Tower of God: Part 3 is the third part of the Tower of God series.

The current main focus of Part III is Baam finding help to defeat Kallavan and his army to save Ha Jinsung and be reunited.[1]

The main story is taking place 2 years later after the events at the Last Station, and the story is covered from the 418th chapter onwards.


Part III starts off with Karaka making a deal with Madoraco, Evan Edrok finding Yeon Woon to unfreeze Khun Aguero Agnis and Baam training with Evankhell to become stronger. Later on, Baam finds Deng Deng and makes a bet with Baylord Yama to set him free and also help fight Kallavan. The winning condition is to defend the fang against their competitors at the festival and bring it to Yama at midnight in order to win.

Notes and Trivia


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Part III
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