There are eight teams that were participated in the tournament. Some information about them is listed below. Some of the team names given below are not official names given by SIU.

Baam's team

Baam's team consisted of Twenty-Fifth Baam, Rak Wraithraiser, Boro and Hanool Kang and Hana Yu. They participated in the first round against Yura's SIMPS team.

Team Yura

Yura's SIMPS team consisted of Ha Yura, Hong Danhwa, Pierre, Rocitane Egel and Brugel. They participated in the first round against Baam's team.

Ran's team

Ran's team consisted of Khun Ran, Novick, Beta, Edin Dan and Xia Xia. They participated in the game in search of Beniamino Cassano to find clue about his whereabouts. Ran's team was scheduled to have a match against Team Aka.

Team Aka

Team Aka consisted of Aka Williams, Moontari and 3 other unnamed members. They participated in the tournament to board the Hell Train and recruit new interesting teammates. Team Aka was scheduled to have a match against Team Novick.

Team Royal

Team Royal consisted of Royal Park, Juglom Gote and 3 other unnamed members. They participated in the final round and was seen to fight Team Bero.[2]

Team Bero

Team Bero consisted of Bero Bero, Pompidou, Phonsekal Irure, Dea Fluke and Tochi. They participated in the final round and was seen to fight Team Royal.[2]

Team C

Team H

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