• Watch the new chapter when baam swam at blood of guardian, he's feel like he return to the place where he should be. We all know if baam from outside tower, and he's he light. Who is he really? Is he the inccernation of guardian?

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    • We had a short discussion about those feelings on the chapter itself. Possible theories that came up there: - Feelings of the demon from the Wine Glass - Feelings from Baams time at the cave - Afterwards I had the thought, that it may be because of the Thorn

      As there are tens of theories about Baams origin and not enough information from SIU its hard to tell which could be. Your guardian theorie is new to me and an interesting one, but personally, I think its a little bit far-fetched. ;) Especially as Guardians are beeings from inside the tower and Baam is (as SIU stated) from the Outside.

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    • Basically what the anon above me said. That feeling Baam felt is probably related to the Thorn, seeing it was originally found on that Floor, and remember that it was a shell of what it was before it was revived with the "devil" the FUG scientist on the Workshop found? The one that said with the power to rivaled a God?

      Now, there are a lot of wild theory regarding Baam's origin out there, and most of them are either related to Zahard due to his symbol found on that cave (but here's the thing, we don't know what that symbol meant outside of the Tower and the cave IS located outside of the Tower) or he's the original Zahard Prince that was left by Zahard, Enryu - either he's that "life" Enryu created or something to do with the Guardian he killed (again, doesn't seem plausible seeing there's no way out of the Tower because Zahard probably locked the only way out and that is to go up to the "real" top of the Tower) and Enryu has no method of transporting this life to outside of the Tower. There are other less known theories such as Baam being the manifestation of Shinsoo itself or the avatar of the Tower that was created by Phantaminum after he witnessed what Zahard did to the Tower. 

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    • I have a theory Well, a crappy and booey theory, but a theory nonetheless

      Baam is an amnesiac axis. Phantamium goes to TOG universe, looking for the axis there, and managed to defeat him, said Axis falls from his seat of power, but his Axis-field remain (Shinsoo and TOG universe), becoming... Baam.

      Then Baam will regain his axis power and solo the universe

      the end.

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    • This wouldn't be very interesting though.. -_-

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    • Just a crack theory, no worries, it probably won't happen....

      Or you just read SIU's post without you knowing.......

      Dat Mind Games, Much Plot Twist, Much Wow.

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    • Answer in the last chapter it seems ;).

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    • An anonymous Regular
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