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The Workshop Battle: Battle x Gamble (공방전: 배틀 X 겜블) or simply just Battle x Gamble (배틀 X 겜블) is the eighth arc of the second story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

At the beginning of the day, all the contestants went out to the arena. Viole was accosted by those who hated Zahard for various reasons and walked away with his feelings in turmoil. Xia Xia tried to tease him, but Novick tried to dissuade her, saying that he shone with a brilliant light and that light attracted other people. As he was saying this, Rak was standing

Prince, Wangnan, and Akraptor getting Miseng back

from a corridor looking at Viole.

Leesoo was also walking to the arena and wondered where Hatsu was. Anak told him not to worry, knowing from experience that the loss of a weapon could be devastating indeed.

When everyone had congregated at the arena, Io and Punk related the rules of the game. The first participants were displayed on a screen and Wangnan was ecstatic to find that Prince and Miseng had made it. When he and Akraptor arrived, however, Prince yelled at them to get away from Miseng. His face was bloated from being beaten and, as he spoke, Miseng arrived with a bloody plug and an ominous aura around her.

Regulars tried to attack her, mistaking her for an easy kill. Unfortunately, they were blown away by Miseng's strength. Prince then related the events that happened during his stay on Archimedes. Having informed the rest of his team, they worked together to restrain Miseng and pluck the flower from her head. During the fight, Prince showed surprising strength and was able to deflect Miseng's enhanced blow. They left the arena, but not before Prince yelled in front of the whole crowd that he would bring Viole back.

The next round consisted of five simultaneous battles and everyone was excited to see that Varagarv, the strongest E-rank Regular, was participating. Goseng participated in one round and was aided by Horyang. That round was won by the two of them and Chang. On another pillar, Quaetro and Yihwa argued about the use of flames. On Varagarv's pillar, he also won his round, killing another Regular with ease in the process, much to the shock of all the contestants. Viole had a flashback to when Reflejo informed Viole on Varagarv's past, saying that his sole motivation for participating was to kill Viole.

Meanwhile, Hatsu had escaped from his bonds and asked Emile how to escape. To his amazement, she pointed out a trapdoor that happened to be under his bed.

Viole blowing back his false worshippers

The next rounds had finished without much disturbance. Androssi had won her round, Vespa and Verdi won theirs and Rak and Dan won their rounds while donning disguises. In the next batch, Viole's name was displayed. He ran to the center, intending to end the round quickly. He stopped in surprise when he was greeted by fake followers. Viole, disgusted by their behavior, immediately dispatched them all, kicking one up to the stands in the process. As he fought, Anak told Androssi that she saw Viole's face for one second and that it was exactly the same as Baam's. Androssi knew she couldn't approach Viole in public, so she resolved to do so at the winning party.

Anak and Ran getting ready for their battle

The next batch of rounds showed Cassano, Yuto, and Novick fighting. The three of them easily won their rounds. Afterward, Novick told Ran that he was sure FUG had a reason for releasing Viole in an uncontrolled environment like the The Workshop Battle (30F). They passed Beta, who Ran said wasn't human. Beta went to Viole's room and was there to greet him when Viole returned. The last round was displayed with an additional all-in rule added. Unfortunately, both Anak and Ran would be fighting and once they both resolved to end the match they were unexpectedly lost due to Parakewl unintentionally flipping the platform they were standing on.

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