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Train City Platform (트레인 시티 승강장, Teulein Siti Seung-gangjang) is a private train platform for Regulars who will visit the Train City. There are 7 train platforms available.[1] This platforms are connected to the railway from different areas in the 35th Floor.


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hell Train: Revolution Road

Inside the private train for Regulars only, Boro, Hanool Kang, Felix and Hana Yu agreed to join and accompany Twenty-Fifth Baam to the Train City. When the private train finally reaches its destination, Train City Platform, and they all get off and quickly encounter a strange elevator. At the same time, Team Novick also arrived on another platform, they also stand in front of an elevator. The elevator has many buttons with floor names on it: 1st floor - Entrance, 2nd floor - Residence, 3rd floor - Restaurant, 4th floor - Stadium, 5th floor - Control Centre, and 6th floor - Skyscraper. Beta and Xia Xia then start to argue about which floor to go with Xia Xia suggesting they should go to the residence first in order to get some rest and prepare for themselves. However, Beta refuses and says they should find Beniamino Cassano, whilst Khun Ran gets annoyed and presses a random floor: 1st floor - Entrance. Meanwhile, Baam's party are also wondering which floor they should go. Baam then suggests the residence floor since his friends might be waiting for him there and Boro agrees with him. Someone else suggests 1st floor - Entrance but Boro refuses and says they shouldn't go there yet, because there are incredible guardians waiting for them there. He then presses the 2nd floor - Residence button.[2]

After Baam's party arrived in the residence, Rachel, Raguel, Buelsar Elliot, Beniamino Cassano and Traveller just arrived in platform 7, they discussed what floor level in the Train City they should visit. Raguel break up the silence of the team by asking Buelsar and Cassano's opinion on where they want to go. After that, Raguel focused on her Pocket message left by Daniel Hatchid which she refer to as "Grandpa". Raguel said that the grandpa cannot be contacted. When Raguel ask about the other girl, Rachel commented that the girl has arrived.[1]

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