The Strongest Regular (최강의 선별인원) is the second arc of the first story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

The arc begins with Wangnan staring at “Hellion Girl”, wondering what she was doing with the man when he spots Lurker. Lurker walks over and explains that the man was the president’s son, Prince, and they had hired bodyguards and rigged the tests to go up. The bodyguards included “Hellion Girl” who was a member of the Yeon Family, Rapdevil the “Devil of the Right Arm” and several others from the Da-an tribe. He goes on to say that Wangnan will have to fail.

The "Devil of the Right Arm"

Love appears and introduces the second test - a shinsu strengthening test. This test is the most disadvantageous kind for Wangnan and he ends up losing early on. Prince is bored and makes a bet with Yihwa on the line: the strongest one would get her. Horyang is disgusted and walks up to the machine and gets first place. Unfortunately, he is ousted by Rapdevil getting a score almost twice as high as him. Yihwa goes next and though she trips and only taps the machine with her head, she still gets twice Rapdevil’s score. She thinks she is free, but Prince somehow gets a higher score than her. As the two of them argue, Akraptor laughs, saying that they’re all arguing for second place. This is proved true as Viole steps up and gets five times Prince’s score after using Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique.

Viole's statement

As Viole steps up, Love changes the rules and says that Viole has to pick 7 of his own teammates. Wangnan, Akraptor, Horyang, Miseng and Yihwa all try to get accepted in comical ways, but Viole responds by saying that he is an actual Slayer candidate and that he is their enemy, which is why he will not choose anyone. In response, Love challenges him to a game.

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Notes and Trivia

  • While Love got a score of 13,200,000 without trying, Viole only got just over 134,000 with one of his techniques. This arc emphasizes the vast difference in power between a Regular and a Ranker.


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