• These are some theories and just a few things to throw out. Take it or leave it, and read at your own discretion. Some of them also don't go that well with each other, so it's not one big but several smaller theories. Let's start with the Tower. There's a story about how a man built the Tower so he could reach the star. But in practice it looks like it's the other way around. It wasn't the man who built the Tower, but the star/god who built the Tower, so that a man can climb it, but not without testing him and deeming him worthy, maybe to become a star/god himself. 

    So we kinda know that there were people already living in the Tower, by the time the 10 and Zahard came in. It is also known that Headon was the first one to meet them when they came into the Tower. Now it seems very likely that there were Irregulars before Zahard. If we think about Irregulars, SIU kinda stated that you need a special power to enter the Tower, or that the Tower itself kinda chose them. So where did they all go? 

    What if Guadians and Demons are fallen Irregulars of ancient times and while the Guardians deemed worthy of some kind of reward and got a position within the Tower the Demons might have failed to meet the standard for that or went crazy beforehand, but their souls/essence is still lingering around trying to reach the Top by any means necessary. If you think about a Tower without native people it seems very much like the first stage of Revolution. Maybe the initial climbers were meant to go through that kind of process by natural means, similar to Baam (I expect that he might have went through the very first phase or at least a part the first phase of Revolution in that cave), but in the long process of climbing some of them might have gone crazy. So in order to avoid that people were put into the Tower, to entertain the Irregulars, and the process of Revolution was attempted to be simulated by other means, like later on with the Hell Train. 

    Now let's think about Headon for a bit. He's the first Guadian Zahard and Friends met when they entered the Tower and the first they made a contract with. Now while Zahard climbed and conquered floors it was always mentioned that he's just conducting tests on behalf of the Guardians and that they remain the true masters of their floors, but I'm not sure if they actually stay in charge after their Floor Tests have been passed. My assumption is that Headon is actually gaining the highest position (below the actual God of the Tower) over the Floors Zahard conquered and that he's actually attempting to gain influence over all of the Floors of the Tower. That's why he wants Zahard or someone else aligned with him to keep climbing the Tower. 

    I actually think that Headon might have been the first Irregular inside of the Tower, back when there were no Guardians. He was tested by the God himself, but didn't pass and became the first Floor Guardian afterwards, wishing to some day get to the star/God (again?) to confront/challenge the God once more, maybe not personally. Now let's take the 3 other Guardians we've heard of to use some of the spare information that we have on Guardians. We have the 2nd Floor Guardian, who seems to be aligned under Headon as he let's him interfere greatly with his test (FUG people in charge of the Floor and Rankers playing around in the middle of the test). We also have the 135th Floor Guardian, that is said to be extremely hostile. Now the 2nd Floor Guardian didn't seem to mind to have his test passed by a bunch of people (Season 1 plot), but that wasn't a test where his supremacy over his Floor was on the line. What if the 135th Floor Guardian is so hostile, because he is the vanguard of the unconquered Floors and doesn't want to lose his power to Headon, at least not without the contestants of the tests to show that they surpass/ed him (It is quite possible that the Guardians got a severe power up, when they received their position, so it might be enough to show the Guardian greater potential than his former Irregular strength rather than having to actually be stronger than him in his Guardian form). He wants to prove his worth as someone who himself came that high and only wants to let those get past him, that show that they are truly worthy. There could also be a rivalry between Headon and that certain Guardian (assuming Headon was the first Guardian he could have relationships with all or most of them as they all had to get past him). I also find it possible that Headon had a hand in Zahard actually getting as far as he did. Maybe Headon is considered so strong and influential by the other Guardians, so that some of them didn't go too hard on Zahard and the 10 as to not upset Headon, but they still had to play their role to test them properly. Maybe the 135th Floor Guardian knows that everyone coming to see him to get his test actually had to have come through Headon, and is therefore so hostile or was very hostile towards Zahard and the other people who have seen it. Then at last we have the dead 43th Floor Guardian, and Headon seems to be interested in those events, maybe feeling responsible or just curious as to who was strong enough to do that, but not being part of his group of little adventurers. 

