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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle: Is the second part of the second volume of the series of Tower of God. It focuses on the events that occur around the battle that occurs every five years on the Workshop in 30th Floor and the meeting of Jyu Viole Grace with his old friends. The story begins two years after the onset of Jyu Viole Grace on 20th Floor, during the first part of the second volume Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince. The long arc finally ceased with Chapter 110 and was succeeded by the following arc, Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train.


Team Tangsooyook has been climbing the Tower at an accelerated pace in order to reach the 30th Floor before the Workshop Battle starts, in order to participate. Meanwhile Koon's Team has just completed the 29th Floor test and Koon Aguero Agnis receives suspicious information that Baam is alive by an AI Chat Robot.

Plot Synopsis


The giant ship Archimedes

A white-haired man with glasses has a conversation with another via radio. Elsewhere, Team Tangsooyook is transported to the central area of ​​the 30th Floor and look very amazed at the ship where the Workshop Battle will be held, the Archimedes. Koon has a flashback where Hwa Ryun says that nobody can know that he and Baam are alive. Moreover, Leesoo, who also just arrived, is impressed to see the Archimedes, but Hatsu says that they are not here on holiday, but to kill Jyu Viole Grace.

Meanwhile, Ran and Novick ask Viole to tell Reflejo to remove their fetters, a request which he agrees to. Reflejo tells them to do nothing suspicious and, in response to this, Novick tries to intimidate him but feels something strange and jumps backwards. After Reflejo leaves Novick asks Viole why he treats them so well, which he answers that is was because they are friends Koon, but could not give more details. While Ran and Novick walk down the stairs, Novick suggests to Ran that they should escape, because they had no obligation to help the Slayer candidate but Ran gives no reply. Later on in the night, Viole is seen outside staring off into the night, thinking of his old friends, when he sees the Traveller being chased.

Viole follows the Traveller to an alleyway and destroys his pursuers. The Traveller berates him, confusing Viole and the two of them take cover. As Blue Dog appears at the scene, the Traveller explains that the when a patrol is destroyed, it sends out a signal calling in a stronger patrol to take its place. He texts Emile and the two of them head to area D-52. When they got there, the Traveller starts setting up electronic transmission disruptors, saying that if they killed Blue Dog here, it wouldn't send out a signal for more patrols. They then start setting up a bomb to kill Blue Dog.

Meanwhile, Leesoo's team was being interviewed and Koon watches in exasperation as Wangnan and Dan practically drool over Androssi's interview. The two of them decide to watch a movie since the rest of Team Tangsooyook had left Wangnan while he was sleeping. Koon watches Leesoo's interview, noting that Leesoo was still a bad liar when he said Jyu Viole Grace didn't worry him. Suddenly, his interview was cut short by Io, the person in charge of the Workshop Battle. He said that a game was about to take place, with the prize being a ticket to board Archimedes and the tool they had to use was a gun.


One Shot, One Opportunity

Unexpected Game One Shot One Opportunity

Io explaining the rules

Io explained the rules of the game to the Regulars, then informed them they had 60 seconds until the safety was lifted. Koon noticed some Regulars running outside their building and pretended to shoot Wangnan, drawing in the Regulars by the scream elicited from Wangnan’s mouth. Afterwards, they were contacted by Goseng through her Lighthouse, telling Koon that Miseng and Prince had been separated due to their phobia of heights. Hearing this, Koon made the decision to send Dan up and run to the observatory with Wangnan despite the ongoing fighting.

Meanwhile, Hatsu, Leesoo, and Anak were running from their lodgings to the center of the battle to get more bullets. As they were doing so, Androssi gave them four bullets, along with paparazzi who let slip the location of the FUG lodgings. However, it turned out that it was merely a ploy on Androssi’s part to find Viole, whom she knew had left the lodgings beforehand.

In the FUG lodgings, Viole’s team were discussing what to do when they were alerted to Anak Zahard’s presence. When it was clear she wasn't going to move, the FUG team went back to discussing what to do. Reflejo decided to wait for Viole’s return, moving out to attack only when the number of tickets had fallen below 100. Outside, Leesoo was waiting for the rest of his team to get into position, only attacking when the numbers of tickets had fallen below 100 as well.

