This site follows Wikia's Terms of Use and guidelines. Essentially, this means:

  • No illegal copyrighted material. You must have the author's explicitly expressed permission to use copyrighted material.
  • Avoid adding an excess of external links, except when referencing, as this could be considered spam.

Along with the above policies, there are some general guidelines expected of all users to follow on Tower of God Wikia:

  • Assume good faith from other contributors. Be civil.
  • Avoid creating pages with no content.
  • Do not upload images without using or intending to use them.
  • Please use the edit summaries. This helps users track changes.
  • If you seem to be in an edit war, stop reverting and leave a message on the discussion page or the other user(s) talk page. If the conflict persists, please contact an Administrator.
  • Finally, do not remove talk page comments from anywhere, including your user talk page, except in the case of vandalism.

The violation of these terms shall be dealt by the administrators of the Wikia. Depending on the scale of offensiveness, an administrator may either issue a warning to the user or ultimately implement a ban time.

For a more comprehensive list of rules, including specific editing guidelines, visit the Editing Policies.

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