    Now let's come to the deal Zahard made with Headon. I think that's on of the main aspects in Tower of God, the way Zahard became King and why Luslec had a problem with that. I don't think it was something petty like revenge on Luslecs part, but instead something very important, a key aspect for all of the people of the Tower. So why was such a deal beneficial to Zahard and Headon?

    Let's start with Headon. The Tower is meant to be climbed, but nobody has ever reached the Top, at least it doesn't look like that under the current god (maybe there were different gods at different times). So Headon does want someone to climb the Tower, but he does want that person to be in his pocket. He made a deal with Zahard right away and he also seems to get Baam with the deal he made with Rachel. Urek might not have shown the interest and maybe not the talent for Headon, but Headon is said to look for Enryu after he slew a Guardian. 

    So Headon doesn't have the best track record when it comes to having people reach the Top of the Tower under him, so I guess that Zahard and the 10 told him that they could do a better job at improving people while climbing the Tower. I guess Headon agreed to that under the condition that they have to clear the Guardian tests before putting their own system in place of each Floor, because obviously if their teacher isn't even able to pass the test how could he expect their students to get stronger than that, so that was the minimum requirement for enforcing their system. Also if you think about it, it seems interesting that Headon actually stayed in full charge on his Floor, obviously because the Irregulars are the people who are actually supposed to climb the Tower and are therefore very important to him.

    So the deal made Zahard King and made it so people from the Tower are allowed to climb it, but in exchange Zahard has to make sure the tests are conducted properly according to certain standards. As I've mentioned before I think that originally the people of the Tower were just there to entertain the Irregulars, so Headon probably didn't feel too bad about making Zahard the King of them. Zahard and Headon then promised the people of the Tower that they could get anything they could ever imagine if they got to the Top, but in the end that is probably not something any Regular could ever get, as the Guardian tests are meant for Irregulars. In the end they are just used to maintain the testing and as stepping stones once an Irregular enters the Tower. That's what I think Luslec found out about Zahard, that he is simply using the people of the Tower, promising them things that aren't meant for them, it's the complete opposite of what Rachel told Baam in that cave. Rachel told Baam a story about the chosen people (Regulars) in the Tower, but it seems like they weren't chosen for that at all. It's the Irregulars (Baam) who are the only ones who have the right to actually climb to the Top of the Tower and no one else. People risk their lives, kill each other, betray one another just for power, ultimately just to stand over other people. I don't think Luslec has a problem with Zahard being King just because he came out of nowhere taking all for himself, because, at that time, he was the strongest in the Tower, who claimed that position. 

    Now there probably still lies responsibility in Zahard climbing the Tower further up towards Headon, so he probably has 2 choices here, the same as Headon, I suppose. He either tries to climb up further on his own (not alone; from Headon's point it's Zahard himself climbing) or he finds someone to do it in his name. 

    Then there's also the aspect of the workshop and human experiments. Trying to artificially create stronger beings, maybe for training purposes or to eventually use it on Irregulars themselves to make them stronger or to develop weapons that make them stronger.

    The last thing I want to talk about is the Zahard's Princesses. What if their acual purpose is to bear children? 

    As mentioned before, Zahard's job is to make sure that the Tower is climbed further under his or Headon's name. So naturally there would also be the possibility of having an extremely powerful child, whose power you could use to gain great strength. Zahard's Princesses probably live thousands of years and are all beautiful. They also don't seem to have many responsibilities. It's like their entire life is a test, being beautiful, but never able to be close to anyone for all their life, which is pretty much forever, since they are pretty much immortal, almost set up to fail at some point. Maybe the children of the Princesses are used to make Ignition Weapons or specifically the 13 month series stronger or they use them in a sacrifice (like Hoaquin's Demon) to give strength to someone, maybe Zahard himself, while they seal the Princesses themselves.  Then there's Heice Zahard, who refused a 13 month series weapon and the Eurasia Family to forbid their daughters to become Princesses, probably for a reason.

    Then there's also the theory about Eurasia Enne Zahard being Baam's mother. Baam was thrown out of the Tower (or born outside) so that he could enter it as an Irregular and eventually climb the Tower further than anyone else in the Zahard Empire. Enne might have realized that she had been set up and fount out what they wanted to do with Baam and then went crazy. If that's the case then that's somehow interesting how Zahard could have Enne locked up somewhere, while Headon has Rachel in his claws.