Viole-traveller bomb

Traveller and Viole blowing up Blue Dog

In area D-52, Viole had finished setting up the bomb and asked the Traveller why the Workshop patrols were chasing him. The Traveller revealed that he had been trying to break into Archimedes because the prize of the tournament was a human and that human was someone dear to him. Just then, Blue Dog came in and they detonated the bomb. Unfortunately, it had its shields up and Viole moved in to attack it. Just as he was about to do so, Androssi came in and kicked the Blue Dog into the ground, destroying it in one blow. Before Viole could recover, Androssi pointed a gun to his head. Since the transmitter disruptors had been broken by Androssi’s entry, Viole’s gun dropped down distracting Androssi. She turned but was frozen by Viole, who got ran and picked up his gun. He provoked Androssi, calling her a tank and she rushed into a load of bombs the Traveller threw. The two of them got away, leaving Androssi to deal with the following Workshop patrols. Outside, the two of them parted ways, the Traveller saying that Viole didn’t seem like a bad person. As he left, Viole read the rules and dashed back to his lodgings.

In the town, Quatro and Chang had just gotten bullets and went up to where Goseng and the rest were hiding. When they arrived, Chang was about to shoot all of them when Wangnan and Koon arrived in a nick of time, forcing Chang to accept Koon’s deal. The two of them were sent up and gave Koon all their bullets.

Afterwards, Goseng wanted to go and help Prince and Miseng, but Koon wouldn’t allow it. Akraptor agreed and he and Wangnan sent everyone up. However, once he had done so Wangnan threw a tantrum, insisting to go save Prince and Miseng or else he’d commit suicide. Disgusted, Koon located Prince and Miseng, giving Wangnan their location.

Spectral dance

Hatsu executing Spectral Dance

Unknown to Wangnan, Prince and Miseng had been captured by Verdi as pets. She, along with Amigochaz and Vespa went to their respective battle positions and Leesoo gave the signal for Anak to fire her spear. She did so and encountered Ran and Novick. Outside, Hatsu took Cassano by surprise with a shinsoo-enhanced slash. Hatsu and Cassano fought and, though Cassano thought his skin couldn't be pierced, Hatsu revealed he had trained an insane amount and now his sword could be strengthened to cut through Cassano’s weapon-like body. He brought Cassano to his knees with Demonic Fish Wheel Dance, but was distracted by an explosion from Androssi fighting the Workshop Patrols. Cassano took this chance and attacked, breaking Hatsu’s sword. Defeated, Hatsu was still sent up by Cassano.

Back in FUG lodgings, Anak charged at Ran and Novick. Novick blocked but was still blown back into the wall by Anak’s immense strength. Being shown this display of strength, Ran pulled out an item that created a storm cloud that obscured his movements and limited Anak’s vision. He tricked her into throwing her spear at Novick, using him as a distraction to attack her. Enraged, Anak used all four baangs to blast away the storm cloud, but Ran had jumped out of the window and prepared to shoot her. Anak flipped over and prepared to shoot Ran, but Viole arrived and froze them both, shooting them both with a Holy bullet.

Once the battle was done, Xia Xia notified them that Leesoo and Vespa were approaching Yuto. Xia Xia wanted to attack them, but Viole knew Leesoo must have had a plan. He asked Novick to send Reflejo up, then went to Yuto’s location.

Viole atk vespa

Viole defeating Vespa with his Thorn

Yuto was fighting evenly with Vespa, but was distracted and put off rhythm by shinsoo blasts from the outside by Laure. Leesoo was stationary, directing Amigochaz’s drill from below. Amigochaz, Laure, Leesoo and Vespa cornered and injured Yuto; she would have died if Viole hadn’t appeared and rescued her.

Viole ripped off some of Yuto’s robe to cover his face, then faced off with Leesoo’s team. Verdi’s pet shot a ring on Viole’s finger, sealing off his shinsoo. Amigochaz and Vespa then went to attack Viole and Yuto took a direct hit from Vespa’s poison. Realizing he couldn’t defeat them without any advantages, Viole used his Thorn to quickly defeat Amigochaz and Vespa. Leesoo was hesitant to admit defeat and only did so when Verdi told him Horyang had appeared in front of her.

