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The Workshop (공방, 工房; pronounced Gong Bang, literally meaning "Workshop"), also referred as The Creation Room, The Blacksmiths, The Factory or Gong Bang, is an organization founded within the Tower by the Great Father Macseth. According to Macseth it also exists outside the Tower and no-one knows its origin.[2]

Its ultimate ambition is to find the order and reason of all creation in the world. And by doing so, to know how to recreate all such creation and with that, become a god of all creation.


The knowledge of the Workshop cannot be given to an outsider and this is the absolute law of the Workshop. If one leaves the group, their knowledge, by law, will be "sealed".

The Workshop only creates items for "One who is worthy"; this law is often applied even to Zahard and the 10 Great Families. Given that the Workshop claims to also exist outside the Tower, it's likely highly respected enough for Zahard and the Great Warriors to respect its existence and rules. This is because they originated from outside the Tower.

The Workshop can be found in the Middle Area of each Floor. From there, they perform the role of providing items to people who they deem worthy enough. A Regular who has climbed many Floors has better chances of receiving an item than one who has climbed fewer; the same applies for Rankers. The higher the Ranking, the better the chances.

Almost all items of the Tower are made here. Although there's a location on each Floor, there are only 7 headquarters and one of them is on the 30th Floor. Once every 5 years, this particular Workshop on the 30th Floor gathers E-rank Regulars and holds an item tournament called, "The Workshop Battle (30F)". Other Workshop Battles are held on higher Floors.[1]

Ranks within the Workshop

There are presumably 5 ranks within the Workshop: Great Father, Father, Great Teacher, Teacher and Disciple.

Great Father

The highest rank is that of the Great Father. It is currently occupied by the founder of the Tower's Gong Bang, Macseth.


There is one known Father who is one of the Tower's Lords, Flux and he was the first Disciple of Macseth. Like all the other Fathers of the Factory, Flux is an artificial organism created by Macseth. One can view him as equal or slightly above the 4 children who might also be Fathers. (Note: It seems that Fathers can also serve as Great Teachers. However, it doesn't seem like they're equal or the same, as Flux seems to be a Father, despite being out of the group.)

Great Teacher

There are currently 4 known Great Teachers, Max, Mai, Mad and May. Each of them is an artificial lifeform created by Macseth (they are considered his 'children').[citation needed] They are not given a ranking by the Ranking Administration Office because of their relationship with the Workshop. Their fighting capabilities are judged to be of S-level, comparable to High Rankers. According to rumour, each of the four possesses a different personality and knowledge. And one of them, contrary to his title of Great Teacher, is a very mischievous prankster.

And it seems that most or all Fathers are also Great Teachers. However, Flux is not a Great Teacher because he holds one of the Lord's seats and it can be seen that he is out of the Workshop. One can view him as equal or slightly above the 4 children who might also be Fathers.

Among their functions, one of them is to serve as the head of a Workshop Battle.[3]


The title of Teacher is self-explanatory, however, it has to be noted that their influence within the Tower is enormous (see Influence).


Disciples are chosen by the Teachers of the Workshop. They formally become one after a set period of training. As their position and title rises within the group, a Disciple enjoys benefits rivalling those enjoyed by Rankers.

In special cases, a Disciple may be chosen to be a Regular. However, he will be expelled from the Workshop and their knowledge "sealed" by law. The only known exception so far is Flux. On the other hand, there also have been cases where a Ranker became a Disciple; such a person is not expelled from the rankings, so it is possible to be both a Ranker and a Disciple provided you became a Ranker first.

Influence within the Tower

The Workshop is an independent organisation not ruled by Zahard and is completely independent. One may think that this kind of existence may threaten the power and balance of the Tower’s Rulers, but this is not the case. This is because the Workshop have "absolutely no interest" in the Tower’s power struggles and politics. This is despite the fact Macseth is affiliated with Zahard and the Great Warriors and is the creator of Flux, one of the Three Lords.

Due to their unparalleled mastery of science and weapon engineering, the Workshop, if not for their complete disinterest in the Tower's power struggles and politics, is strong enough to be a threat to Zahard's Empire as stated by by Khun Hynd Luch.

When a Test Administrator of a Floor created a commotion with the Workshop, an attending Teacher completely humiliated him. The Ruler of the Floor himself came to ask for forgiveness from the Teacher after the news reached him.

