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Pitbulls (투견, Too’gyeon, “Fighting Dogs”), also known as "Mad Dogs" are special fighters that were "created", trained, and raised in the place called Bayroad (베이로드, Bae’ee’rohdeu), which is the name of a secretive ‘pit’ (투견장, too’gyeonjahng, or “Dogfight Arena”). The Pitbulls will fight each other inside the arena until one drops dead.[1]

Sometimes they were also referred to as the Yama's Three Mad Dogs (야마의 광견, Yama-eui Gwahng'gyuhn, "Yama's Three Pitbulls"). These three individuals are very special Regulars who were sent by the FUG Slayer Baylord Yama to climb the Tower as a "show of force" of the Canines race.

Powers and Abilities

Blood Fusion (피 결합)

The process through which these ‘Pitbulls’ are ‘created’ is very interesting. They are born through ‘Blood Fusion' (피 결합, Pi Gyeolhap, or “Blood Union,” “Blood Combination,” “Blood Bonding,” etc.) which is forbidden in the Tower. Blood Fusion is the process in which a specific ‘something’ from a Family possessing great power is mixed into a baby in its embryonic or fetal stages to grant it said power. So basically, it's a method where two or more powerful bloodlines are mixed and injected.[2] Since all Mad Dogs were born through this blood fusion process, they all possess unique and strong powers that are unmatched by ordinary Regulars.

Known Mad Dogs

There are only 3 Mad Dogs that were ever created. Only two have been revealed so far, while the third Mad Dog remains unknown.

Unnamed Mad Dog 

Alternative Translations

  • Mad Dogs (LINE Webtoon)
  • Pitbulls

Notes and Trivia

  • Both of the Mad Dogs that have been revealed have been accompanied by a female partner that has 'angelic' qualities.
  • Despite their strong powers granted via blood fusion, Ron Mei implied that Mad Dogs would still find it difficult to match even one Princess of Zahard.[3]
  • The third mad dog has yet to be revealed




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