Horyang had been directed by Koon, who was running over to Wangnan’s position when Wangnan had caught up with Verdi. Meanwhile, Viole negotiated honey to treat Vespa’s poison as well as their Holy bullets. When Verdi was going to the rendezvous point, Wangnan tried to stop her but was knocked aside. He ran to Horyang, pleading for him to come back, but Horyang declined, walking back to the FUG team.

Verdi leaving

Verdi leaving with Prince and Miseng

When Viole had treated Yuto, Novick came to him, warning him not to push himself or he might end up damaged. Viole simply said he didn’t care because he had lost his reason to live long ago. Sadly, Koon watched from behind a wall, and went to where Wangnan was. Unknown to him, Rak had been following him since he ran to Horyang in the sewer. Viole went back with Novick to the rest of his team and they sent each other up.

Koon arrived to a depressed Wangnan. He turned and stared wide-eyed at Rak, who had been behind Koon the whole time.

Back in D-52, Androssi had just finished breaking hordes of Workshop Patrols. She saw the Traveller running and pounced on him, yelling at him to find Jyu Viole Grace. The Traveller angrily responded that he was 25th Baam, when Bong Bong appeared behind Androssi. She turned the Traveller over to the Workshop in return for a ticket up to Archimedes.


The first day of the Workshop Battle served as a rest for all those Regulars who had won a ticket to the Archimedes. Most of them were found in the pool, including Leesoo's Team, with Leesoo brooding over his loss when facing Viole. Elsewhere, the Workshop Battle moderators wonder if they can trust Madoraco, after they agreed to work together to achieve their goals, and Madoraco overlooks all the Regulars in the pool.

Sad koon

Koon brooding

In Team Tangsooyook's room, Rak was talking to Koon and Wangnan. Rak said he knew everything and wanted to recover Baam, but they argued and fought with Koon ultimately going outside to the balcony. He was joined by Wangnan, who admitted that he admired Koon for wanting to protect Baam, instead of climbing up with him. Koon admitted that when he was a child, he found a jewel and kept it hidden so no one could find it, even if it meant that he himself couldn't wear and appreciate its beauty. Rak then came out and said that he was happy when he found out Baam was alive, because it meant that the three of them could be together. With that in mind, Koon resolved to free Viole from FUG, saying that it would only get "cheaper and dirtier from now on". (These were the exact words when he told Baam he would bring him and Rachel up "cheap and dirty".)

Meanwhile, Hatsu decided, by request of Leesoo, to buy a new weapon since his previous one was destroyed by Cassano. Hatsu went into the Acorn Workshops and saw Cassano accompanied by Horyang. They spoke with a researcher Sophia Amae and Horyang was overcome with emotion. Hatsu was finally discovered by Beta and, without his weapon, was quickly imprisoned. While Sophia showed Cassano and Horyang her research, you could see than one of the guards was Lero-Ro.

Battle x Gamble

At the beginning of the day, all the contestants went out to the arena. Viole was accosted by those who hated Zahard for various reasons and walked away with his feelings in turmoil. Xia Xia tried to tease him, but Novick tried to dissuade her, saying that he shone with a brilliant light and that light attracted other people. As he was saying this, Rak was standing
Triple tangsooyook

Prince, Wangnan and Akraptor getting Miseng back

from a corridor looking at Viole.

Leesoo was also walking to the arena and wondered where Hatsu was. Anak told him not to worry, knowing from experience that the loss of a weapon could be devastating indeed.

When everyone had congregated at the arena, Io and Punk related the rules of the game. The first participants were displayed on a screen and Wangnan was ecstatic to find that Prince and Miseng had made it. When he and Akraptor arrived, however, Prince yelled at them to get away from Miseng. His face was bloated from being beaten and, as he spoke, Miseng arrived with a bloody plug and an ominous aura around her.

Regulars tried to attack her, mistaking her for an easy kill. Unfortunately, they were blown away by Miseng's strength. Prince then related the events that happened during his stay on Archimedes. Having informed the rest of his team, they worked together to restrain Miseng and pluck the flower from her head. During the fight, Prince showed surprising strength and was able to deflect Miseng's enhanced blow. They left the arena, but not before Prince yelled in front of the whole crowd that he would bring Viole back.