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    • This was definitely a mouthful to read, very extensive Rachellover, very extensive. I've replied to your stuff in numbered sections; makes it easier for myself hehe. Oh, and just for clarification, I'll be using the term "Outsiders" to refer to the non-Tower native Irregulars; reason being it helps the theories make more sense in my head.

      1) "God" made the Tower for the man to climb, not vice-versa
      That's a theory I've heard before but I'm really indifferent to it since either possibility is as likely as one another.

      2) Ancient Outsiders are Guardians and/or "Demons" & The Process of Revolution
      The idea of "fallen" Outsiders sounds a little iffy to me. For someone to 'fall', they need to be corrupted by something and usually the corrupter is a demon, devil or at least something vaguely evil/incomprehensible (which would indicate demons or thereof are already existent). That being said, if these ancient Outsiders died on their climb up the Tower then I suppose their soul/essence could've been twisted and deformed enough to become something demonic.
      With the Guardians, it wouldn't sound out of place to me if they were 'transcended Outsiders' i.e. Outsiders that were transformed into 'gods' of their own Floor. So many theories now pouring into my head... but I won't discuss them here (there's too many popping up in my brain and some of them conflict with each other).
      I don't think the process of Revolution is completely necessary for Outsiders. For example, Urek Mazino most likely didn't need it since he was already powerful, had clear goals/motives and probably knew his "true self". Not to mention, the entire concept of Revolution (i.e. finding one's true self) sounds like something applicable to anyone and everyone regardless of whether they're a Tower native or an Outsider. As for a Tower without natives, that's an interesting thought for another discussion.

      3) Headon the Usurper
      The Guardians still retained complete control over their Floors even after the Zahard 11 passed and conquered them; the Guardians are the utmost authority over their respective Floors. I've not heard anything indicating Headon conducted tests on behalf of the other Guardians..? I do find it odd that Headon works with the Zahard Empire by selecting Regulars to climb. What reason would he have for doing so ? What contracts has Headon made with Zahard ?
      I don't think Headon is using the Zahard 11 to take control over the Tower's Floors. My reasoning comes from fact that Guardians are almost completely invincible; if a Guardian wanted to annihilate everything on their respective Floor, I can't see anything that could stop them from doing so (bar sufficiently powerful Outsiders, like Enryu). But then even in the case of the Zahard 11, what's stopping the Guardians from just breaking their contracts with them ? I'm pretty sure that would severely hinder the Zahard 11 (and their empire) if such a thing were to happen. Then what power would Headon have ?
      If anything, from the way that Headon has spoken as well as his ability to go anywhere in the Tower, it seems more likely to me that Headon is already an extremely authoritative being in the Tower; something similar to second-in-command below the actual "god of the Tower" (if there is a god of the Tower).

      4) Headon, Zahard, the Kingship and the Empire
      Now, rather than being something Headon proposed, I feel like it was Zahard who is more to blame when it comes to Mirchea's rebellion and subsequent formation of FUG. Remember when the "god" of guardians hoped that Baam didn't take the same path as Zahard during the first stage of Revolution ? Well it seems like Zahard chose the path of "conquer, subjugate, control" and thus used his power to build an empire that he was king of and had control/authority over. This empire allowed Tower natives to climb (like Outsiders can) and gave them to chance to gain power and riches but whether Zahard's empire was a product of Headon's meddlings doesn't seem completely apparent to me. I mean I have no way of telling what contract Zahard initially made with Headon, but I don't think it directly affected how Zahard became king or the empire he created.
      Headon is too big of a mystery for me to properly wrap my head around but, kind of like how I mentioned above, to me it seems like Headon is a direct subordinate of the Tower itself. So rather than Headon being the one who wants people to reach the top of the Tower, I think it is the Tower itself that wants people to reach the top, with Headon being a 'retainer/living vessel' to help the process along.

      5) The Workshop
      Gong Bang are just as mysterious as Headon is. They exist inside and outside the Tower so what do they seek to achieve ? Here's an outrageous theory: what if the Gong Bang are the creators of the Tower itself (or at the very least, the original builders of the enigmatic structure) ?

