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The Workshop Battle: Thorn (공방전: 가시) or simply just Thorn (가시) is the eleventh arc of the second story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

The mysterious guy continued to observe the ongoing battle, wondering how Viole would cope in this situation. When Leesoo heard the other semi-finals results, he was totally confused. Suddenly Hatsu appeared telling his teammates that they had to go and save Baam.

Miya approaches Khun

When Khun's team entered the waiting area for semi-final teams, Khun went to watch the recording of the Mad Dog vs FUG semi-final. While watching, he was approached by Miya who exposed herself as one of the three Gamblers planted by FUG. As Khun mulled over what he was told, he is called by Leesoo. Meanwhile, Yuto showed Novick and Horyang where Viole was being trapped and Beta prepared to move out.

Down in the cavern, a trapped Viole received a chilling visit from Reflejo while back at the semi-final waiting area, Khun is apprehended by a slightly disgruntled Leesoo and Hatsu. Hatsu delivered the news he got from Lero-Ro, to which Khun relayed to everyone else shortly afterward. Khun later came up with a plan to retrieve Baam by summoning him.

Suddenly all the intruders are released from their cells after some tampering by Lero-Ro. The semi-finals of the Development Tournament began with Khun and Leesoo's team heading off in their planned directions. Paul Belkrohn and Macha immediately intercepted them but Rak and Yihwa engaged them, allowing Wangnan and Quaetro to get away.

Elsewhere, Beta is enabled to participate by swallowing Medina. Back in the ensuing fight, Rak and Yihwa overwhelm their opponents just as Beta appeared and Yuto, Novick and Horyang reached their destination. The three moved out, ready to break Viole out whilst Beta sped off after Wangnan and Quatro with Rak and Yihwa in pursuit. Along the way to the item shop, Quaetro took on an assailant leaving Wangnan to continue onwards.

Yuto revealing her identity as Hwa Ryun

Vespa intercepted Beta but is outmaneuvered and overwhelmed until Rak and Yihwa appeared. Meanwhile, Horyang and Novick prepared to take out Pandit and Grobin. Viole struggled in his bindings while Reflejo pondered Yuto's motives. Yuto then contacts him and they have a final conversation where she reveals that she is actually Hwa Ryun and that their plans to turn Viole into an Ignition Weapon would fail.

Having killed Pandit and Grobin, Horyang and Novick break through but are then blocked by a Workshop patrol, Blue Titan. As Novick attempted to open the door while Horyang held of the Blue Titan, Viole suddenly opened the door and blasted the Patrol through its chest, destroying it.

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Alternate Translation

  • The Workshop Battle: The Needle (Line Webtoon US)


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