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Tinker Roche (팅커 로체, Tingkeo Loche) is a Ranker in the private personnel squad of Squadron Commander Kallavan in the 4th army corp of Zahard's Army.

Appearance and Personality

Tinker Roche has a similar appearance to Tinker Yolche, except that he is a male while Yolche is a female. They are very identical, with the same short silver-brown hair covering their eyes. He wears a midnight blue business suit or tuxedo. His suit is also decorated with tied grey ribbons, just like Yolche. It's very likely that they are twins or even maybe brother and sister.[1]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Three Orders

Tinker Roche was part of the force sent to the 2nd Floor to deal with Yu Han Sung. He accompanied Red Brubya, a Messenger of the Zahard Family. As a loyal servant of Kallavan, he intervened when Evankhell didn't want to comply with the orders from the King.

Tower of God: Part 3

The Intrusion

Roche, along with Yolche, Yolker, Ari Bright Sharon, Nissam, and Elpathion were shown blocking Evankhell's attack and trying to prevent her from going further to the Second Defensive Wall of The Nest.

A Rough War

As he and the other members of 4th Army Corp were facing Evankhell, Evankhell unleashed her Quad Rare Orb - Hellfire technique and scorched everything around her. He failed to notice that Evankhell directed her flame to kill him as he was distracted by Lo Po Bia Didiano's death. He died shortly before Yolche.

Powers and Abilities

Not much information known about his powers and abilities, besides that he seems to be very brave and confident to face Evankhell's attack directly in front of his face, trying to block her attack and provide cover for Tinker Yolche. But, right before he can show any skills, Yolker protected him with his shinsu barrier control.[2]

Notes and Trivia

  • Roche's full name is not officially "Tinker Roche", but it can be assumed due to his close looks and familiarity with Tinker Yolche. This is reinforced by their names being similar.[2]



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