Tower of God: Part 2 - The Prince of Zahard is the first story of the Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince. The story takes place 6 years[1] after the event of the Part 1 with Jue Viole Grace, Ja Wangnan, and Team Tangsooyook as the main characters. It covers the first 35 (37, if the Extra Floor arc is included) chapters of Volume 2. The story is preceded by the Volume 2 preview and continued by the second story of Volume 2, The Workshop Battle.

Story Arcs

The first story consists of 10 story arcs and spans from chapter 1 to chapter 35 (excluding the 2 chapters of Extra Floor arc). The story arcs included in the first story are as follows:

  1. Last Chance (from chapter 1 to 5)
  2. The Strongest Regular (from chapter 6 to 8)
  3. Bath (from chapter 9 to 10)
  4. The Untrustworthy Room (from chapter 11 to 18)
  5. The Preys (from chapter 19 to 21)
  6. Epilogue (in chapter 22)
  7. The Wool's Knot (from chapter 23 to 25)
  8. FUG (from chapter 26 to 28)
  9. Zygaena's Flower (from chapter 29 to 33)
  10. Epilogue, Path (from chapter 34 to 35)

Short Summary

The story starts 6 years after Twenty-Fifth Baam's fall to the bottom of the Wine Glass during his final test on the 2nd Floor in which he was presumed to be dead. On the 20th Floor, Ja Wangnan, a Regular who has failed the floor's test countless times, decides to give another try and reattempts the test. This time, he meets a bunch of other interesting regulars, among them are Hon Akraptor, a father who lost his daughter; Kang Horyang, a massive man with a gentle heart who wishes to find someone; Yeo Goseng, a girl with big round glasses; Yeo Miseng, a little girl climbing the tower to search for her parents; Prince, a cocky son of a loan shark; and a mysterious long-haired guy named Jyu Viole Grace who claims to be a slayer candidate of FUG. Although being hostile to each other at first, they slowly become close to each other, working together in completing the floor's test, and form a team called Team Tangsooyook.

They later meet Ha Jinsung and Hwa Ryun, a member of FUG, and learn the truth about the slayer candidate's motivation and how he is actually the regular Twenty-Fifth Baam. Meanwhile, on the 25th Floor of the Tower, Khun Aguero Agnis is shown forming a new team to help Rachel climb the Tower with the members being Khun Ran, Novick, Apple, Gyetang, Michael, and Edin Dan. This, however, is not his true intention. He later reveals that his true intention is to be the head of the Khun Family and to plan a revenge on Rachel for killing his best friend, Twenty-Fifth Baam, not knowing that his friend is actually still alive under a different name.

The Team Tangsooyok continues their climb and finally arrives on the 21st Floor. As part of the test, they need to enter the body of Zygaena, a Shinheuh, and get Zygaena's Flower. However, inside the creatures' body, they encountered Urek Mazino, an Irregular, and Baam decided to face him in order to get the flower and pass the test. They decided to have a small game but Baam loses and receives a fatal injury as he tried to protect Miseng. Although losing the game, he gains Urek's respect and Urek decides to leave the flower to him as a reward. He also later realizes that he got a scratch from the fight and starts to realize Baam's potential.

On the other floor of the Tower, Khun and Ship Leesoo are shown talking to each other through the Pocket. They agree to meet each other in 2 years on the 30th Floor during the the Workshop Battle.

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