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The Workshop Battle: The Truth (공방전: 진실) or simply just The Truth (진실) is the ninth arc of the second story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

In his cell, Traveller realized in bewilderment that he wasn't the only one wanting to free Emile. Meanwhile, Hatsu took on a Level 60 Guguah Crab, and won, but was saved from its self-destruction by the timely arrival of Lero-Ro. He then 'recruited' Hatsu and told him they were going to prevent the creation of the most terrible weapon. In his quarters, Madoraco mused that they would soon have Jyu Viole Grace in their hands.

Milky white Androssi enters

At the winners' party, Wangnan sat depressed at Khun's result and Androssi wowed the crowd with her beauty. Anak encountered Ran, who asked her if she knew Viole personally since it looked like he did. Anak, surprised by his question, told him they didn't. Miseng and Prince, dressed up in cloaks and pumpkin heads, brought Goseng and Horyang together and the two proceeded to dance. Afterward, the two talked and Horyang revealed that he met with Sophia again, but also found out that everything he knew may have been a lie used only to forward her research.

Elsewhere Rak is beating up Parakewl for causing their team to lose, but Yihwa stops him before he does any real damage. Rak decided to take matters into his own hands and told Yihwa he was going to meet with Baam. Back at the party, a disguised Androssi eyes Viole.

In the guest room, the 10 Gamblers wait to see what decision would be made. Io arrived and proposed a new tournament for the eight losing Gamblers, called the "Development Tournament". Androssi got annoyed at being led in the wrong direction and Beta met up with Viole on a roof. After asking him, Beta revealed that the Thorn inside Viole is actually a fake and the real one was being held by the The Workshop.

Rak and Baam share a heartfelt embrace

Back in their room, Khun explained the Development Tournament to Wangnan, Akraptor, and Dan. Over where FUG's residence, Rak, Yihwa, and Androssi encounter a surprised Viole. Viole attempted to escape but was intercepted by Parakewl and tackled down by Rak. It was then that they confirmed that Viole really was Baam. As Horyang struggled to leave, Androssi and Co escaped before they were noticed. Afterward, Reflejo and Beta each moved into action, ready to kill Viole's team.

The next day the Development Tournament began.

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