The three Mad Dogs (or the three Pitbulls from Bayroad), are the three Pitbulls Baylord Yama sent to become Regulars to show how strong his mad dogs were. They all carry the blood of powerful Families due to being born through a special process known as blood fusion; it is a method where two or more powerful bloodlines are mixed and injected.[1] Since the three pitbulls were born through this blood fusion process, they all possess unique and strong powers that are unmatched by ordinary Regulars.

One of the pitbulls is Varagarv, formerly the strongest E-rank Regular, and another is Buelsar Elliot who is currently allied with Rachel. The final pitbull has not been revealed yet.


3rd Mad Dog

Notes and Trivia

  • Both of the Mad Dogs that have been revealed have been accompanied by a female partner that has 'angelic' qualities.
  • Despite their strong powers granted via blood fusion, Ron Mei implied that Mad Dogs would still find it difficult to match a Zahard's Princess.[2]


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