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The Preys (피식자들) is the fifth arc of the first story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

Love trying to get the connector from Wangnan

As Lurker gloats over his apparent victory, Wangnan and co. are still shocked at Nia's death. Enraged, Wangnan stalks off to the baths to find Viole. The rest of the team are despondent, when Horyang forfeits a room and goes to save Prince.

Down in the baths, Viole and Love are still fighting and Love freezes Viole. He is about to fail him when Wangnan bursts in and distracts Love with a pepper bomb, then grabs the connector. He makes a deal with Viole: if Viole helped him defeat Lurker, Wangnan would give Viole the connector. Love quickly disables him and yells that deaths in the Tower were inevitable and the Wangnan was being stubborn. Wangnan responds by asking Love if this Tower granted wishes or made people forfeit them. He says that if that’s the way things were, he’d become king of the Tower and destroy it all. While Love is distracted Wangnan throws his connector to Viole.

Meanwhile, Prince faces off with Rapdevil, confident that he’ll win but he is quickly floored by Rapdevil, who has much more experience fighting than Prince. Rapdevil continues to beat Prince and Lurker comes to Prince’s room to gloat. He tells Rapdevil to finish Prince, but Horyang comes in the nick of time and takes out one of the Da-an bodyguards at once. However, he is blown back by Yihwa’s flames and is about to ignite his left arm, when Viole arrives and quickly removes the Regular brainwashing Yihwa. Lurker yells at Rapdevil to quickly take the remote, but Prince uses his lighthouse to blind Rapdevil and open the door for Horyang to come through. Rapdevil thinks that he would easily defeat Horyang, but the opposite is true as Horyang unleashes his full power and beats Rapdevil into submission. He leaves, making sure that Rapdevil would keep this encounter a secret. He considers going to stop Viole, but decides that Viole was too dangerous and left it up to him, staying to tend to Prince's wounds.

Wangnan and lurker.png

Lurker runs away to his original room and closes the door, but it is opened by the connector that Viole received from Love. Wangnan bursts in and punches Lurker to the ground. Lurker tries to retaliate with a shinsu container but Wangnan breaks his arm and he drops it in the pain. Wangnan takes a bomb out of his reel and tells Lurker that he’ll deliver divine punishment on behalf of Nia and all the people Lurker scammed. This causes Lurker to laugh, seeing as Wangnan is actually preparing to murder and, the fact that he hid behind terms like “divine punishment” and “justice” made his actions as false and hypocritical as Lurker’s scam business. Wangnan punches him again, yelling at him not to compare the two of them, causing Lurker to reveal why he was doing this.

He used to be a normal Regular but amassed debt, causing him to give up on climbing the Tower. Wangnan insists that this doesn’t absolve him of his sins. Lurker interrupts him, telling him that the president called him in and told him that his beloved son was ascending the Tower and that he had used all the money he had taken from failed Regulars to help him. It was for love that the president had ruined all the other Regulars' dreams. He maintains that this was the real face of the Tower: people failed because of people succeeding and that one just didn’t have to think about it, just climb. Morality was gone in this perverse world and everyone was just the preys of the Tower.

Wangnan about to kill.png

Wangnan can’t accept this and is on the verge of killing Lurker, but forgives him, because only then he can forgive Nia for all the people he tricked and only then can he forgive himself for all the people he indirectly killed and would indirectly kill while climbing. Lurker is incensed, saying that no one in the Tower had the right to forgive him, let alone Wangnan. Wangnan punches him again and yells that he would become king of the Tower and change it so that there would never be any preys: that there would never be anybody like Lurker, or anybody like Nia. Even if he fails thousands of times he would never give up. He then tells Lurker to lead a good life with the time Nia gave him and leaves, letting Viole use the connector.

Viole wins, but so do Wangnan, Miseng, Goseng, Akraptor, Horyang, Prince and Yihwa making them a team with a total of eight people.

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