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A timeline of all the events that happened in the webtoon.

The reference timeline is 0, when Bam entered the tower. The time before this will be notated with BB (before Bam) and after will be AB (after Bam).

Time works a little differently in the tower. A 5-6 years time skip in Tower of God is around 1-2 years in real life.

Volume refers to Seasons in the webtoon, to prevent confusion with anime seasons.


Content sourced from SIU's blogposts are not canon and may subject to changes in the future.

Most of the years are a rough estimation, for it is only known that Jahad ruled for tens of thousands of years. 

Time Event

~10,000 - 12,000+ years BB

Zahard and the Great Warriors enter the Tower [1]

They underwent revolution at the Hell Train. 

Grace Mirchea Luslec joins them on their ascension of the Tower.

~10,000 years BB Creation and introduction of the Zahard Empire

~5,000 - 10,000 years BB

Formation of FUG.

Arlen leaves the tower. 

Enryu enters the tower, kills the administrator on the 43rd floor, and leaves behind the thorn. 

1,000 years BB

Elaine arrives at the Name Hunt Station .

600 years BB

White commits atrocious actions within the Tower and is subdued by an unknown Zahard Princess from the same family.

Hoaqin and other White siblings sealed inside the Hell Train

Time Event
N/AAncient Giant Rak split body to five
N/AZahard and the Great Warriors enter the Tower
N/ASome point after they entered the Tower, Hell Train was created to train young Zahard and Great Warriors during their journey to climb the Tower.
N/ASome point after Hell Train was created, Zahard and Great Warriors undergo "Revolution" on the Hell Train. They learned the Shinwonryu skill.
N/ASome point after they underwent "Revolution", Zahard and Great Warriors stored the copy images of themselves in the Mirror of the Past.
N/AGrace Mirchea Luslec joins them on their ascension of the Tower
N/AQuadrado joins them on their ascension of the Tower
N/AGreat Warriors except Arlene and V, start having Children
N/AHa Yurin and Ari Han got laid.

The birth of Ha's Twins, first generation of Ha Family

N/AThe birth of Ha Jinsung, second generation of Ha Family
N/AChild Jinsung meet Zahard. Yurin introduce Jinsung to Zahard. Jinsung have conversation with uncle Zahard.
N/A### Age of Climbing ###

Children and descendants of Great Warriors start climbing the tower.

N/AArlene and V start relationship. As the two of them climb the Tower, they confirmed their love for one another and began a relationship.[2]
N/AZahard and Great Warriors reach the 134th Floor and stop climbing
N/A### The initial creation of the Hidden Floor ###

Disciple of Workshop found out that all images stored in the Mirror of the Past formed data world. The disciple decided to protect the data world and create special room to contain it.

N/AKing Zahard customize the Hidden Floor.

King Zahard deceive his young self.

N/AZahard announce his plan to become King of the Tower to his friends, the Great Warriors.[2]

Arlen and V who wanted to keep climb criticized Zahard.

N/AZahard made contract with Guardian and propose marriage to Arlen.

Arlen who is already engaged to V, refused Zahard and run away.[2]

N/AArlene and V form an organization to oppose Zahard and start to declare war to steal Key of the Tower[2]
N/APeople who dislike Zahard formed alliances under V. This include Ancient and Native One descendants.
N/A### The Great War ###

Arlene & V confrontation with Zahard & the remaining 10 Great Warriors

N/ATwenty-Fifth Baam is born
N/ABaby Baam was killed by Zahard
N/AArlene lost her sanity and become crazy
N/AV committed suicide
N/AArlen Grace and V allied forces lost the war
N/AZahard cursing people, the birth of The Cursed People, extermination of Native One descendant.
~10,000+ years BBZahard claimed the title as the King of The Tower. Creation and introduction of the Zahard Empire. Zahard’s reign had stood for several ten thousands of years and so were the glories of the 10 Great Families.[3]
N/AFormation of FUG
N/A### Age of Genesis ###

The Five Flower Nation and other factions or nations who supported FUG, sent their best Rankers to train with FUG.

Land of the Peach Blossom sent Dowon.

Hidden Grove is born. (Cha, Taro York, Khun Hynd Luch)

N/AZahard and 10 Great Families tired of the war. Zahard propose Coexistence or Extermination.

Boss/Captain who looks like Zahard visit Dowon.

Ancient War Hero Dowon was sealed.

N/ACha went on rampage. Killing many Zahard's Rankers.

Boss/Captain who looks like Zahard visit Cha.

