Among the Regulars that entered the Tower, five individuals were said to be the top five strongest E-ranked Regulars at a time. To attain this title, it was assumed to revolve around the known acts that each had done to display their powers as the strongest. At the time Viole was on the 30th Floor, Varagarv was famous and known to be overwhelmingly strong and therefore thought to be the strongest E-rank Regular.

The top 5 E-ranked Regulars were more likely ranked based on fights, power, achievements and, before the Workshop Battle, none of then had fought each other. They are not necessarily recognized as such by Tower officials. Also, it is mostly taken account their physical prowess of a person and not their level of intellect, as seen when Koon told Chang Blarode that he couldn't beat him in a real fight.[1].

Names of the Top 5 E-Rank Regulars

Top 5 E-Ranks Regular

Silhouetes that belongs tothe Top 5 E-Rank Regulars

In the pentagram we can see:

They are all known for their incredible power in battle. We can note that the positions of Chang, Ran, Androssi and Anak are Fishermen. Varagarv's position still remains unknown.

Notes and Trivia

  • Although not in the same league, Novick was stated to be among the Top 10.


  1. Vol.2 Ch.60: 30F - One Shot, One Opportunity (3)


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