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The Workshop Battle: One Shot, One Opportunity (공방전: 원 샷 원 오퍼튜니티) or simply just One Shot, One Opportunity (원 샷 원 오퍼튜니티) is the sixth arc of the second story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

Io explaining the rules

Io explained the rules of the game to the Regulars, then informed them they had 60 seconds until the safety was lifted. Khun noticed some Regulars running outside their building and pretended to shoot Wangnan, drawing in the Regulars by the scream elicited from Wangnan’s mouth. Afterwards, they were contacted by Goseng through her Lighthouse, telling Khun that Miseng and Prince had been separated due to their phobia of heights. Hearing this, Khun made the decision to send Dan up and run to the observatory with Wangnan despite the ongoing fighting.

Meanwhile, Hatsu, Leesoo, and Anak were running from their lodgings to the center of the battle to get more bullets. As they were doing so, Androssi gave them four bullets, along with paparazzi who let slip the location of the FUG lodgings. However, it turned out that it was merely a ploy on Androssi’s part to find Viole, whom she knew had left the lodgings beforehand.

In the FUG lodgings, Viole’s team were discussing what to do when they were alerted to Anak Zahard’s presence. When it was clear she wasn't going to move, the FUG team went back to discussing what to do. Reflejo decided to wait for Viole’s return, moving out to attack only when the number of tickets had fallen below 100. Outside, Leesoo was waiting for the rest of his team to get into position, only attacking when the numbers of tickets had fallen below 100 as well.

Traveller and Viole blowing up Blue Dog

In area D-52, Viole had finished setting up the bomb and asked the Traveller why the Workshop patrols were chasing him. The Traveller revealed that he had been trying to break into Archimedes because the prize of the tournament was a human and that human was someone dear to him. Just then, Blue Dog came in and they detonated the bomb. Unfortunately, it had its shields up and Viole moved in to attack it. Just as he was about to do so, Androssi came in and kicked the Blue Dog into the ground, destroying it in one blow. Before Viole could recover, Androssi pointed a gun to his head. Since the transmitter disruptors had been broken by Androssi’s entry, Viole’s gun dropped down distracting Androssi. She turned but was frozen by Viole, who got ran and picked up his gun. He provoked Androssi, calling her a tank and she rushed into a load of bombs the Traveller threw. The two of them got away, leaving Androssi to deal with the following Workshop patrols. Outside, the two of them parted ways, the Traveller saying that Viole didn’t seem like a bad person. As he left, Viole read the rules and dashed back to his lodgings.

In the town, Quatro and Chang had just gotten bullets and went up to where Goseng and the rest were hiding. When they arrived, Chang was about to shoot all of them when Wangnan and Khun arrived in a nick of time, forcing Chang to accept Khun's deal. The two of them were sent up and gave Khun all their bullets.

Afterwards, Goseng wanted to go and help Prince and Miseng, but Khun wouldn’t allow it. Akraptor agreed and he and Wangnan sent everyone up. However, once he had done so Wangnan threw a tantrum, insisting to go save Prince and Miseng or else he’d commit suicide. Disgusted, Khun located Prince and Miseng, giving Wangnan their location.

Hatsu executing Spectral Dance

Unknown to Wangnan, Prince and Miseng had been captured by Verdi as pets. She, along with Amigochaz and Vespa went to their respective battle positions and Leesoo gave the signal for Anak to fire her spear. She did so and encountered Ran and Novick. Outside, Hatsu took Cassano by surprise with a shinsu-enhanced slash. Hatsu and Cassano fought and, though Cassano thought his skin couldn't be pierced, Hatsu revealed he had trained an insane amount and now his sword could be strengthened to cut through Cassano’s weapon-like body. He brought Cassano to his knees with Demonic Fish Wheel Dance but was distracted by an explosion from Androssi fighting the Workshop Patrols. Cassano took this chance and attacked, breaking Hatsu’s sword. Defeated, Hatsu was still sent up by Cassano.

Back in FUG lodgings, Anak charged at Ran and Novick. Novick blocked but was still blown back into the wall by Anak’s immense strength. Being shown this display of strength, Ran pulled out an item that created a storm cloud that obscured his movements and limited Anak’s vision. He tricked her into throwing her spear at Novick, using him as a distraction to attack her. Enraged, Anak used all four baangs to blast away the storm cloud, but Ran had jumped out of the window and prepared to shoot her. Anak flipped over and prepared to shoot Ran, but Viole arrived and froze them both, shooting them both with a Holy bullet.

Once the battle was done, Xia Xia notified them that Leesoo and Vespa were approaching Yuto. Xia Xia wanted to attack them, but Viole knew Leesoo must have had a plan. He asked Novick to send Reflejo up, then went to Yuto’s location.

Viole defeating Vespa with his Thorn

Yuto was fighting evenly with Vespa but was distracted and put off rhythm by shinsu blasts from the outside by Laure. Leesoo was stationary, directing Amigochaz’s drill from below. Amigochaz, Laure, Leesoo and Vespa cornered and injured Yuto; she would have died if Viole hadn’t appeared and rescued her.

Viole ripped off some of Yuto’s robe to cover his face, then faced off with Leesoo’s team. Verdi’s pet shot a ring on Viole’s finger, sealing off his shinsu. Amigochaz and Vespa then went to attack Viole and Yuto took a direct hit from Vespa’s poison. Realizing he couldn’t defeat them without any advantages, Viole used his Thorn to quickly defeat Amigochaz and Vespa. Leesoo was hesitant to admit defeat and only did so when Verdi told him Horyang had appeared in front of her.

Horyang had been directed by Khun, who was running over to Wangnan’s position when Wangnan had caught up with Verdi. Meanwhile, Viole negotiated honey to treat Vespa’s poison as well as their Holy bullets. When Verdi was going to the rendezvous point, Wangnan tried to stop her but was knocked aside. He ran to Horyang, pleading for him to come back, but Horyang declined, walking back to the FUG team.

Verdi leaving with Prince and Miseng

When Viole had treated Yuto, Novick came to him, warning him not to push himself or he might end up damaged. Viole simply said he didn’t care because he had lost his reason to live long ago. Sadly, Khun watched from behind a wall and went to where Wangnan was. Unknown to him, Rak had been following him since he ran to Horyang in the sewer. Viole went back with Novick to the rest of his team and they sent each other up.

Khun arrived at a depressed Wangnan. He turned and stared wide-eyed at Rak, who had been behind Khun the whole time.

Back in D-52, Androssi had just finished breaking hordes of Workshop Patrols. She saw the Traveller running and pounced on him, yelling at him to find Jyu Viole Grace. The Traveller angrily responded that he was 25th Baam, when Bong Bong appeared behind Androssi. She turned the Traveller over to the Workshop in return for a ticket up to Archimedes.

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Alternate Translation

  • The Workshop Battle: One Shot, One Opportunity Game (LINE Webtoon US)

Notes and Trivia

  • After the end of the story arc, SIU decided to take a two-week break between chapter 65 and 66 to recover from wrist pain.[1][2][3]



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