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The Three Lords are a group of regents that take turns ruling every 1000 years over the Zahard Empire.


The Three Lords system is actually an old tradition that has existed since Zahard established the Zahard Empire in the Tower and stems from the crest of the crimson three eyes of the Zahard Family.[1]

The Three Lords have the highest authority in all the politics of the Tower, and have the final say on all items submitted by the Ruler's Conference.[1] To avoid being bound by their heredity, they discarded their surnames and use only their first name.[1]

Molic One P. GR

The eldest of the Three Lords. He is known as a conservative ruler who attaches great importance to the stability of the Tower.[1] The name Molic comes from the area he once lived in; Molic One means "the absolute Lord of Molic". He is the only one of the Three Lords whose background is unknown.[1]


Joochun is known to be a progressive Lord who strongly asserts the advancement to the next Floor.[1] Because he loves alcohol, he was named Joochun for 'alcoholic river'(Joo=alcohol chun=river).[1] He was born between Ari Han and a mother who was native to the Tower but, as his mother is said to have died as she gave birth to him, this makes him a member of the Ari Family.[1] There is a rumour that he is a drinking buddy of Urek Mazino, but this is unconfirmed.


The Lord is also known as the Magician. He is the first disciple of Macseth and is one of the fathers of the Gong Bang.[1] Like all the other fathers of the Gong Bang, Flux is an artificial organism created by Macseth. However, no one has seen his real self and only the illusions he made appear here and there in the Tower.[1]



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