This is the fourth book of the physical release of Tower of God. The book covers chapter 32 to 39 with the story of the book ending after Quant faces Khun amid the Hide-and-Seek test and forces him to open his bag thinking that he hides Anak there. It was announced in the Blog Post of Volume 3 Chapter 54.[1]

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Chapters Covered

Zahard's Princess


Additional Content

SIU teased 4 panels extras as the additional content.[1]

Redrawn Panels

Redrawn Panels
# Chapter Webcomic Version Redrawn Version Explanation
1 Volume 1, Chapter 26
26 - Hansung telling Ro the real purpose of the test.png
Panel Rework Book 4-1.png
Han Sung telling Lero-Ro about the actual purpose of the test
2 Volume 1, Chapter 23
23 - Khun's resolve.png
Panel Rework Book 4-2.png
Khun telling Rak that he wants to win and go up the tower with him and Baam
3 Volume 1, Chapter 23
23 - Rak hearing Khun's resolve.png
Panel Rework Book 4-3.png
Close-up shot of Rak after hearing Khun’s resolve to climb the Tower with him and Baam


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