Ancient War Hero Cha was sealed

N/AKhel Hellam went to challenge Zahard with the remaining Hidden Grove team members and were defeated horribly
N/AWall of Peaceful Coexistence established, END OF GENESIS ERA
N/AAdult Jinsung killed branch family and joins FUG
N/AEnryu enters the Tower
N/AEnryu slays 43rd Floor Guardian
~5,000+ years BBAdori Zahard is born
N/AHoaqin and his four other siblings merge and become the composite being "White"
White becomes a Ranker
N/AEurasia Enne Zahard becomes a Ranker
White becomes a Slayer
N/AEnne Zahard goes insane
Enne Zahard is sealed at the age of 482
~3,000+ years BBHa Jinsung fought young Kallavan
~3,000+ years BBKallavan takes Essence of Bravery, become High Ranker and join Zahard
~1,000+ years BBThe young child Lo Po Bia Elaine was selected to become Zahard's Princesses. But she failed after falling in love with a boy who apparently was testing her.

Teen Elaine was selected by Headon to become a Regular and climb the Tower

Elaine came to the Name Hunt Station to pay for her sins.

Lo Po Bia Alphine arrive at Name Hunt Station to serve Kaiser.

Kaiser rules the Name Hunt Station undefeated for over thousand years.

~600++ years BBWhite commits atrocious actions within the Tower and is subdued by an unknown Zahard Princess

White 'dies'. Hoaqin and his other White siblings sealed inside the Hell Train.

Sachi Faker, Daniel Hatchid, Aka Williams, Boro and Roen Yuia board Hell Train. They meet and fought Hoaqin to the end. Roen sacrifice herself to seal Hoaqin for once again.

~500+++ years BBYu Han Sung was born (Around same age with Yuri).[3]
~500+++ years BBHa Yuri Zahard was born. (She is older than 500 years old).[3]
~200-300+++ years BBYu Han Sung become a Ranker. He climb before Yuri and Lero-Ro.[3]
~200-300+++ years BBHa Yuri Zahard and Lero-Ro become Ranker at the same time.[3]
100-200++ years BBYuri quickly become a High Ranker within less than a century after becoming a ranker.[4]
N/APentaminum enters the Tower
Pentaminum's Zahard Palace Intrusion Incident
Pentaminum meet Ha Yuri Zahard in Zahard's Palace
N/ASome point after the Zahard Palace Intrusion Incident, Urek Mazino enters the Tower, chasing after Phantaminum, looking to challenge him.
N/AUrek traverses the Hell Train
Urek passes Arie Hon's special test
Urek becomes a Ranker in record time
N/AFormation of Wolhaiksong
N/AArie Hagipherione Zahard passes Arie Hon's special test. She is the second person to pass the test.
Several years BBKoon Maria Zahard selected to climb the Tower

Volume 1

Time Event Arcs Episodes

Bam enters the tower [5]. Evan gives him an A rank pocketYuri helps him pass Headon's first floor test.  

Bam teams up with Khun and Rak for the elimination tests. He passed Lero-Ro 's shinsu barrier test easily.

During the Crown Game, Anaak makes a bet with Bam for the Black March. Bam leaps off the chair to defend Rachel against Hwaryun. He became unconscious for 3 days. 

1. Ball

2. 3/400

3. The Correct Door

4. The Green April

5. The Crown’s Fate  

3 days -

1 month AB

Bam joins positioning lessons as a wave controller.

Endorsi and Anaak fight, revealing Anaak's backstory and the Jahad's princesses system. 

Khun fails his team for the Hide-and-Seek test to help Bam's team. Rachel is injured by Hoh .

6. Position Selection

7. Lunch and Tag

8. Khun's Strategy

1 month AB Positioning test ends. Bam reveals that he is an irregular in order to receive the administrator's test. Yu Han Sung reveals that he orchestrated everything. 

Unknown time later: Bam and friends takes the administrator's test. Ren attempted to kill Anaak but was stopped by Yuri's team. Yuri takes away the Green April

Rachel pushed Bam before the end of the test. Bam is declared dead. Hwaryun is assigned as Bam's guide. Yu Han Sung threatens to kill Bam's friends. Bam begins training with FUG under Ha Jinsung.

Lero-Ro and Quant leaves their jobs. Khun, suspecting something climbs the tower with Rachel, while most of the rest form a team with Shibisu

Volume 2

Time Event Arcs
6 years AB

Wangnan meets Jyu Viole Grace, at his last chance on the 20th Floor test. [6]

At The World's Strongest Regular Test, Viole wins first place. Viole was forced to pick 7 regulars as his teammate to ascend to the next Floor by the Test Administrator Mule Love, but he refused.

Love disobeyed the order from 20th Floor Test Director Augusgus and created an early test called The Trustworthy Room to settle the matter. Viole win the test, along with Wangnan, Miseng, Goseng, Horyang, Akraptor, Yihwa and Prince and Team Tangsooyook is formed.

Wangnan discovers Viole is an Irregular.

Four days later: Viole and Team Tangsooyook meets Urek Mazino during the test to get Zygaena's Flower in 21st floor.

8 years AB Workshop Battle begins
9 years AB Bam boards the Hell Train. [7]

Volume 3

Time Event
11 years AB Shibisu's team wakes up Khun [8]


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