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Train City Skyscraper Platform (트레인 시티 마천루 승강장, Teulein Siti Macheonlu Seung-gangjang)[1][2] is located on the 6th floor level of the Train City.


Train City Skyscraper Platform is a place that serves as a parking platform for the giant Hell Express in the Train City before its departure to another station on higher Floors. The fastest way to reach the top of the train platform is by riding an elevator that is located in the Control Center. However, ordinary Regulars cannot use this elevator unless they are 'approved'.[2] If the elevator cannot be used (not working, broken or under maintenance), Regulars who want to ride the Hell Express must climb through the spiral staircase (나선 계단, Naseongyedan). LINE Webtoon used the term Helix Stairs.[3]


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hell Train: Revolution Road

After Rachel, Daniel Hatchid, Raguel, Beniamino Cassano and Buelsar Elliot "shut off" the Mirotic guardian with a special remote control that Daniel has, all of them then entered the gate in the Entrance floor of Train City. Daniel said that behind the gate is the real platform of the Hell Train.[4] After walking inside, they saw a set of spiraling stairs going very high upwards. Rachel's party are then greeted by a talking giant bird machine, saying it will guide them to the top of the platform.[3] After walking the stairs, Rachel's party reached the top and they saw the real Hell Express from up close. Daniel noted that the size of the Hell Express is way bigger than normal Floating Ship. If all train carriage were also counted, the train is bigger than the Archimedes.[5]

Meanwhile inside the Train City Stadium, Twenty-Fifth Baam, Hwa Ryun, Boro, Moontari,Khun Ran and Aka Williams were left dumbfounded after they just realized that the Train City Tournament was faked and they fell into a trap set up by Ha Yura to prevent all Regular from boarding the Hell Train because of FUG's hidden agenda to seize control of the entire train in order to unseal the ancient slayer. When all of them tried to catch up with Yura and her bodyguard Hong Danhwa, their efforts were in vain since the elevator has already been destroyed by Yura to prevent everyone from chasing her. Although the elevator was destroyed, Baam used his Blue Oar technique to carry everyone down the elevator pathway to the entrance floor quickly. Yura was surprised, but she quickly pressed the same remote control that Daniel has and switches the Mirotic guardian back on. Mirotic instantly release a large amount of Shinsu attack, forcing Baam's party to dodge and stop chasing, allowing Yura to escape.[5]

Before Yura escape from sight, Boro quickly spotted the remote control in Yura's hand, then Hwa Ryun quickly advance and told Baam to go along with her. While Yura passing through the hallway to the staircase, Hwa Ryun and Baam catched up right behind her, but Yura's bodyguard Hong Danhwa picked up his sword and intend to stall time. Without second thought, Yura continue to run away and head to the staircase. Baam who has ready to fight Danhwa was suddenly interrupted by Boro who also catched up with them, saying he got thrown by Aka as Baam's reinforcement. Boro then told Baam to continue chase after Yura and he will fight Danhwa. Before Yura can climb the staircase, Baam knocked her down with one powerful Shinsu Baang, but Yura was unharmed because she blocked Baam's attack with her suitcase. Baam tried to take the controller and Express Ticket from Yura, but then Daniel Hatchid appeared and he introduced himself to Baam as Rachel's comrade.[6]

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