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The Workshop Battle: Closure (공방전: 결착) or simply just Closure (결착) is the thirteenth arc of the second story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

Viole and Beta fight fiercely but Viole soon overwhelmed him. Beta fruitlessly attempted to attack again but his condition prevented him from doing so. Before the Workshop guards could eliminate Beta, everyone took them down with Lero-Ro revealing himself afterward.

Reflejo preparing to use the trio as bait for the final match

Elsewhere, Reflejo and Cassano had captured Hwa Ryun, Novick, and Horyang with the former preparing to use them as bait to engage Viole in battle. Back in the cavern, Baam, Khun, and Rak are finally reunited after eight years. Shortly after Lero-Ro told them all that they would escape before the final began.

Madoraco received a messenger, Baam received a call from his pocket challenging him to battle and Khun set a plan in motion to rescue the hostages from back Reflejo. Later on Baam, Khun and Rak encountered Reflejo, Sophia questioned her past actions and Androssi began her fight with Varagarv.

Baam, Khun, and Rak began their fight with Reflejo while Ron Mei explained how Varagarv was an "invincible Regular". Meanwhile, the individual searches for Novick and Horyang were proving fruitless.

Madoraco prepared to put his plan into action, Traveller searched for Emile and Reflejo gained an advantage in their battle by using Baam's weaknesses against him. Soon, Traveller happened upon Cassano after reaching Emile's location, with the former learning of Emile's past.

The Thorn awakens

Back in the cavern, Khun figured out a way to overcome Reflejo's hostage situation and, with Rak's help, carried out his plan with aplomb. Meanwhile, Hatsu and Androssi worked together to put Varagarv in a sticky situation. Reflejo decided to attack them at full power but was blocked by Baam and his activated Thorn. Turning the tables on Reflejo, the three proceeded to take him down whilst Androssi and Hatsu forced Mad Dog to concede defeat.

Madoraco, noting Reflejo's failure, took action himself with the help of some allying rankers. However, FUG's plans are delayed by the actions of Lero-Ro, Khun Hachuling, and Quant, and are ultimately put to a halt due to the arrival of Po Bidau Gustang. With FUG retreating and Team Tangsooyook winning the The Workshop Battle, all of Baam's friends are reunited together while Gustang discusses interesting matters as the arc draws to a close.

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Alternate Translation

  • The Workshop Battle: Conclusion (LINE Webtoon US)


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