After Love details the rules, the test begins and the Regulars all decide whether to stay in their rooms or not. As Viole begins to leave his room, Yihwa attempts to stop him, but he effortlessly stops her and moves to exit with the connector.

However Prince arrives and also tries to stop Viole, but is met with the same fate, leaving him and Yihwa together in the room. Elsewhere Miseng receives a brief visit from a strange lady, before Akraptor leaves his room and comes to hers. After a harmless misunderstanding, Miseng and Akraptor bond and play a word chain game. Suddenly the strange lady returns but Akraptor, finding her suspicious, proceeds to fight her.

Goseng runs to Wangnan's room and finds him and Nia bunkered down inside. They form an alliance and return to Miseng's room, leaving Nia behind, where they find Akraptor and Miseng playing the word chain game. They all soon hide in Miseng's room when Viole comes. Meanwhile Lurker brought Prince back to his room and revealed that Rapdevil had died, whilst Viole finally enters the baths to a waiting Mule Love.

Love explains the rules of Viole's test and Viole accepts with no hesitation. As the connector is pitched, they begin the test whilst Prince is taken along by a pair of Regulars claiming they know how to take down Viole. In Miseng's room, Wangnan and Miseng put forward the idea of taking more rooms to win the test before Viole does, but Akraptor complains when they tell him to get all the rooms. Meanwhile Viole and Love continue the test, with the two trading blows. However Love overwhelms Viole and retrieves the connector, telling Viole, "it's a strike this time".

As Yihwa contemplates Viole, Prince enters her room and offers her a drink. Having drunk it, she is possessed and quickly attacks Prince who flees to his own room. However this turns out to be a trap, as an alive Rapdevil reveals his real intentions. Back in the baths the connector is pitched for the final time and Viole, using the Wonsul techniques he copied from the Ranker, surprises Love by using them against him.

Rapdevil reveals Lurker's real plans to a shocked Prince, just as Wangnan, Akraptor and Horyang finish capturing two rooms. When Wangnan checks up on Nia, he finds out that Nia double-crossed him. When Wangnan asks him his reasons for doing so, he reveals to him his history and how the shop he worked for was fell prey to loan sharks. Wangnan forgives him, but Lurker reveals all Nia had done was for nought and kills him, which visibly distresses Wangnan and all others listening.