There are several rules which govern how people may act within the Tower and also dictates how tests are implemented and how the test-takers conduct themselves. Irregulars have the ability to override certain rules.

General Rules

A Ruler cannot rule without a Guardian.

One cannot manipulate a certain amount of Shinsoo without a contract.[1] During ancient times, it is unknown if "chosen ones" were required to form a Shinsoo contract. From basic "physics" of the Tower we can assume they could control Shinsoo ("Irregulars are free from all contracts"[2]). Zahard was the first in the Tower to make a contract.[3] It is ambiguous what form of contract Zahard formed with a Guardian.

In the current political system, Headon visits the Outer Tower and Middle Area to select Regulars.[4] At this point this is only known way that Regulars are chosen. It is unknown if this current selection process is part of a contract Zahard made with a Guardian like Headon. Someone that enters the Tower of their own accord and/or power is known as an Irregular; this goes against the laws of the Tower.[5]

Breaking rules during tests means an automatic fail. If a Regular breaks rules during idle time between Tests, then punishment is usually metered out by Test Administrators

Guardian's Tests

The original method to test those who wished to climb the Tower. The examinee must meet the following criteria:

  1. Only Irregulars may request to take test a directly from a Guardian.[5] Although Regulars may participate in the test, it is unknown if the latter is an exception that occurs because of the Irregular's request or because this is part of the rule.
  2. Only the Guardian of the Floor may decide if it will fulfill the Irregular's request.
  3. With the exception of Irregulars climbing the Tower by passing tests directly from Guardians, the same rules as for Regulars are applied to them.

Testing Staff and Regular's Tests

Take note that all test takers are referred to as Regulars because Irregulars are very rare. As Regulars, they're entitled to many rights including protection under the Tower's Rules.

  1. Once test rules have been specified there isn't a way for those rules to be changed.
  2. Once the test has started, it can only be stopped if the individual has given up or dies.[6]
  3. When a test is created and implemented, the Regulars must be given fair and equal opportunities to pass. No Regular should be favoured over another.
  4. Test staff are likely prohibited from causing harm to the test-takers unless they're playing a role in the test where rules allow them to injure the Regulars,[7] for example: Quant during the Hide-and-Seek test[8] or Love during the Trustworthy Room test.[9]
  5. Rankers who are not participating in a test are not allowed to interfere with the test-takers.[10] They may interfere only if the test rules and conditions specifically allow them to do so. 
  6. Test staff cannot favour any specific Regular or make a specific Regular fail, but they can easily make the test almost impossible to pass for an entire group of Regulars.[11]
  7. A Guardian holds the fundamental right of the test. All rules that are created by authority of the Ruler of the Floor and their subordinates are completely meaningless in front of Guardian and its decision.[5]



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