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Thanks for visiting this page! Recently our wiki has become quite popular, so we have decided to take the initiative and take the next step in making this great wiki even better than it already is! Basically, we are going to create a set of guidelines that hopefully everyone can follow! Please read ahead for tips on how to create great wiki articles.

Wikis are like countries and communities. What is acceptable in one may be deplorable in another. Just as other wikis abide by their own rules and policies; this wiki abides by its own. Please respect these rules and policies, edit in good faith, and accept that violations of these rules and policies may result in edit reversion. Also, be aware that edit on this wiki is monitored. The following is a list and description of the rules and policies of Tower of God Wiki. This list is intended to cover all subject matter regarding page formatting and writing style, but most of these policies derive from Wikipedia's Manual of Style, and more detailed specifics may be found on that page.


Tower of God is a webtoon created and written by SIU. The original Korean version is released weekly on Sunday whilst the official English translation is released the following day, depending on the user Time Zone. Anyone can free to check out the Korean version at and also support the official English translations at LINE Webtoon by either downloading the Webtoons app or reading it at the web page. Both sources do not require any registration, and above all, it's free of charge. This way readers can officially support SIU for his hard work and assure the continuation of the series.

General Writing Guidelines


All articles must be written in the English language, with the preference toward standard British English spelling and grammar. American English spelling and grammar, if possible, should be avoided and be replaced with British English variants if noticed. Do not use jargon or colloquial phrases unless they are part of the subject matter itself, and try to avoid unnecessarily complex wording. All pages should be accessible and clearly understood by readers who have a passable level of knowledge or fluency in the English language.

Writing Style

All articles should be written in a neutral, third-person format. Words such as "I" or "you" are strictly forbidden. Pages must be written in an encyclopedic style, where bias must be avoided and factual information is stated in clear detail. Any edit in such a manner will be deleted or reworded as soon as it is noticed, and if the problem persists, you will be warned through your user talk page.

Parentheticals or phrases that are enclosed within parentheses should be avoided entirely on text-based pages. If the idea can be expressed as a separate sentence or comma-separated clause, then it should be paraphrased in that way. Parentheses should be used only as a part of Korean translations and the occasional use of acronyms after writing the full term.


Spoiler content will not be labelled in any way on this wiki. The spoiler template has been discontinued, and all pages are expected to have spoiler content at any given point. No spoiler labels of any sort are used, and the use of the word "spoiler" itself is unnecessary, as there is no context that enables it to be used impartially.

For the pages that serve as a summary of events from an entire chapter, such as the articles of each chapter and its characters, any spoiler content may not be presented at the same point within the narrative that a reader would encounter it while reading the actual chapter. On pages that relate to integral plot elements, such as a specific event or term, spoilers should be limited to only those situations that directly affect or are affected directly by it and unrelated matters should be avoided completely.

Speculation and Assumptions

Similar to the above, guesswork through unconfirmed speculation is unacceptable. This wiki only deals with clearly defined facts. Any mentions of references to materials outside of the series must be clear and direct homages to those other works. There should be no guesswork involved when recounting the events that actually happen in a story or relationships among different characters.

Again, similar to the above, speculations and other unknowns can be added to talk pages, where these ideas can be put to discussion. Some theories are interesting and sometimes even plausible, but they cannot be displayed alongside things that are factual, as it can become difficult for readers to determine which is which if it is all mixed together on the same page.

Preview Service/Fast Pass

Early in May 2016, SIU implemented a preview service intended to target Korean audiences of Tower of God on Naver. Naver's monetisation model "allows" Korean readers to access to the next 3 chapters before they are publicly released for everyone. This system applies strictly to the Korean audience because the purchase of these chapters requires Korean localisation and therefore it is officially inaccessible to non-Korean audiences.

In March 2019, Line Webtoon introduced a payment system for reading the next 3 chapters early for the English release of Tower of God. Same as the Korean previews, content from fast pass shall not be published.

Following the author's wishes, Tower of God Wikia shall not publish any content or media not yet included in the free version of the series.

Titles and Section Headings

The title of a given article should use the full name of the character or term, regardless of spoilers. In the case of named characters, the page title should not include any titles or styles that might be held by the character. This information should be written into the first sentence of the opening paragraph instead. If the character holds an alias, the page title should use the name with which the group is most familiar.

First Mentions and Linking

All terms that exist as the primary topic of another page elsewhere on the wiki must be written out in full and linked to at first mention. This includes full names of characters, limited only with regard to potential spoilers at the time they are first encountered by the group within the story, such as the full names of Baam or Shillial. Titles and styles held by a character may be included as part of this first mention if they are relevant. All successive mentions of that name or term may be shortened to more familiar abbreviations, such as the use of first names or nicknames. On pages where a story is not being described, such as items pages, spoiler reservations are ignored and full names are provided always at first mention.


Redirects should be created for all situations in which a reader might search for an alternative term and expect to find the correct page. On this wiki, this applies to all Korean terms that have a localised equivalent. Only the Romanized Korean transcriptions can be used as a redirect; Korean text is not viable as a redirect keyword. Double redirects, or redirect pages that lead to other redirect pages, should be avoided. The wiki software automatically prevents double redirects from accessing anything beyond the second redirect as an error-trapping feature, preventing the possibility of infinite recursion when two redirect pages point to each other to create a loop. Ensure all redirects point to the intended main article.


Bolding is typically used to emphasise the page title and alternate names for the page title. In the case that a redirect does not satisfy as a proper link to another page, and if the term does not warrant a page in itself yet holds significance, the term should be bolded at first mention and not again (in the same manner as linking).


All pages and images must be categorised to provide an organised structure that enables future readers and contributors to find other pages. Categories should be added to the end of each page, below any navigation templates. In some cases, the navigation templates provide categories automatically; these categories should be omitted from the page.

Character Pages

Currently, character pages are all over the place in terms of headings and such. In the following order, pages shall have the following sub-headings:

  • Brief Intro Paragraph (don't actually make a heading called "Brief Intro Paragraph" though)
  • Appearance/Personality
  • History (background info)
  • Part I (A plot summary)
    • Under "Part I", please put additional sub-subheadings which indicate the Test or relevant Plot Event which is currently taking place in the manhwa
  • Part II (again, a plot summary)
    • Also, do the same thing regarding sub-subheadings for Part II as done for Part I
  • Powers and Abilities (where applicable)
  • Relationships (where applicable)
  • Notes and Trivia (where applicable)

This format covers all aspects of knowledge on a character, and is a design that can make the wiki unique, but yet, cleaner and standardised.

Fan Art

Fan art is appreciated on this wiki, yet it should not be used for official character pages. Fan art can be used as cover art, as seen on the welcome on our main page, or it can be uploaded on blogs and the user’s profile.


The main translations we use here are from The Company (which is done either by Grumpy or 25th_chestnut, the two most trusted translators), Zumisumi and AdiosCorea. All information from these groups is accepted.

Prior the official release of Tower of God at Line Webtoons, the ToG Wiki primarily supported Company's translations for the series and also LaFa and GoDai’s translation for the extra material SIU publishes on his Korean blog. After The Company dropped the series it has been difficult to keep up with the official translation published by Line due to its questioned quality or even deviates from the original Korean version of the series. Given that, we tend to follow Zumisumi's or Adioscorea's translation since it tends to stick closer to the original content.