      6) The Princesses
      Hmmm, not a bad theory. Although I don't think there have been enough Princess pregnancies for their children to be made into Ignition Weapons. Does make me wonder exactly why Ashul Edwaru made the 13 Month Series... I refuse to believe they are 'ornamental' weapons or just possessions to denote great influence/achievement.
      Ugh... IF Enne were Baam's mother, for him to be an actual Outsider he would've had to have been born outside the Tower i.e. Enne would've had to leave the Tower (something considered nigh impossible) to give birth to him before somehow re-entering the Tower again. On the other hand, if you go with the premise that Baam was birthed inside the Tower before being chucked out, then that makes him a Tower native and not an Outsider which instantly negates the theory.

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    • Don't throw a pack of theories the one above the other. It's too ricky to mix the singular and the pack, so if we can deny one point, we'd say it's all bs, and if you find confirmation, you'd say it's all true/probable. Whatevs

      Before Zahard: Yes there was tower inhabitants, however Ashul Edwaru 's book seems to indicate there weren't irregulars, nor current weapons.

      The story about the guy building the tower to catch his star is also a story about loneliness, very important knowing Baam's behavior.

      Oh don't forget that "God" can be a number of people: inside the tower, inhabitants concider guardians as such. There's the tower builder "the baron", there's the axis in charge of the story : Phantaminum. See it's not that simple.

      God of guardians seems to imply the hell train was created purposely for the irregulars...Since only irregulars can take guardian's tests, hence advance the tower, is it too far fetched to say...The whole tower was made for the irregulars ? 

      Phantaminum went to see Zahard himself... Why ?

      Fallen irregulars become guardians/demons : idk, there's also something about shinsoo. There's also something with irregular's powers.

      Zahard princesses : We don't know about the "process" a regualr gets Zahard's power, however Androssi seems to remember it somehow traumatically (and remember in hide and seek she has no remorse admitting killing all her sisters to become a Zahard princess). Besides there's also this famous "price" for the one that could collect the full 12 months series set.

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    • Edit: I already mentioned at the beginning that those are several theories not one big, so you can look at them independently or not, your choice.

      Well it might not be a matter of where you were born, but how you got into the Tower. If you get in yourself you're free from the contracts, regardless of where you were born (that obviously very well might be wrong).

      It seems that originally only Irregulars were meant to climb and as I say it might be the case that the Regulars aren't actually there to have a shot at climbing the Tower higher, but to be like a stepping stone for Irregulars to become stronger(I actually think that this might be a big part of the plot, people finding out that they're there to be used by other to become stronger with no real purpose for themselves and that possibly changing and therefore ultimately the Tower changing). Like if there's no competition there's no reason for you to become stronger and it's harder to improve when everyone around you is very weak.

      You could see entering the Tower as the first part of the test to conquer the Tower. Something the Regulars from the Tower never did themselves. And also the first floor. Headon collects them and brings them to the 2nd floor, but why don't they have to take a test as well? Is the process of being selected already a replacement for the 1st test or does it ultimately not really matter that they don't pass that test themselves, because they aren't qualified in the first place since they didn't enter the Tower, the Tower didn't chose them or whatever you want to call it. You could say Baam was chosen by the Tower, but he still had to take a test to advance. Also if you think about Rachel and what Headon told her. He said that compared to Baam she wasn't qualified to climb the Tower, but what about all the other Regulars he selects? Compared to Baam most of them are shallow and evil and weak, but he clearly holds Irregulars and Regulars to different standards and not only in regards to strength. Admittedly it seems kind of questionable that Headon would go through that much effort to select Regulars that aren't really meant to climb further, but maybe that was a part that Headon suggested so that he could retain 100% in control over his own floor, without having it look suspicious or so that he can be involved on other floors without looking suspicious. Or maybe there's just not that much to do for him. xP He also seems to be somewhat interested in the ongoing inside of the Tower as he knows Yuri and Evan, as well as what the 13 month series is and he has some sort of relationship with FUG (YHS), which very well might be in case an Irregular entered, so that he could control things better.

      If you think about the contract Zahard made there are a couple of things, for example that it doesn't only affect people who were born in/under the Zahard Empire, but also people who already lived inside of the Tower before that. They are sort of being enslaved by it, but their upside is that they can now start climbing the Tower like Irregulars(somewhat similar, not entirely), or at least that's what they think. They could become stronger, but not as strong as Irregulars and even if they did they are still protected by contracts(at least to some degree) and they are also unable to take tests further up, because they are not Irregulars.

