The Nest (둥지,doongjee) is one of the Lo Po Bia Family's bases.[1] With the help of The Frozen Waterfall power, this place becomes a floating fortress[2] and is currently located on the 50th Floor.


As Ha Jinsung have been captured by Zahard's Army, they took him to The Nest so they can lock him up and get ready to defend against FUG and the Irregular Twenty-Fifth Baam who was planning to save his master. Zahard's Army want to lure Baam and his friends so they can slaughter them all with traps.


The Nest is a place built around The Frozen Waterfall as it's center. There are protective layers that were built around The Nest as defensive perimeter, which includes 3 massive walls[3] and sea of stone debris. This debris are massive bricks left over from when they built the defensive wall around The Nest. The bricks were made of a type of materials that reacts strongly to Suspendium. These were intentional so the bricks will keep floating under the influence of the giant huge suspendium on it's center. This endless sea of debris are very useful because any intruder will find it difficult to get near The Nest. And unless the intruder get a squadron of Floating Ships or a Guide, there's a high chance that the intruder will get killed by the debris. That's why not many people know where The Nest was located.[4]


The Frozen Waterfall

Within the most inner wall of The Nest, there is a giant huge Suspendium in the middle, commonly known as The Frozen Waterfall and it has enough power to keep everything around it afloat, Not even High Rankers can get near the giant floating stone without special gear. The Lo Po Bia Family Head has been using the power of this suspendium to built a massive floating fortress and create a base. He also asked The Workshop to create a device that could carry anything inside the suspendium.[2]

Second Defensive Wall

Second Defensive Wall is the second layer of The Nest after the bricks wall. In most cases, the defensive walls around the bases of the 10 Great Families would be enchanted with a mysterious Spell so it can't be easily destroyed by normal attacks. The spell was strong enough to not take any damage from being fired upon by the The Cage.[5] This wall was guarded by the 4th Army Corp under Po Bidau Lyborick Khun during the Battle of The Nest.

Hwa Ryun and Baylord Yama still made a plan to get by the wall, knowing that Baam can cancel or neutralize Spells on touch. Although FUG's party fights with uncertainty, in the end, Baam successfully broke the mysterious Spell that protected this wall after he touched it.[6]

Third Defensive Wall

Third Defensive Wall is the third layer of The Nest after the spell-enchanted wall. This wall was guarded by the 5th Army Corp under Lo Po Bia Yasratcha during the Battle of The Nest.

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