The next round consisted of five simultaneous battles and everyone was excited to see that Varagarv, the strongest E-rank Regular, was participating. Goseng participated in one round and was aided by Horyang. That round was won by the two of them and Chang. On another pillar, Quatro and Yihwa argued about the use of flames. On Varagarv's pillar, he also won his round, killing another Regular with ease in the process, much to the shock of all the contestants. Viole had a flashback to when Reflejo informed Viole on Varagarv's past, saying that his sole motivation for participating was to kill Viole.

Meanwhile, Hatsu had escaped from his bonds and asked Emile how to escape. To his amazement, she pointed out a trapdoor that happened to be under his bed.

Viole atack

Viole blowing back his false worshippers

The next rounds had finished without much disturbances. Androssi had won her round, Vespa and Verdi won theirs and Rak and Dan won their rounds while donning disguises. In the next batch, Viole's name was displayed. He ran to the center, intending to end the round quickly. He stopped in surprise when he was greeted by fake followers. Viole, disgusted by their behaviour, immediately dispatched them all, kicking one up to the stands in the process. As he fought, Anak told Androssi that she saw Viole's face for one second and that it was exactly the same as Baam's. Androssi knew she couldn't approach Viole in public, so she resolved to do so at the winning party.

Ran vs anak

Anak and Ran getting ready for their battle

The next batch of rounds showed Cassano, Yuto and Novick fighting. The three of them easily won their rounds. Afterwards, Novick told Ran that he was sure FUG had a reason for releasing Viole in an uncontrolled environment like the Workshop Battle. They passed Beta, who Ran said wasn't human. Beta went to Viole's room and was there to greet him when Viole returned. The last round was displayed with an additional all-in rule added. Unfortunately, both Anak and Ran would be fighting and they both resolved to end the match that Viole had interrupted.

The Truth

In his cell, Traveller realised in bewilderment that he wasn't the only one wanting to free Emile. Meanwhile Hatsu took on a Level 60 Guguah Crab, and won, but was saved from its self-destruction by the timely arrival of Lero-Ro. He then 'recruited' Hatsu and told him they were going to prevent the creation of the most terrible weapon. In his quarters, Madoraco mused that they would soon have Jyu Viole Grace in their hands.


Milky white Androssi enters

At the winners party Wangnan sat depressed at Koon's result and Androssi wowed the crowd with her beauty. Anak encountered Ran, who asked her if she knew Viole personally since it looked like he did. Anak, surprised by his question, told him they didn't. Miseng and Prince, dressed up in cloaks and pumpkin heads, brought Goseng and Horyang together and the two proceeded to dance. Afterwards the two talked and Horyang revealed that he met with Sophia again, but also found out that everything he knew may have been a lie used only to forward her research.

Elswhere Rak is beating up Parakewl for causing their team to lose, but Yihwa stops him before he does any real damage. Rak decided to take matters into his own hands and told Yihwa he was going to meet with Baam. Back at the party, a disguised Androssi eyes Viole.

In the guest room, the 10 Gamblers wait to see what decision would be made. Io arrived and proposed a new tournament for the eight losing Gamblers, called the "Development Tournament". Androssi got annoyed at being led in the wrong direction and Beta met up with Viole on a roof. After asking him, Beta revealed that the Thorn inside Viole is actually a fake and the real one was being held by the Workshop.

Rak and baam

Rak and Baam share a heartfelt embrace

Back in their room, Koon explained the Development Tournament to Wangnan, Akraptor and Dan. Over where FUG's residence, Rak, Yihwa and Androssi encounter a surprised Viole. Viole attempted to escape but was intercepted by Parakewl and tackled down by Rak. It was then that they confirmed that Viole really was Baam. As Horyang struggled to leave, Androssi and Co escaped before they were noticed. Afterwards Reflejo and Beta each moved into action, ready to kill Viole's team.

The next day the Development Tournament began.


The Development Tournament finally began with all the vanguards heading into the battle area. Wangnan headed for the Summoning station, Boondawan knocked out his opponent and Beta washed up on the beach.

