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The Workshop Battle: Tournament (공방전: 토너먼트) or simply just Tournament (토너먼트) is the tenth arc of the second story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

The Development Tournament finally began with all the vanguards heading into the battle area. Wangnan headed for the Summoning station, Boondawan knocked out his opponent and Beta washed up on the beach.

Team FUG and Team Mad Dog started to move out as their semi-final match began. Wangnan finally reached the summoning station and prepared to summon Quaetro Blitz, but is attacked by Team after the arrival of Tebo & Lebo. Over in the North Battle Area, Horyang noticed that Team Mad Dog's members were stalling rather than attacking whilst elsewhere Viole reached the place where the real Thorn was stored. Reflejo followed behind him but was stopped by Novick, with Reflejo quickly realizing they were working with Team Mad Dog.

Wangnan and the others' he summoned

A few flashbacks reveal a series of events that led up to Novick teaming up with Team Mad Dog, just as Reflejo began to attack him in anguish. Suddenly Reflejo gains his composure, something Novick wasn't expecting. Back at the summoning station Wangnan engaged Tebo & Lebo and, after Khun worked out their weakness, defeated the pair just as Quaetro was summoned. Wangnan further summoned Rak, Yihwa and AKraptor before moving on to the waiting room.

Viole arrives at where the Thorn is stored

In the cavern where the Thorn was stored, Beta told Viole of the Thorn's history. Outside, Reflejo had finished telling Novick the same things. He went on to reveal that everything up to that point had been planned as well. As Beta prepared to trap Viole, Novick is attacked by Ridong and Viviolga. Fortunately, Horyang interceded and, after taking out the former two, he and Novick fled. They ran into Yuto who told them to follow. Back at the Thorn's location, Beta successfully trapped Viole at the bottom of the cavern.

When the results of the other semi-finals are announced, Khun wondered what was going on.

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Notes and Trivia

  • This is the first story arc to have more than one break during its run. The first one occured between chapter 81 and 82 due to Chuseok,[1] while the second one was between chapter 82 and 83 due to the author's poor health condition.[2] Both are one-week break.[3]



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