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The Last Station: New Wave (마지막 정거장: 뉴 웨이브) is the fourth and the final arc of the fourth story as well as the last arc of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

Baam starts heading towards the ship where the hostages were located while Evankhell, Yuri Zahard and Karaka team up to hold Kallavan back. The Squadron Commander manages to break through Evankhell's flames, forcing Yu Han Sung to take immediate action, stealing Stuah Arthur's Lighthouses and using them to shield Kallavan's attack. At the same time, Shibisu's team appears with a warship ready to take Baam's team away and they successfully escape from the Last Station and warp away.

Evankhell decides to use her Fire Orb to clean the battlefield and find an opening to leave. Yuri Zahard decides to stay behind, as she considers that the consequences would be far greater if she escapes and becomes a fugitive, so she stays and gets taken as a prisoner. Evan leaves and takes Karaka with him, as Yuri Zahard ordered, as Karaka's servants notice this, they decide to leave too.

Charlie and Stuah Arthur start to gather the remaining Regulars and decide to follow Kallavan in the search for the Regulars that escaped.

Once they had warped away from the station, Baam bursts into tears for Ha Jinsung and gets comforted by Ship Leesoo and the rest of the team.

Ha Jinsung is shown in Khun Maschenny Zahard's ship, in a special prison. Once awake, Maschenny shares with him what her plans are, trying to reactivate a great war as the ones she read in the old books, making the Tower "a bloody mess".

Ha Cheonhee's warship gets confronted by a floating castle from Po Bidau Gustang. After a monologue from one of the Po Bidau sons, Po Bidau Gustang takes Rachel and Ha Yura from the warship and leaves. Gustang offers Rachel 3 wishes for the 3 gifts she found for him.

Evankhell decides to take Baam as her pupil in order to make him stronger and capable of getting revenge for his master.

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