      Also if you think about what Lero Ro and Yuri say in season 1. Yuri was under the impression that Headon wouldn't want Irregulars inside of the Tower, while Headon was extremly amused after he saw Baam take the test and Lero Ro said that Irregulars violate the laws of the Tower, but it certainly seems more that those are laws of the Zahard Empire rather than the Tower in general, so I don't really think they know a lot about the bigger picture of the Tower.

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    • There is something wrong with what you said. Rachellover. Non-irregulars can take guardian tests as long as it is in the stead of an irregular (Zahard...). Some floors were conquered by princesses, therefore it means that normal rankers as long as they accept the "Zahard's slavery" thing. Also, it seems high rankers have the right to attempt the test for 135f, why is it no one managed it?

      I feel the "insiders" climbing the tower is only so you could create an empire. I mean, to have power over floors, you need to have the rulers of these floors under your control. Thus you need ton put/appoint people as rulers. And for them to become one, they'd need to climb the tower...the ladders... Like Zahard did it with the tower.

      But maybe we're looking at it the wrong way. Maybe it is a contract with the 10 so tbey could start their family/clan. Of course, they'd still be vassals to the emperor.

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    • They can take part in the test, but they would still only be extras. Like pets to the Irregulars doing what their master told them. And the Guardians might not really care about them running around since they aren't 'real' contestants. 

      And saying they have the right to attempt to climb further but then being unable to even get what their test is themselves, seems like a false promise in the first place. While I guess we don't exactly know how the Guardian of that floor would react if an Irregular came to him and if he would be willing to give them a test or if he's hostile towards everyone or only people of the Zahard Empire. And it's also unknown if that's something specific to that one Guardian or if that's the standard for the unconquered floors.

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    • I'm not really a person for theories and in-depth analysis , but I can also give 2 more reasons as to why Eurasia Enne Zahard is not Baam's mom.

      1) She would've been hunted down by the(Zahard's) empire before she went insane , as Princesses of Zahard are not allowed to have babies.

      and finally ,

      2) It has been constantly suggested in the manhwa that Baam has a weak physical body , a trait that is the opposite of children of Zahard's power/bloodline. Even if it were to be a half blood child of a Zahard Princess , as in the case of Anak Zahard and her child , the child would still have a powerful physical body.

      Apart from that , this discussion has been very interesting and I enjoyed reading all of it. Really hoping to see what SIU has in store for us. Shit's gonna be good.

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    • To 1) According to one of these theories Zahard used the Princess/es for a reason and also made that rule for a reason, other than the one that is known to the public (keeping the power from spreading uncontrolably). Therefore it wouldn't make sense to act rashly, Also you have to assume that Enne would know about the rules of being a Princess and wouldn't run around announcing it to the world. She would be trying to hide it or go full offense, when she sees no way out.

      2) None of the Princesses are born as such. Therefore the argument that they all have a strong body doesn't really mean that much, when it comes to power that is gained with the blood. To be chosen as a Princess you need abilities far stronger than those of other people and it's probably just one of the aspects where they excel. I don't really doubt or question that they do gain some bonus from the blood, enhancing their physical abilities, but I don't think that it's enough of an argument to use when it comes to a boy who was locked in a cave all his life, without any exercise or the presence of Shinsoo, which seems to be the basis of almost everything inside of the Tower.

      Like when you look at the recent chapters, where Evan was so concerned for Yuri going through the acid. You'd think Yuri would have an amazingly strong physical body, but if she doesn't use any Shinsoo, it really doesn't amount to much and she'd probably die like anyone else.

      My point here is that while it certainly seems the physical side of Baam seems to be his weakness, his progress in that aspect is certainly not underwhelming for someone who's only been in the Tower for such a short time. Some of the Regulars are hundreds of years old and specialize in physical combat and are nowhere near where Baam is. Unfortunately you can't keep the Shinsoo out of the equation, but everyone is using it, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

      To make another assumption here for the very end of the TOG story. I think eventually it will be about overcoming the boundaries of Shinsoo and finding something of your own.

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    • An anonymous Regular
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