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Train City Stadium (트레인 시티 경기장, Teulein Siti Macheonlu Gyeong-gijang)[1][2] is located on the 4th floor level of the Train City.


Train City Stadium is a place where Regulars who want to board the Hell Express gather to participate and compete in the Train City Tournament to obtain any available Express Ticket legally (without killing or stealing from other). The recent tournament was faked by Rachel's group because they worked under FUG's hidden agenda to resurrect the ancient Slayer White. Rachel's group wanted to seize control of the entire Hell Express.[3][4]


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hell Train: Revolution Road

After Twenty-Fifth Baam met Rak Wraithraiser and Hwa Ryun inside the residence area, they go along with Boro, Hanool Kang, Felix and Hana Yu to the Restaurant on the 3rd floor level of Train City. After they done eating in the restaurant, all seven of them visit the Train City Stadium on the 4th floor level. After they arrive, Rak complained that it's very noisy and wondering why Express Ticket so important. Boro was surprised that Rak didn't have any ticket. After that, the officials announced that they will begin the Train City Tournament and explaining the rules.[1]

The first match of the tournament is Baam's group against Team Yura. They compete in a game called Crazy Yellow Ball Game. Before the game begin, Ha Yura greet Baam as Jyu Viole Grace, leaving Baam in shock.[3]

The final match of the tournament is Team Bero against Team Royal. As Team Bero completely dominate the tournament, Rak Wraithraiser just watching as spectator, completely bored out of his mind. Chang Blarode and Quaetro Blitz then teased Rak until Khun Aguero Agnis arrived inside the stadium along with Hon Akraptor and Beta who just returned from the 6th floor level, the Train City Skyscraper Platform because they failed to board the Hell Express and stop Team Rachel. After hearing the Hell Express has already depart, all Baam's friends was surprised. Aka Williams and Boro then advised all of them to get ready quickly and they should chase the Hell Train because they have realized that FUG tried to resurrect the Ancient Slayer again.[4]



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