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    Arlene Grace is said to be the mother of baam? we know that the leader of FUG is Grace Mirchea Luslec, it is said that "Grace" is a family name.. We also know that Ba'am other name is Jyu Viole Grace.. it is said that Luslec once helped the 10 great families climb the tower and he also helped Jahad become the king. So "what if" this Arlene Grace is the daughter of Luslec. And Jahad did something bad to Arlene thus making Luslecs relationship with Jahad sour. Thus Luslec then made FUG in vow to destroy the 10 great families and Jahad. This explains why FUG is helping Baam big time.. and why baam is said to be the one who shall end Jahad.

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    • It's been pointed out already, but you're already on the wikia.

      As for your theory, there is far too little information on relationship between Arlen and Lusted at this point; namely, we really only know that they are likely from the same family. However, there are FAR too many ways these two could end up with the same last name--there are siblings, mother and son, father and daughter, aunt and nephew, uncle and niece, grandparent and grandchild, even further removed blood relations, husband and wife, and even 'in-laws'.

      Since Garam isn't finished with her revelation speech, we should get more clues about their relationship. SPOILER In fact, we learn that Arlen was FAR higher in Grace Family hierarchy than Lustec, which--at the very least--suggests that she shouldn't be younger generation than he, and it's entirely possible that Lustec is Arlen's descendant and / or servant.

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    • woaah... I dont know where people get their spoilers, but thanks for pointing that out.. I was actually on another site writing this one, so I just copied i and posted it here. Sorry.

      I just love making up theories tho.. coz I am so pumped up on where the flow of this story is going..

      sorry for the misleading title tho.

      But seriously where do u guys get your spoilers? do you read the raw webtoon?

      by the way thanks for replying.. I feel touched.. I dont usually post here on the forum and if i do I rarely get replies. I'm just glad someone noticed. Thanks :)

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    • It's nice to be "eager/pumped", but do realise we had the "revelation" of Arlene at the end of the chapter on a cliffhanger. Concidering we knew nothing about her until now, how much of what is going to be said we're going to have no clue about ? So i'd advice to not "try" to connect things for now, it's really too early.

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    • EternET wrote:
      It's nice to be "eager/pumped", but do realise we had the "revelation" of Arlene at the end of the chapter on a cliffhanger. Concidering we knew nothing about her until now, how much of what is going to be said we're going to have no clue about ? So i'd advice to not "try" to connect things for now, it's really too early.

      ok copy that sir. it's just that I really really love making things up and making theories whether or not there are already enough evidences to support it..

      I am relatively inexperienced with this community compared to you guys. So I thought the forum was where we could just post anything from discussions to theories. So may I ask, is there a section here in ToG wikia where I can freely post my theories regardless of its evidences? There are just times where I really want to post up theories and find out if fellow readers might agree or disagree to my idea.

      I admit I was at fault here, for giving a misleading title, which I should have added that this was just a theory not really connecting thingsup and believing this is true. I have already edited my post. but anyways, thanks for pointing things out

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    • Ho, you're in the right section, it's just that concidering the informations that are funneling our way, your theories are going to have a lifepan of one week top.

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    • Wrote a whole message, but it's gone now, awww. 

      Didn't she say Arlene caused the tragedy? Which might mean, it's not Jahad's fault. Or perhaps he was to pushy in the end both of them fought until one died and thus the war was created ~

      There is not enough basis at the moment, except for the name and few minor details not enough.

      But if she's dead, could she be merged to the tower (shinso)? At the round game in the beginning, Baam seemed to have attacked Hwa Ryun and hurt her eye (which he couldnt have done at that time). Could it be her protecting her child? maybe ~ Perhaps a countiosness thing. :P  

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    • I think arlene is luslec's wife , bcs the "grace" name is at behind arlene , maybe luslec is baam's father and zahard jealous and kill arlene and baam bcs baam is luslec son, but baam survived :) 

      Sorry for my grammar 

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    • Maajor spoiler ahead

      So guys arlen was in love with someone called V. They had a child together but zahard got angry because he was in love with Arlen. He then murdered the baby, so arlen desperately left the tower(idk how) and she tried to revive himnwith the help of a god. So the revived child was baam btw. Then this god would send a messenger who would help the child to slay the false king(zahard). He would help him by giving him a thorn. This messenger entered the tower and when he saw what zahard and co. Did at floor 43 he got angry and killed a lot of rankers, including the guardian, WITH VERY LITTLE EFFORT. He then disappeared somewhere in the tower. This guy was enryu btw.

      EDIT (Athanos): This is how you can use spoiler formatting. You can visit the ShowHide template page for more information.

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    • And lke that this theory is over...

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    • yup. it is. should I remove it or will it dissappear eventually if no one comments on it anymore?

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