The Workshop's Creations

13 Month Series: Ashul Edwaru received special materials/ores/substances from Zahard, which were then used to create the 13 Month Series.[4]

Archimedes: Also referred to as Archi, one of the five great floating ships of the Workshop. It's famous for having a beautiful body despite its enormous size. The huge ship is currently on the 30th Floor and was the location of the most recent Workshop Battle.

Blood Tamara: An item created by The Workshop researcher Punk as a reward for being the first to shoot an enemy during the One Shot, One Opportunity game. It raises a person's defence drastically.

Bong Bong: A device that resembles a fairy that enables teleportation.

Boiling Acid: A mysterious substance made from a material which only the Workshop knows about.[5] It is capable of fully dissolving a Regular's body and FUG has repeatedly tried to use this to melt Jyu Viole Grace into Enryu's Thorn.

Ha Yura's suitcase: A special lighthouse awarded to Ha Yura for winning a previous Workshop Battle.

Hell Express: A master of The Workshop originally made the Hell Express and its train guardians all for the purpose of training Zahard and the Great Warriors.[6]

Ignition Weapons: These are special weapons made with a special type of Shinsu or infused with a soul to grant it augmented powers once ignited.

  • Living Ignition Weapons:  A experiment carried by a group of researchers that allied with FUG. Since a long time ago, the Workshop's researchers have been using abandoned children from the Middle Area to perform human experiments in order to create Living Ignition Weapons. There are four currently known Living Ignition Weapons:
    • Kang Horyang and Beniamino Cassano.- The first Living Ignition Weapons in the tower. They were subjects who had half of a 'devil' placed into each of their bodies, in order to successfully complete the inital research.
    • Emile.- The second known successfull Living Ignition Weapon. Although humanoid first, Emily was used as the test subject on the second part of the project and after be fused with a "devil", she was melted in order to prove the efficacy of the Boiling Acid. After that, her remaining self was used to create the "Emile App". It is unknown as to what will happen once Emile undergoes ignition.
    • Beta.- A new generation experiment on the "Living Ignition Weapon project" that contain many different imperfect 'devils' inside him. At difference of the previous test subejcts, Beta was created in a project not related to FUG.
    • Juy Viole Grace .-  The complete version of the Living Ignition Project. He was perfected after the events of the Workshop Battle.

Lighthouse: A cube-like device embedded with many functions. Essential for the Light Bearer position.

Name Hunt Station's Floating Island: the stage where the Festival at the Name Hunt Station takes place. It was commissioned by the request of the Ten Great Families. It possesses an invisible mode that remains active until the start of the Festival. Its walls are very sturdy and no Regular can break them. [7]

Pockets: The basic types of Pockets, the round types, are created by the Workshop.[4]

Prison for High Rankers: Prisons specially made by the Workshop to subdue High Rankers. Prisoners are held in huge columns with white-yellow cylinders protruding on the outside and inside. Also, their bodies are encircled by white-yellow strands. Zahard's Army used these prisons to hold White and Karaka .[8]

Segregation Drug: A special substance devised by the Workshop in collaboration with FUG. According to Urek Mazino, it is able to separate a parasite such as the Red Thryssa from its host.[9]

Train City's Maze: A disciple from the Workshop created a maze located in Train City's stadium that can be used as an emergency exit to escape from the stadium.[10] It was specially created so that no ordinary person could ever pass through it; even a Guide of Hwa Ryun's level couldn't get through it in one try.[11]

Weapons: The Workshop creates weapons by mixing substances/materials/living beings like ores, Shinheuh or humans, together with Shinsu. If a person is skilled at handling Shinsu, they'll be able to create better weapons.

White Heavenly Mirror: An item created by The Workshop researcher Io as a reward for shooting the most people with "light" bullet and sending them up to Archimedes in the One Shot, One Opportunity game. It possesses three hidden abilities and only its owner can use them.

Notes and Trivia

  • SIU has stated that "no one knows the origin of the Workshop because it is the Workshop's ultimate goal to find this origin". In Korean, this can also be translated as "No one knows where all creation comes from because it is the ultimate goal of all creation to find its own origin".
  • To avoid mispronunciation of the name; the “o” in "Gong" is a long “o”, as in “for”, “or”, and "cord". It is NOT pronounced like the percussion instrument. Bang is NOT pronounced like the sound a gun would make; the "a" is a short a, as in "farm" or "ma".



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