Among the Regulars that entered the Tower, three individuals were said to be the top three strongest D-rank Regulars at a time. To attain this title, it was assumed to revolve around the known acts that each had done to display their powers and abilities as the strongest based upon on fights, power and achievements.

Given the special examination of the Hell Train, which only D-rank Regulars may make, these Regulars are usually linked to the Hell Train. Because of this, many Regulars refers them as the "Three Top Predators" onboard the train.[1]

Names of the Top 3 D-Rank Regulars

So far, all of the top three strongest D-ranked Regulars have been revealed:

Notes and Trivia

  • Although not in the same league, Aka Williams can be considered a fearsome D-rank Regular.
  • According to SIU: "when he refers to those of the top three in D-class it's more like the three most well-known in each section of the D-class sectors. Strong D-class Regulars go up to C-class anyway. Of course, not saying the D-class top three are always weaker than them. And the top three D-class Regulars aren't always stronger than other D-class players. It's a flexible position. Of course, the Kaiser, Sachi, Lilial and Shilial are all extremely skilled among D-class". [2]


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