Team FUG and Team Mad Dog started to move out as their semi-final match began. Wangnan finally reached the summoning station and prepared to summon Quatro Blitz, but is attacked by Team after the arrival of Tebo & Lebo. Over in the North Battle Area, Horyang noticed that Team Mad Dog's members were stalling rather than attacking whilst elsewhere Viole reached the place where the real Thorn was stored. Reflejo followed behind him, but was stopped by Novick, with Reflejo quickly realising they were working with Team Mad Dog.

A few flashbacks reveal a series of events that led up to Novick teaming up with Team Mad Dog, just as Reflejo began to attack him in anguish. Suddenly Reflejo gains his composure, something Novick wasn't expecting. Back at the summoning station Wangnan engaged Tebo & Lebo and, after Koon worked out their weakness,

Entrance to the thorn

Viole arrives at where the Thorn is stored

defeated the pair just as Quatro was summoned. Wangnan further summoned Rak, Yihwa and Akraptor before moving on to the waiting room.

In the cavern where the Thorn was stored, Beta told Viole of the Thorn's history. Outside, Reflejo had finished telling Novick the same things. He went on to reveal that everything up to that point had been planned as well. As Beta prepared to trap Viole, Novick is attacked by Ridong and Viviolga. Fortunately Horyang interceded and, after taking out the former two, he and Novick fled. They ran into Yuto who told them to follow. Back at the Thorn's location, Beta successfully trapped Viole at the bottom of the cavern.

When the results of the other semi-finals are announced, Koon wondered what was going on.


Po Bidau Gustang continued to observe the ongoing battle, wondering how Baam would cope in his situation. When Leesoo heard the other semi-finals results, he was totally confused. Suddenly Hatsu appeared telling his teammates that they had to go and save Baam.


Miya approaches Koon

When Koon's team entered the waiting area for semi-final teams, Koon went to watch the recording of the Mad Dog vs FUG semi-final. While watching, he was approached by Miya who exposed herself as one of the three Gamblers planted by FUG. As Koon mulled over what he was told, he is called by Leesoo. Meanwhile, Yuto showed Novick and Horyang where Viole was being trapped and Beta prepared to move out.

Down in the cavern, a trapped Viole received a chilling visit from Reflejo while back at the semi-final waiting area, Koon is apprehended by a slightly disgruntled Leesoo and Hatsu. Hatsu delivered the news he got from Lero-Ro, to which Koon relayed to everyone else shortly afterwards. Koon later came up with a plan to retrieve Baam by summoning him.

Suddenly all the intruders are released from their cells after some tampering by Lero-Ro. The semi-finals of the Development Tournament began with Koon and Leesoo's team heading off in their planned directions. Paul Belkrohn and Macha immediately intercepted them but Rak and Yihwa engaged them, allowing Wangnan and Quatro to get away.

Elsewhere, Beta is enabled to participate by swallowing Medina. Back in the ensuing fight, Rak and Yihwa overwhelm their opponents just as Beta appeared and Yuto, Novick and Horyang reached their destination. The three moved out, ready to break Viole out whilst Beta sped off after Wangnan and Quatro with Rak and Yihwa in pursuit. Along the way to the item shop, Quatro took on an assailant leaving Wangnan to continue onwards.


Yuto revealing her identity as Hwa Ryun

Vespa intercepted Beta but is outmaneouvred and overwhelmed until Rak and Yihwa appeared. Meanwhile Horyang and Novick prepared to take out Pandit and Grobin. Viole struggled in his bindings while Reflejo pondered Yuto's motives. Yuto then contacts him and they have a final conversation where she reveals that she is actually Hwa Ryun and that their plans to turn Viole into an Ignition Weapon would fail.

Having killed Pandit and Grobin, Horyang and Novick break through but are then blocked by a Workshop patrol, Blue Titan. As Novick attempted to open the door while Horyang held of the Blue Titan, Viole suddenly opened the door and blasted the Patrol through its chest, destroying it.


Beta battled with Rak, Yihwa and Vespa and overwhelmed them before flying off after hearing of Viole's escape. In the cavern Hwa Ryun appeared and revealed herself to be impersonating Yuto, to Novick, Horyang and Viole's astonishment. She told Viole she would show him the way to return to his friends, which he confidently agreed to.


