The Trustworthy Room game was a "test" made by Mule Love, following Jyu Viole Grace refusal to choose a team after the results of the World's Strongest Regular test.[1]


A connector

This test is mostly based on trust, since is the most important element for the game. During the test, the two pair of regulars can either keep a room or steal one. The remote in each room can open and close the room’s door, while also determines the room’s ownership. The Personal Connector can be connected the Remote. When both are connected one can either decide to make ally (Blue button) or take over the room (Red button). Without a room, one team fails immediately the test. Should the remote leave the room will also make the team fails, since it requires at least one person in each room with its Connector with Remote.

This test consisted of using the remotes to find 7 team members and obtain 6 rooms, before Viole could take the connector from the Ranker and steal Yeon's room. In order to win, the players were to use the remotes to find 7 team members and obtain 6 rooms, before Viole could take the connector from Mule Love and then steal Yeon's room.

Tests Results

Ha Wangnang manages to swaps Violes's connector with his connector. As a result Viole steals the final room, forming a team consolidated by Jyu Viole Grace, Hon Akraptor, Ja Wangnan, Kang Horyang, Prince, Yeo Goseng, Yeo Miseng and Yeon Yihwa


The test lasts until one of the following happens:

  • A team is formed of 7 Regulars and 6 rooms.
  • The number of Regulars drop below 7.
  • Viole makes his way to the bath house, takes the connector away from Love and steals Yeon's room.

Conditions for the Regulars' victory:

  • Be the first group to gather 7 teammates and 6 rooms.
  • The connector is shot from a shooting machine three times. If Viole fails to catch it, he fails the test.
  • There must always be one connector connected to the remote.
  • You cannot leave your rooms with your remote.
  • Yeon's room must be the last of the six rooms gathered.
  • One must always have at least one teammate in a room

Conditions for Viole's victory:

  • The number of Regulars drop below 7.
  • Viole must Love's test by catching the connector, fired from a shooting machine, within three tries.
  • After taking the connector away from Love, Viole must steal Yeon's room.



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