Viole breaks through Mei's shield

Wangnan inched ever closer to the item shop whilst the FUG-Viole escape team encountered Ron Mei and Varagarv. The FUG-Viole escape team continued running but were attacked, however Viole managed to break through and get away. Wangnan headed for the item shop as Viole headed for the well and they soon reunited over the interface. However their brief success was marred when Beta pierced Wangnan's chest.

Reflejo was made aware of Koon's plan to summon Viole while Rak, Yihwa and Laure raced in pursuit of Beta. Before Beta could apply the finishing blow to Wangnan, the three arrive at his location and intervened. Laure noticed Medina inside his head and caused Beta to throw it up, whereupon it was destroyed by Yihwa. At that Wangnan proceeded to summon Viole.

Beta angrily attacks the group and they fight, but their battle is interrupted when Workshop guards and Sophia suddenly appear. The interruption is only momentary and Beta resumed his assault, this time attempting to blow up the entire shop before Viole could be summoned. Fortunately, due to Leesoo forfeiting, Viole is successfully summoned and the brunt of Beta's attack is blocked by Koon's Lighthouses.


Viole and Beta fight fiercely but Viole soon overwhelmed him. Beta fruitlessly attempted to attack again but his condition prevented him from doing so. Before the Workshop guards could eliminate Beta, everyone took them down with Lero-Ro revealing himself afterwards.


Reflejo preparing to use the trio as bait for the final match

Elsewhere Reflejo and Cassano had captured Hwa Ryun, Novick and Horyang with the former preparing to use them as bait to engage Viole in battle. Back in the cavern Baam, Koon and Rak are finally reunited after eight years. Shortly after Lero-Ro told them all that they would escape before the final began.

Madoraco received a messenger, Baam received a call from his pocket challenging him to battle and Koon set a plan in motion to rescue the hostages from back Reflejo. Later on Baam, Koon and Rak encountered Reflejo, Sophia questioned her past actions and Androssi began her fight with Varagarv.

Baam, Koon and Rak began their fight with Reflejo while Ron Mei explained how Varagarv was an "invincible Regular". Meanwhile the individual searches for Novick and Horyang were proving fruitless.

Madoraco prepared to put his plan into action, Traveller searched for Emile and Reflejo gained an advantage in their battle by using Baam's weaknesses against him. Soon, Traveller happened upon Cassano after reaching Emile's location, with the former learning of Emile's past.

Back in the cavern, Koon figured out a way to overcome Reflejo's hostage situation and, with Rak's help,


The Thorn awakens

carried out his plan with aplomb. Meanwhile Hatsu and Androssi worked together to put Varagarv in a sticky situation. Reflejo decided to attack them at full power but was blocked by Baam and his activated Thorn. Turning the tables on Reflejo, the three proceeded to take him down whilst Androssi and Hatsu forced Mad Dog to concede defeat.

Madoraco, noting Reflejo's failure, took action himself with the help of some allying FUG Rankers. However FUG's plans are delayed by the actions of Lero-Ro, Hachuling and Quant and are ultimately put to a halt due to the arrival of Po Bidau Gustang. With FUG retreating and Team Tangsooyook winning the Workshop Battle, all of Baam's friends are reunited together while Gustang discusses interesting matters as the arc draws to a close.


Baam wakes up and affirms his feelings of returning, Leesoo tells Wangnan to take care of Baam and climb up the Tower to meet them, Wangnan arouses suspicions thanks to his miraculous recovery, the Wolhaiksong Rankers discuss matters and Ha Jinsung arrives at Karaka's hideout.


Baam and Androssi are stalked on their date

After easily defeating the Rankers within Karaka's hideout, Jinsung discusses matters with the Slayer. Elsewhere, Androssi finally gets her date with Baam, Koon plans to split the teams in order to eliminate a certain someone and Cassano meets up with the infamous Rachel.

Cassano delivers Emile to the group whilst Traveller is unnerved by Rachel's presence. Elsewhere Goseng alerts Koon, Rak and Baam to Horyang's condition which is then diagnosed by Sophia and Beta as being caused by Cassano. The three and Wangnan then ask Hwa Ryun for guidance and she tells them of the Hell Express on the 35th Floor. Baam cuts his hair as Hwa Ryun ponders Rachel and Baam's future.

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